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Bigmatrimonial defines Love is first of all a feeling – and that may sound banal at first, but it is important if you want to get closer to the answer to the question “What is love?”:

A feeling is something that in you happens : You feel your feelings. They arise in your body and are experienced by you in you.

Which also means:

Nobody can do your feelings .

And nobody else can feel your feelings.

Only you feel your feelings.

What is relationship?

Bigmatrimonial defines a relationship is characterized by the fact that the action, thinking and feeling of 2 people is related to each other. She means the actual interactions between 2 people in every way. Relationships are very important in our society and make us more successful. Love relationships, however, additionally include the intimacy between 2 people.

It is characterized by erotic attraction. In addition, love relationships bear witness to mutual acceptance . Love relationships can be distinguished between Platonic relationships and sexual relationships. A platonic relationship means the relationship between 2 people without sexual contact. It occurs when both partners consciously renounce sexual exchange.

The sexual relationship, on the other hand, involves caresses and sex . Moreover, a relationship marks that in Western culture it always begins with the consent of both. Unlike at the beginning, however, it can be ended unilaterally. This is also called a separation . Relationships can be roughly divided into 4 phases . These are:

construction phases

inventory phase

times of crisis

resolution phases

All 4 phases do not have to build on each other, but can also start in different order. More detailed information can be found in the article  4 Phases of a Relationship – Tips & Advice for Each Phase . In addition, relationships can also be distinguished in terms of time. A short-term relationship is usually referred to as a love affair.

In the case of long-term relationships, however, of partnerships or partnerships. Short-term affairs can last for days, weeks or months. Intensive partnerships, on the other hand, are designed for years or decades. In addition to relationships with just one partner, there are also relationships with more than one partner. This is also called polyamory.How do I win the heart of a man?

What is a relationship? Conclusion

The term relationship can be subject to different facets. So a relationship can be socially as well as characterized by sexual affection.

Love relationships can also be subdivided into different sub-areas and can be conducted both in pairs and in several. I hope that this gives you a little insight into the world of partnerships.

I appreciate your comments.

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