Love Compliments

Do you want to dedicate a nice phrase to the boy you like? Are you bold enough to say love compliments when you pass near an attractive man?

Well, you’ve come to the place where you can find a selection of short and pretty love compliments to dare to say them or send them to a boy.

Best Compliments Quotes

Keep reading and find out which one you like best!

The compliments are not exclusive to the boys, although they are the ones who usually say them.

In earlier times, it was very frowned upon that a woman expressed what she felt for a man, and much more if he had not shown interest or if they were not engaged.

Why Use Compliments Of Love To Seduce?

One of the best ways to conquer a boy you like is to dedicate love compliments, from time to time, so that he knows that you are willing to conquer him.

It’s not about always being on the offensive and overwhelming him all the time, but if you choose the occasion well and make it look casual, it will work great!

If you dare to try, here is a selection of the best short love compliments for your conquest plan.

See How to like a boy and apply the tips next to these compliments to dedicate.

Love Compliments

Pretty Love Compliments

  • It was night in my life until you appeared like the sun at dawn.
  • I didn’t believe in love at first sight, until you passed in front of me.
  • Sorry to ask you, don’t you give kisses?
  • Do you have a girlfriend or have you found me?
  • Are you that cute every day of the year, or is it just the times I see you?
  • Your mom must be very proud of you, because you are the smartest boy I’ve ever met, and also handsome.
  • Are you going home so soon, or can you continue to make my day pleasant?
  • I did not know that the stars walked freely on Earth, until you appeared.
  • You’ll have to look for me away the next time we meet, because I’m going to be in the clouds.
  • Look no further, in me you have the girlfriend that has been lost.
  • You feel lonely? Do you want me to accompany you every day of your life until death do us part?
  • Yesterday I dreamed that today I knew the love of my life, and you come and pass in front of me.
  • I thought it was going to be the worst of my days today because I hadn’t seen you, but no, here you are.
  • We cannot study together because I would not concentrate on anything but you.
  • If people were flowers right now, you would undoubtedly be who I would prefer above all.
  • Do you want us to study together or do I invent something else to spend time with you?

Short Love Compliments

Love Compliments
  • I don’t know if you smoke, but you light fires in my heart every time I see you.
  • And they say that perfection doesn’t exist, that’s because they don’t know you.
  • I already saw you and I know that today I will have the best dreams: in which you appear.
  • There are moments that change us forever: I will not be the same since you passed in front of me.
  • Are you hungry? Thirst? Cold? Is there anything I can help you to spend more time with you?
  • Don’t leave now that I’m about to get sad, and you make my day.
  • Do you have the ability to be everywhere all the time, or is it me who doesn’t take you out of my mind for a second?
  • Do you like weddings? Because I have plans for you and me.
  • You have a rather curious effect on me: you make me happier just by passing very close.
  • Can I help you or make up another excuse to be near you?

Compliments For My Boyfriend

  • And I thought that all men were equal, I had not met you!
  • I think I’m sick: my legs tremble, my heart beats at a thousand an hour, I’m very nervous … ah, no, it’s that you passed by my side!
  • If you’re that cute when you wake up, I want to sleep with you every night.
  • You giving glances and I in such need that you look at me.
  • Don’t go sit next to me in class because if not, the teacher will say that I get easily distracted.
  • Thanks to life for tripping over you today.
  • When they shared the good things that make life happy, you were undoubtedly the first in line because just seeing you is already happier.

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Choose one, surely it will also help you create your love compliments .

