True Love

Is true love built or found ? How to identify it when we have it before our eyes? How to know what is real? How to make it last for a lifetime?

Any of these questions you have probably asked yourself.

If so, this article will help you clarify the picture, so keep an eye on what I share below!

What Is True Love In A Relationship

Certainly, when it comes to a feeling as complex as this, there is no exact formula.

Human beings are all different, and so are the sentimental relationships we create with each other.

However, if you are in a relationship, there are some requirements that should be met between you and your boy that will give you the symptoms of true love.

And if anyone does not translate into your relationship, do not be discouraged! With the help of this article you can work on it until, little by little, build that love.

true love

Characteristics Of True Love

If you want to discover the meaning of true love, here I am going to leave you a list of 17 requirements; In addition to a guide for you to learn how to be happy with your partner .

In case you find them complicated, do not be overwhelmed, I am sure you will discover that most of them are fulfilled in your relationship.

Always remember that these are only general lines that will be applied, in one way or another, in each couple.

So take away the stereotypes that you have established and apply each of these points to your relationship as it really is!

1. Acceptance Of The Other

One of the basic pillars upon which true love is built is acceptance.

If you intend to change your boy according to your desires and the preconceived image of the ideal man, you are going astray!

We are all different and we all have virtues and defects in our personality and so do you!

One of the symptoms of true love is not trying to change your boy.

It is true that you can achieve variations and adjustments in pursuit of a better relationship and coexistence, but the essence of that person you fell in love with will be impossible to modify.

Now, if you could do it, maybe after that you don’t feel anything for him anymore!

The perfect man does not exist, because all people are full of imperfections.

If you insist on that idea, it is likely that you are the one who should change the perspective and start seeing it differently.

2. Trust In The Couple

Here is another of the foundations that will make your love stronger and more real.

If you are jealous and possessive and do not stop thinking that your boy may be doing something that affects the commitment.

Or, even, do you think that he alone is not able to decide something important that involves both of them, what is the use of maintaining that relationship?

I have a fairly practical and objective theory that if you want you can apply:

If you’re going to be obsessed with betrayal, or you’re not going to give him participation because you don’t trust his ability as a man in the relationship, it’s best not to move on.

Trusting one another will unite you more as a couple and make you discover together the meaning of true love .

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3. Fluent And Sincere Communication

This is one of the most mentioned aspects of couple relationships.

If it is about building true love , communication will undoubtedly be another of its pillars.

A large percentage of couples who dissolve could have solved their problems if they had learned to communicate in time.

If you have trouble demonstrating your emotions, saying what affects you or not, talking and planning a life together, you must work to overcome this!

Do you want extra help? Consultation Healthy communication as a couple 4 effective tips! and discover other tips that can serve you.

4. Mutual Respect

And here you have the fourth column that holds true love .

Every interpersonal relationship should be based on respect between those who make it up, and if it is a couple, even more!

Loving your boy is also respecting his interests, his dreams, but also his opinions and thoughts, however diverse they may be from yours.

Offenses, shouting, ignoring what the other may think or feel, and even, at its worst, physical abuse, are not symptoms of true love .

5. Love For Two Starts In Yourself

Of course, if it is about building true love , little by little, or identifying what is already there, you cannot stay alone with the columns or foundations: you have to continue building love.

And this love should always be enough for the two members of the couple, but first it must start from you.

You can’t pretend to love someone if you don’t love yourself before.

If your self-esteem is low, if you despise yourself all the time, if you don’t consider yourself a valuable and important person, how do you intend to love someone?

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6. Individual Time

Of course, the first thing to learn to love yourself is to spend the necessary time.

You and your boy can be the perfect couple, but that does not mean that they are together all the time.

Both can and should have the temporary period to enjoy alone if they wish.

The work can be an excellent way to separate for a few hours and then meet again.

If they work together together, other ways can be invented.

Find out how to take care of your relationship at work and you will not have problems.

The possibilities are endless: a walk, a session of yoga or meditation, running in the morning in the park, walking along the shore of the beach.

Give him the opportunity to miss you during a trip you do alone, and enjoy missing him for a few days.

Remember that true love is part of yourself, and you also have to dedicate time for yourself and not put everything in function of it.

7. Own Space

Similarly with your private space. Perhaps, for example, they live together and you have at home a place for your study or work.

This place is yours and he must respect it and not intrude unless you ask for it, and the same will happen in reverse.

Work, once again, may be the solution, even if they work together. True love is not to occupy the whole space of the other, but to share the mutual space respecting each other’s.

8. Time For Two

Of course, time for each one separately is important, but it is crucial that there is a timeshare.

I am not telling you here that they share only daily routines as a couple, but that they have to dedicate an exclusive time for both.

There are many options if you enjoy your partner’s company: a romantic dinner, a walk in the park, a shared reading or dancing.

You and your boy can have his own preferences, but, without a doubt, the important thing is to dedicate those precious moments in which they enjoy each other with the mere fact of walking hand in hand.

If you want to have some useful ideas, don’t forget to consult Romantic plans to celebrate and enjoy as a couple .

9. Space For Two

The same will happen with the shared space.

