Long Love Quotes

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Deep Long Love Quotes

  • I fell in love with you, the way you smile in the middle of each kiss, the way your lips kiss my neck. I fell in love with your eyes, your feelings, your presence. I fell in love with the way you made me live again.
  • “I want you to go crazy with laughter, drunk with nothing and strolling through the streets, but holding hands, rather … from the heart”
  • For you, I would wait for all eternity; I would cross all the seas, deserts and worlds. I would like to find the most beautiful words to dedicate to you, but it is impossible to find them because the most beautiful words are you!
  • From now on, everything mine is yours, I give you my soul; You have bewitched me with your gaze and I can only love you, give you my heart and love you without limits.
  • There are many ways to be happy, I like to be with you. Thank you for giving me your hours, your kisses, your heart, your unconditional company and your infinite love.
  • How not to look for you if I miss you; how not to write to you if I think about you; How not to dream if I want you here with me. And how not to fall in love every day if I love you!
  • I love you in such a unique and special way, that it is not necessary to see you or have you so that my love grows more every day. Just close my eyes and know that you exist.
  • What I see in you, I don’t see in anyone else. Only with you I feel complete and only by your side can I be happy. In short I will tell you that you are my everything.
  • I liked you knowing who you were, knowing that our love was not going to be easy, but that it would be so strong that nothing could destroy it. I chose you because you make me happy, because I can’t get you out of my thoughts, because you are my friend, my lover and my faithful companion. And I love you with me, building a path, a life and a future together.

Long And Beautiful Love Quotes

Long love quotes
  • You have become every dream of my pillow, my morning coffee, the smile that unintentionally escapes, my battle amulet; My past, my present and my most longed for future.
  • At your side I learned that love is more than a caress, a kiss or a wish. I learned that love must be given selflessly, without fear, without prejudice, but with excess of affection and tenderness. I learned to trust and decided to open the doors of my heart so you could enter.
  • For a kiss from your mouth, two hugs I would give you, three sighs that show my joy four times, and in the fifth symphony of my six burning dreams, seven times I would tell you, eight times that I love you; Nine for you live, ten for you die.
  • When you talk to me, I get lost in the melody of your voice and as much as I try, I can’t stop looking for your eyes. Certainly, I am in love and seduced by your words, by your looks, by you!
  • Shut me up but with kisses, kill me but tickle me, suffocate me but with hugs, wake me up but with a word of love, make me cry but with joy!
  • I do not want to lose you; I don’t want to have to talk to anyone else at night; I don’t want anyone else to tell me beautiful things; And I don’t want anyone else to make me a jealous scene; I don’t want anyone else to kiss me. I don’t want anyone but you!
  • Do you want to know what my problem is? I love you, I love your name, I love the way you look at me, I love your beautiful smile, I love how you transform a lousy day into a radiant one. That’s my problem!
  • Thank you for sharing a piece of your life with me, for making me laugh, for the nightly conversations that make me dream, for the days and the shared experiences. Thank you for choosing me and crossing my path.
  • “I love you without knowing how, or when, or where; I love you directly, without problems or pride: I love you that way because I don’t know how to love in any other way.

Long Distance Love Quotes

  • “I have plans for the love of my life. Sunrises, parks, movies to watch, tino wine, coffee, songs to dance, poems and letters. I have plans for you: love of my life, although in the end I end up improvising. ”
  • I don’t need you, I want you by my side, I wait for you anxiously; and, despite the kilometers that separate us, I feel that this love is stronger than distance because although it prevents a kiss or a hug, it is unable to prevent a feeling.
  • I don’t care about distance, I only care about you! It’s hard to have you so far wanting you so close, but here I wait for you and I miss you. Never forget that being away is a circumstance of destiny and not an impediment to love you as I do every day.
  • I love the way that even being miles away, you can make me smile and accelerate my heart as if you were inches away.
  • With you I learned that distance love is not a love of three or four. It is a love of two !, of two brave ones that fight and defend, against wind and tide, the feeling that unites us.

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Long Anniversary Love Quotes

  • On a day like today we write the “once upon a time” of this beautiful love story. Thank you for teaching me to love and be loved!
  • We have changed over the years, but the brightness of your eyes is brighter than ever and my love for you is stronger. If I know what love means, it is because you taught me its value. Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.
  • You were made for me to the perfect extent; You arrived when I least expected it but when I needed it most. Today is our day !, the best time to repeat and affirm that my love for you has not changed, remains intact but stronger and indestructible than in the first days. Always yours…
  • Every moment lived with you makes the past a dream of happiness and each present a new opportunity to continue discovering, experiencing and living life without fear of anything, because your love makes the impossible possible. Happy Anniversary!

Long Birthday Love Quotes

  • Today on your birthday I celebrate the existence of the love of my life, of the only person in the world who has taught me the meaning of tenderness and understanding. Thanks to the universe for letting me share another year with you, you are my greatest gift.
  • I want everything good to follow you, find you, hug you and stay with you, the rest that passes by! Happy days for the love of my life, which makes me the happiest woman just by existing.
  • Happy birthday to the best man in the world; he who has nerves of steel, will of iron and heart of gold.
  • On your birthday, I celebrate life taking such wonderful forms as you. And, always remember that you are not the love of my life, you are the love of my days, of my nights, of my hours, you are my best moment!

Long Love Quotes To Conquer

A phrase says more than a thousand words, even more if it is loaded with love and infinite feeling.

Take a risk and conquer it with words that make you sigh and with these long love quotes!

  • I loved you little by little, slowly, calmly and cautiously. Until I decided to take a risk and love you as I know how to do it, intensely and completely, with my soul, my heart, with all my desire … in a word, with my whole being.
  • You are a wonderful man who fills every pore of my body with happiness. I feel that my heart beats stronger just by looking at your face; You are that being that I always dreamed of: magical, authentic and full of love.
  • It may not be the most beautiful among women, the smartest, the safest or the most elegant lady in the world; but I can offer you support, unconditional company and, above all, a lot of love, think about it, I am a good match!
  • It will always be a pleasure to have agreed with you in this life. You are the person I never looked for, but the one I always wanted to find; simply the spark of love arose and now you have become my everything. I want to travel my way with you, as I like, with my hands and my heart linked.
  • Each of your imperfections, make you the perfect person. You are the only man who makes me sigh and for which I wake up every morning wanting to become the best woman in the world. Life gave me the treasure of your love, I promise that I will fight against all odds to keep it and keep it until the end of my days.
  • Everyone chooses the lips they want to kiss, the eyes they want to look at, the heart they want to care for and the person they want to cheer up. I have chosen you as my special person because you are unique and have given a direction to my heart. I love you infinitely my love.
  • You didn’t go before or after, you went just in time; in just time for me to fall in love with you and love you with all the strength of my soul. You are the sun that illuminates my days and warms my soul; Let’s never put out the flame of this love, let’s make it vibrate and burn with passion for a long time!

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