Bold Love Compliments

  • Please give me a smile to make my day light.
  • Are they raining stars or just you fell from the sky?
  • It makes you want to visit this site again if you have the attention and company of a boy like you.
  • Did you miss someone, or did you see me?
  • In order to talk with you, do I have to make an appointment or do I make up another excuse?
  • Your girlfriend shouldn’t let you leave home alone as beautiful as you are.
  • Have you already had lunch or can I invite you to dinner?
  • Surely you have a girlfriend, you can’t be single because otherwise, you would be perfect for me.
  • Do I have to buy you something, or can I look at you without doing anything else?
  • Do they hire beautiful people here, or did the only one who is?
  • The day they shared beauty you were first and did it touch you more?
  • I will come many times if you will attend me all the time.
  • Are you handmade or do you have to order a store?
  • How well they have decorated this place, even the boy who attends is cute.

Funny Love Compliments

  • Are you single or did someone get ahead of me?
  • Can you give me your phone number? I will want to be always talking to you.
  • Do you know how lucky you are to live with yourself?
  • There are so many bad things in this world, and you pass in front of me that you make everyone forget me.
  • Are there others like you out there ?, to go looking for them running, because I want one!
  • Does everyone here work just as well or is it just you?
  • Do you work here or are you on sale to take home?
  • With those beautiful eyes you must break more than one heart when looking.
  • Are you that handsome every day, or is it that I’m lucky today that I’ve seen you?
  • Your girlfriend is the luckiest woman in the world, or don’t you?
  • With those eyes looking at me, I don’t need sunlight anymore.

Romantic Love Compliments

  • Every day is more beautiful if I wake up by your side.
  • Take care of the looks of the other girls, tell them you’re only for me.
  • I’m worried that you go out like this on the street, you’re too cute!
  • You are the blue prince who came out of all my favorite tales to rescue me and make me happy.
  • Have a good day at work, I already have it just by seeing you.
  • I never thought that happiness could be found in one person.
  • The day is cloudy, but you are radiant with such beauty.
  • Surely you had a good day at work, because you’ve arrived more beautiful than you left.
  • Do you know something? I love you.
  • With another kiss like that and you’re going to have to go find me in a cloud.
  • It doesn’t matter that I’ve been dreaming all night of the worst nightmares, awake and I already have the best of dreams by my side.
  • If it weren’t because I already fell in love with you a while ago, I would fall in love to see you right now.
  • Love and happiness were born when I met you.
  • What a pity! I thought I would love you today like yesterday … but I love you so much more!
  • I hear angels sing when I hear you talk to me about the most trivial things.
  • Dream with me tonight, I’m not going to give the little angels any chance.
  • Do you love me or are they just my imaginations?

Well, you already have an important selection.

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Compliments To Make A Man Fall In Love

  • Do you believe in love at first sight or will I have to go through twice?
  • Tender and necessary as bread, soft and elegant as silk and sweet as honey, are your body, your hair and your skin.
  • I don’t know if you’re a dream or a reality, but if I’m dreaming I don’t want to wake up.
  • When the night stretches its mantle and the sky is dressed in blue; there is no star that shines like those beautiful eyes that you have.
  • In the day the sun shines, in the night the moon shines and in the center of my heart, you shine!
  • From your mouth I want a kiss, from your shirt a button, from your thought a desire and from your chest the heart.
  • Who was a thief, to enter you and steal your heart.
  • I wish it was paper to wrap you, sweetie.
  • Life is full of beautiful things, for example you!
  • And my favorite coffee will always be your eyes.
  • Forgive my unpunctuality, I would have loved to have arrived before in your life
  • He has coffee in his eyes, that explains why it takes my sleep away.
  • I thought I knew poetry until I saw you and I didn’t know how to decipher you.
  • You are not Google, but you have everything I look for.
  • I know why the sea is salty; because you took everything sweet.

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An Additional Secret

The compliments of love and phrases not only can say in person.

If you do not dare yet, or if you have the opportunity in social networks, do it through this medium; It is safer and more reliable because of the reaction people may have.

In addition, you can accompany your words with a beautiful image that fits perfectly with the intention of what you want to say.

Remember, new technologies are also an effective way to conquer someone through compliments!

Now, choose the ones of your choice and dedicate the best short, beautiful and romantic love compliments to that special person!