How Long Into A Relationship To Say I Love You

Saying ‘I love you‘ is a key moment in any relationship, as it is an indicator that things are serious. Some say it within a few days, others wait several weeks or months.

When To Say I Love You

The dating site collected information from 2000 couples and concluded that couples take about 5 months (144 days to be exact) to say “I love you”. Day 157 is the date chosen by many couples to announce the relationship on Facebook.

The study also showed that it takes us more time to grab our partner’s hands than to kiss her. 31 percent of respondents said they could kiss their partner on the same day they know her, but to take her hands she would wait a week or two.

Around six months (177 days of relationship) is when the majority of respondents decide to reveal their imperfections. On the 170th is when couples usually have their first discussion. This is the date when many decide to present to parents.

After seven months (204 days) is when most couples decide to go on vacation and 10 months (298 days) is the time many expect to spend Christmas together.

how long into a relationship to say i love you

33 percent of respondents wait at least one year to talk about their long-term plans with the relationship, and commit about two years after meeting. The time that couples wait to get married is three years and four years to have a family.

“While each relationship moves at its own pace. Sometimes people feel more secure when they compare their experiences with their friends and acquaintances. We all ask our friends ‘when did they kiss?’ Or how long did they wait for their first kiss?

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The truth is that while the comments of our friends can give us ideas. It should not be our only guide. Do not compare yourself and your love, live your relationship at your own pace and without pressure.

Eric Cameron is a passionate relationship coach and counselor with a focus on helping couples reconnect and build strong and lasting relationships. He has years of experience working with couples and helping them to understand the intricacies of healthy relationships. He also provides guidance on how to maintain a healthy relationship and deal with difficult topics. Eric’s approach is tailored specifically to the couple’s needs and he has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon.

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