If they live alone this is an advantage in your favor, because the whole house can become that space of the two.

However, although they still do not live under the same roof, they can find their own spaces as a couple.

The restaurant where they will always eat, the place where they met, the park bench where they gave their first kiss …

Everything counts if it’s true love !

10. Privacy And Complicity

And what about privacy? This raises the space shared between you and your boy to a higher level.

When I talk to you about intimacy, I don’t mean sex, but those opportunities so necessary in a couple to have their space.

A loving conversation, being able to kiss passionately without anyone looking at them, caressing without fear of being interrupted or judged by others.

To be able to find in your boy an accomplice of the love that you also feel.Having the time and space to demonstrate this feeling without worrying about the rest of the world, will be a reaffirmation and good symptom of true love .

11. Pleasure For Two

One of the most important aspects in true love is also pleasure.

Finding satisfaction giving pleasure to your partner can be very rewarding, but he must also know how to do the same.

Normally women are victims of misunderstandings or dissatisfactions in sexual relations because they do not reach orgasm or feel all the pleasure they wanted.

Sometimes couples break up because of this type of misunderstanding, or because in this aspect there is no communication.

Each lover is different, and each of us likes one or the other more if it is about sex.

The Knowledge Game

You and your boy must learn to know and love each other in the right way you both need.

This may take time, but if the dialogue flows, I assure you that they will have positive results.

In order for him to understand you, you must communicate, in a kind manner and at the right moments, what you like and what you don’t, and what you would like him to do to you or not, you will see that the result is worth it!

12. You Represent Me And I Represent You

The meaning of true love is also knowing how to find in your boy that person who represents you in life.

Assuming a mature relationship means representing them both.

While having your own identity, you will have become his girlfriend or his wife.

This means being able to show others that mutual commitment you have made with him.

Be proud of him, don’t ridicule him or ignore him in public, don’t criticize his actions in front of others or speak against him.

Defend him whenever he is right and support him when he loses his battles.

This is the best way to keep both true love .

13. What You Are

True love will never mutilate the other person.

Dreams and illusions are an inseparable part of who you are, therefore, your boy should never cut those dreams, nor you his!

Growing up as a human being, and that you and your boy help each other in that process, will be one of the best examples of that love.

In professional and personal life, each of you must reach your goals for what you are as a person, and never for being next to someone.

You are valuable for being who you are, not for having your partner boy, even if that is an important complement to your happiness.

14. Give In To Love

One of the signs of true love is knowing how to give in to the other.

Surely, you have been at odds with your boy, and you may be stubborn about an idea he doesn’t share or something you want to do.

Well here is my recommendation: analyze before if this is correct or if you can’t really change your mind.

What is better, an invariable opinion or the love you have?

It is not that you always do what he wants or vice versa, but they have to learn to negotiate and give ground in pursuit of harmony and love in the relationship.

Use thoughts of love and give a magical touch to your relationship with small details.

15. Without Lies, Say It All?

Sincerity is one of the main qualities that must be present in true love .

It’s not about you telling your boy everything, there are things that are best reserved for peace of mind in the relationship.

But neither should you lie to him in things of importance to both or even to each one separately.

Hiding the truth or lying to you can become one of the worst vices in a relationship.

Learn to face problems and analyze what happens objectively.

Remember that a lie you tell him today can become a time bomb that will explode at any time.

The best thing is that you be honest with him and with yourself, and that with equanimity and sweetness you know how to tell him what ails you or bothers you at the right time.

16. Not Hurt

Physical and moral abuse can be one of the causes that end your relationship.

Nothing justifies a blow, a scream or a humiliation.

True love is based on respect, as I already told you.

That is why he who loves does not harm that being the object of his love in any way.

Sometimes while couples argue, they say things they don’t really feel, and that the heat of the moment and anger provoke them.

If you are very explosive and this happens to you, it is best that you work to remain calm.

And if, even unintentionally you have hurt him, repair it immediately.

Sometimes the simplest phrase is recorded in memory and can seriously affect the feeling you have.

Learn to truly forgive and forget an offense, since grudges can be dangerous tumors that end even with true love .

17. Happiness In The Little Things

Sometimes we spend our lives postponing happiness.

Surely on some occasion you have said: “when I graduate I will be happy”, “when I find a job”, “when we have our own house we will be truly happy” or “when we have our children” …

Life leaves us in plans and we don’t realize what happens around us every day.

True love does not expect to have great triumphs to achieve happiness, because feeling that love is a reason for the greatest joy and satisfaction.

Do Not Forget The Following …

If you and your partner are in this situation, urgently change the perspective.

Enjoy and learn to find happiness in waking up every day at your side, in meeting after work or in having each other as a company.

The meaning of true love is not only in reaching great goals, but in sharing and being happy for every little detail you spend with your partner, and you know why this happens?

Because just having him by your side should already mean all happiness.

Well, you already have the list, if you want your relationship to show what true love means you must work on it.

For this, my last recommendation is that you be honest with yourself and analyze before how many of these requirements you agree with and how many do not.

If most of your answers are negative and you find it impossible to work to make them positive, perhaps, however hard reality is, that boy you have by your side is not your better half.

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