Falling In Love Quotes

Below you will find the most recent selection of  falling in love quotes with on Facebook, they will surely help you to conquer the heart of the man who steals your sighs.

Fall In Love Quotes

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You will know that Facebook is one of the best known and in it we pass, without realizing it, the hours and hours chatting with that special person, whom we want to captivate.

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Day And Night Love Quotes

  • Every morning I choose you as my favorite person.
  • This morning, I wish I could kiss you and eat you with kisses.
  • Good Morning! I would wake you up with kisses and caresses, but since I’m away, I wake you up with a message so you don’t forget you’re in my heart.
  • I wake up happy because tonight you have not left a second of my dreams. I wish you the best of days!
  • You are the dream I would never want to wake up from.
  • Your only flaw is not to wake up next to me.
  • I would like to drink you as I drink coffee: fasting, boiling and alone.
  • Today I will not say “good night”, I say: see you in my dreams!
  • May the moon accompany your dreams and, in a few hours, both the sun and I will be waiting for you.
  • This morning you are there, between my desire to take a risk and the fear of falling in love.
  • You are the person for whom I smile every morning.
  • I’m going to sleep early to dream you more time.
  • When I say “good night”, it is for you to know that you are my last thought before sleeping.
  • Today I kidnap you and lock you inside my dreams.
  • It’s not what I want to feel, it’s what you make me feel every morning.
  • I like you every morning but today, it’s an exaggeration!
  • I think about you every day and I miss you every night!
falling in love quotes

Quotes About Falling In Love

  • I love it when you send me those messages that make me smile no matter how many times I read them.
  • And if I could bring you to my side just by thinking, dreaming or imagining you, believe me, then you would not miss a single day, not a single moment.
  • No “writing” makes me as happy as yours.
  • I understood that I had fallen in love with you, when I realized that there is no better book than reading your conversations.
  • Life is mine, but the heart is yours. The smile is mine, but the reason is you.
  • You have become the prettiest chance that came into my life.
  • 16 hours I think of you, 8 I dream of you.
  • You make me feel like I’m falling in love for the first time.
  • I don’t want to chat today, I don’t want to miss you, I want to see you!
  • Not all the time I think of you, sometimes I think of us.
  • I know that I love you because I find you in each song.
  • I could have fallen in love with other people, but my heart chose you.

Like everything in life, you have to be cautious and more with social networks, this is why if you want to know the impact that Facebook has had on relationships.

Falling In Love Quotes For Him

  • My vice is you.
  • I met you and my life stopped.
  • I like you so much that I want to choose you daily.
  • In the end, I would always choose you.
  • I don’t want you for me, I want you with me.
  • To love and you, I met them at the same time.
  • You want to not talk or be with anyone else.
  • Who do you think you like me so much?
  • I don’t want to chat, I want to see you.
  • Sometimes I miss you, sometimes too.
  • You and me, my favorite phrase.
  • We are nowhere to be everything.
  • You are my favorite moment.
  • The only thing I like about you is everything.

Cute Funny Love Quotes

  • You crossed my path and forgot where I was going.
  • Synonym of feeling in the clouds? … Talk to you.
  • If there is something I like to read, it is your messages.
  • When I met you, I thought a friend would find, but I never thought that I would fall in love with you.
  • The sea is immense and the desert infinite, but being with you is always the most beautiful.
  • I dreamed about you last night, and it was a fairy tale; You were my blue prince and I was your enchanted princess.
  • I like you more than free wifi.
  • If you knew how much I think about you, you would report me for mental harassment.

Falling In Love Quotes For Her

  • Today is one of those days when I don’t want to write to you, I want to run away, hug you and savor your kisses!
  • I love you in such a special way that you don’t need to see or have you. Just close my eyes and know that you exist.
  • Love knows no distances because words also caress.
  • If I never say goodbye, it’s because I never want you to leave.
  • I’m thinking of you, no matter what time you read this.
  • I don’t always have something to tell you, but I always want to talk to you.
  • I don’t need you, I prefer you!
  • The smile is mine but the author is you.
  • I don’t want a happy ending with you, I don’t want an ending with you!

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With the quotes to fall in love with Facebook , manage to conquer the boy of your dreams.