In Love With Two People

Sometimes a person may believe that he is in love with two people at the same time and live both relationships with great intensity . You may feel so attracted to both of them that you find it difficult to know who is in love with them . In general, he lives it as a complement to a relationship with another, each person brings something different and the feelings are very intense in both cases.

Two Relationships At The Same Time

It can also happen when a person already has a stable relationship and falls in love with another, who confuses their feelings and believes that they love both people at the same time when what they are really loving is the feeling of being in love, the state of happiness of the first phase of falling in love in which he finds himself at the beginning of another new relationship.

In this case, what you mainly find in this new relationship is the opportunity to relive the feelings of falling in love, of passionate love . It is the attraction for novelty. It is for her the complement for the quiet relationship she is already living.

On the other hand, to think that two people are interested in us and that we like and feel attracted to us, is a very flattering feeling that can make us feel very good. The problem is not to like two people at once, but to give in to the two and maintain a relationship with both.

in love with two people

“There are superficial relationships in which there is a double relationship and emotionally immature people who want to live continuously the feelings of falling in love. But there are also mature relationships or whole people who do not allow a third person to enter their lives, are not available for it and avoid any situation that could jeopardize their relationship.”

2. Make A Decision

Usually, when someone lives two parallel love stories, they have to end up deciding . It is not possible for both to prosper because you cannot be making future plans and life plans with both of you; It is incompatible.

These situations cause many problems. Although at first they live with a lot of excitement and complicity and it seems that it is the perfect situation, over time it is not viable and involves great suffering for all .

3. Deep And Mature Love

If we understand that to love a person is to love and wish for the best for them, then in this sense and by definition, it is not possible to love two people at the same time, because wishing the best for those we love is not compatible with enjoying with another person , wishing to be together with her, dreaming, sharing, delighting, etc.

The best thing for those we love is not to share emotions and feelings with someone else , but to live with her in a totally dedicated and sincere way, with no hidden sides. This could happen, when we love selfishly seeking our pleasure and constantly satisfying our desires and desires, regardless of the damage we can cause.

Mature love is a love that requires effort and dedication. It is a love of continuous improvement as a couple and as a person. And it is to overcome the obstacles that arise in the couple, fight to maintain love and avoid useless temptations. It is a strong and faithful love. When a person lives deep and mature love, he is not in a position to let himself fall in love with another person.

4. What To Do In This Situation?

When that feeling of falling in love with another person appears and confuses us, it is essential that we reflect on what we are feeling and look for the cause of that desire to be with two people at the same time.

Sometimes it is only about physical attraction or a superficial crush as a result of a bad time we are going through or simply the desire to fall in love again. In that case, it is not worth risking our relationship as an illusion or a whim.

We must know to give up the temptation to satisfy the desire to start a relationship with another person. If after analyzing our feelings, we conclude that we are really in love with two people, we must be honest and decide as soon as possible , otherwise we could do a lot of damage. Living in love with two people is a situation that creates a lot of anxiety.