Types Of Love

The American psychologist Robert J. Sternberg has studied many facets of the human being, including love. Sternberg differentiates 7 types of love based on three factors (Intimacy, Commitment and Passion ).

Depending on the three factors indicated and their combinations. The 7 different types of love of which the theory speaks.

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Three Types Of Love

If we place in each of the vertices of an equilateral triangle each of the components. The result would be the following:

types of love

As you can see, the 7 types of love depend on the combinations of the 3 factors with each other. Sternberg understands these factors as follows:

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Words To Describe A Couple In Love

This factor refers to the connection between the couple, the bond that takes place between them. The affection and communication of their feelings, the desire to give and receive from the other.


By commitment means the choice to remain with the couple in good and bad times. The willingness to maintain the relationship over time.

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By passion he understands the intense desire for physical and emotional union with the other.

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Different Types Of Love

The 7 different types of love that result from the combination of the three factors at the vertices of the triangle would be the following:

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Relationship Of Love

The only component is intimacy. This type of relationship is characterized by the existence of a strong bond between the two people. Such as a good friendship, but free of passion and long-term commitment.

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The only component is passion. So there is no emotional bond or commitment to stay in the relationship. It could thus consider a purely physical lightning relationship.

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Empty Love

The only component is commitment. In this relationship there would be no intimate bond or passion. The relationship is based on the pillars of mutual respect and reciprocity. A love of this kind is that between two people matched by family interests, for example.

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Sociable Love

In this relationship there is intimacy and commitment, but there is no passion. It is a company relationship in which there is strong love between the parties. Such a relationship may be that between family members. Or a couple who has been together for many years and the passion has disappeared.

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Fatuous Love

Composed of passion and commitment, this relationship is characterized by the absence of an intimate bond.

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These couples are committed to the passion that unites them but they have not established an emotional connection. An example would be couples who rush into marriage influenced by the passion that exists between them.

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Romantic Love

Couples who have romantic love are united by passion and a strong emotional bond. But there is no commitment to continue in the future. An example of this kind of love could be a short relationship.

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Consumed Love

For Sternberg, with intimacy, passion and commitment, consummate love is the most complete form of love. The balance between the three factors is found in the “ideal couples”. However, the author states that this balance can be (and usually is) temporary.

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Since if a factor loses intensity in favor of others. It would incline to one of the above. As we have indicated above in the case of couples who They have been together for many years.Additional Reading: How To Make A Love Letter Step By Step

This is how Sternberg understands love and its many forms. What is yours? Would you like to change your type of relationships?

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How To Explain Love In Words

  • When another person’s happiness is your happiness, then that is Love.
  • The best Love is that which makes you a better person, even without demanding and without trying to change. For more Information: Short Love Quotes To Fall In Love
  • Love is staying in love despite the fights and discussions and fighting to make things better. That’s love.
  • There is no gift like to be hugged and told: “Whatever happens, I will always be by your side”.
  • Love is that someone looks at all the good things in you and that’s why they love you. But also that he sees everything bad and in spite of that he loves you.
  • In life we have all had three loves: the first, the impossible and the true.
  • True love is that which is never forgotten, even if it goes away. It is that one feels with the heart and not with the body.
  • Love is when you have enough reasons to give up a person and you don’t.
  • You really love that person to whom you can show your weakness, without using that to assert their strength.Click Now: Love Messages For Him To Fall In Love
  • When you find a person who is afraid of losing you, who does whatever it takes to be with you, who loves you in spite of everything, in good times in bad times and projects himself with you … Then you will have found LOVE. HOLD IT WELL STRONG!
  • Love is like a hug or a suit that fits perfectly to all bodies …
  • You never suffer for love, you suffer for heartbreak, disenchantment, indifference or betrayal, but never for love. Love does not hurt.
  • Love is not about finding the perfect person. It is to understand that an imperfect person can make our life perfect.
  • There will always be a love that, although not the first, will make you forget everyone else, that is true love.
  • Love is symbolized with “<3” because it only works if there are less than three.
  •  Love is not about how many times you say I love you, but about how many times it is true.Learn More Here: Thoughts Of Love To Fall In Love
  • The most perfect love is knowing how to tolerate the defects of the other person.
  • The secret to lasting lasting love is to be the best friends and at the same time the most faithful lovers.
  • Love is that delicate and defenseless flower that is only found at the bottom of a cliff and that we must protect from the sun, wind and rain, so that it does not wilt and die.
  • They say that love has no cure, but it is true that it is the “only cure” for all evils.
  •  Love is looking at life together, fighting for the well-being of that other person and secretly being happy with every achievement and your smile.
  • Love has a limit, it is called DIGNITY.
  • Don’t lie to someone who has always trusted you and never promises things you can’t keep.
  • Never let your memories be bigger than your dreams.
  • Love is an adventure without all risk insurance, where you have to risk everything.
  • Love is like gathering the sunset and the dawn into one and only magic.
  • If someone is destined to stay in your life, come back sooner or later.
  • If a person comes back to your life to remedy the mistake he made, then it is worth it.
  • Love is only to him, when he demands nothing in return.
  • Love is the humblest force, but the most powerful one available to human beings.

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