Short Love Quotes

Are you in love and don’t know how to express it? Do you want to give your boy a very special gift even if it’s not Valentine’s Day or an anniversary? Do you need short love quotes and poems to fall in love?

Look no further, here you have everything you need; Keep reading and get inspired by the following seduction phrases and messages of love that will leave you crazy for you!

Inspirational Love Quotes

  • When I woke up I asked at dawn for the light of your gaze, the taste of your kisses, the warmth of your caresses, I wanted to be all yours in an instant, in that single moment of dawn, because I sleep every night to dream you, and I wake up every day to live you
  • In case you wanted my heart … I would give it to you without condition.
  • I want to be your strength in your weakness, I want to be your support and that you can count on me.
  • If your mouth were sand and mine waves of the sea, we would be all the time without stopping to kiss.
  • I want you to never forget me, because I will never forget you, I want to be always with you even if I can’t be near you.
  • You are the cutest boy in the world, so I come to tell you how much I love you.
  • Love me, love me, love me … I just want to ask that. Love me, love me, love me … is all I need to be happy.
  • My heart opened its wings right on the edge of yours, and left in the sand, with its flutter of feathers that caress, just two words for you to read: I LOVE YOU.
  • To love is to really feel in every look a thousand springs.
  • I love you because I love you, and if I can, I will continue to love you until my heart stops beating and takes me to other unknown worlds … and if possible, I’ll love you there too.

Quotes About Love and Life

short love quotes
  • I want to make you here and now a real claim, I want to tell you very loudly: you still don’t know that I love you?
  • Let me tell you about my dreams, which had been lost along the way, but with you now they have their owner.
  • I bring in your eyes your image, in my nose your breath, in my skin your skin … I bring in your ear your words, capable of moving my soul, those that tell me what I also want to tell you: I LOVE YOU.
  • I want to give you a gift even if it’s not February, I want to tell you, my love, how much I love you.
  • To love is the delicacy of the rain hitting the gate, it is not knowing what the head thinks because it is thought with the heart.
  • What’s wrong with chasing our dreams all the time? What’s wrong with wanting to live dreaming that you are my owner?
  • I give you a whole dawn, to wake up together without stopping wanting.
  • I would like to be silence and to get involved when you don’t want to talk, so I can tell you without words how much I can love you.
  • What I want from you is not your sincere love, what I want from you is true love.
  • I love you now without reasons, because I love you and that’s it; I love you more than myself, can you understand it now?
  • Is reality a dream or truth? When I am with you my dream is reality.
  • To love is to make songs shine in silence, it is for love to fight and unite two hearts.

Short Quotes About Love and Life

  • I don’t care where I go, I don’t care about the road anymore, only my love matters, that you be with me forever.
  • If I could, I would take away all your fears, your sorrows, your wounds and sufferings, your sadness, your problems, your worries … But, after all that, after shedding all those things of yours, you would not be the same, you would not be You the man I love
  • When I met you I was afraid to look at you, when I looked at you I was afraid to kiss you, when I kissed you I was afraid to love you, and now that I love you it is impossible for me to forget you.
  • You are the medicine that the doctor prescribed when he told me I was sick and crazy with love.
  • If one day you feel the urgent need of my kisses, don’t stop telling me I’m running!

Quotes About Love and Life

  • I like honey and ice cream, but what I like most is being by your side.
  • Your eyes are two stars, your velvet lips, and a love like the one I feel, it is impossible to hide it.
  • My heart is prefect because you are inside it.
  • I think of you in every moment; I love you in every day; I dream you in every minute and I need you in every place.
  • They say life is very short, but if I live it by your side, every moment is terrifying.
  • You are and will always be my most beautiful love story.
  • I don’t want gold, I don’t want riches, I just want your love to not feel sadness.
  • I don’t know how to tell you how much I love you, I don’t know how to tell you that without you I die.
  • You are a thief because you have stolen my heart.
  • If your body were jail and your arms chains, that would be the perfect place to serve my sentence.
  • As a friend I met you, as a friend I looked at you and one day, without thinking about it, I fell in love with you.
  • I would stay with you a lifetime and those that were necessary too.
  • At the door of my house three trees I planted: one I love you, one I love you and one I will never forget you.
  • There is no light more beautiful than what is reflected in your look.
  • Looking at you, it was blowing the candles with desire in front.
  • I love you more than you think, more than what I say and more than what I show you.
  • I can’t escape what I feel if you’re my only thought.
  • Then I saw you … and all the love songs made sense.
  • His eyes, his look, his lips, his smile, he!
  • You are my favorite moment.
  • The only thing I like about you is everything.
  • The more I look at you, the more I love you.
  • Although his eyes were not blue, I found my heaven in them.
  • I don’t like you, you make me want to make you happy.
  • It is not who kisses you under the rain, it is who kisses you under the storm.
  • There is nothing richer than tasting your mouth.
  • I love you, who knows how far.
  • If you remember me, then I don’t care if the rest I forget.
  • And when everything seemed to have happened to me, you succeed me.
  • I like your perfume, you smell like the love of my life.
  • Your smile looks more perfect two centimeters from my mouth.
  • You are the only dream that I choose consciously.

True Love Short Quotes

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Sweet Love Quotes for Him

  • You keep stealing sighs from my soul.
  • You are driving me crazy, but don’t worry, it’s love.
  • This desire to kiss you, that not even kissing you take away from me.
  • I want not only a thousand sunrises by your side, but a future with you.
  • I can’t escape what I feel if you’re my only thought.
  • You and I, different words with the same feeling.
  • Happiness has nine letters, mine only has two: you
  • I love you not only because of who you are, but because of how I am when I am with you.
  • When our eyes meet, when I touch your lips and my hands touch you, my feelings for you overflow.
  • Art is love and, for this reason, I write these verses to conquer your heart.
  • I look up, I ask the stars to show me your way to go after you the whole life.
  • I never had any addiction, but just by tasting the sweetness of your lips, I have gone mad with love.
  • My biggest dream is not to have a car or a mansion, my dream is to conquer a piece of your heart every day.
  • The hours fly by when when we are together, but if we are separated, the seconds do not advance.
  • When I saw you I thought I was no longer alive because angels live in heaven, and you are an angel, my life.
  • Let me love you, let me make you happy and make you forget what sadness means because I just want to make you smile.

Quote For Wife

  • “The sweet spring that will teach me to love you, the very spring that helped me achieve you”.
  • “I asked the stars for clearer language, more beautiful words. The sweet stars gave me your life and I found in your eyes the truth requested ”.
  • “Never stop smiling, even when you’re sad, because you never know who can fall in love with your smile”.
  • “Come sleep with me: we will not make love. He will make us ”.
  • “For my heart your chest is enough, for your freedom my wings are enough”.
  • “I was ashes. You touched me I burned again ”.
  • “It’s not that I die of love. I die of you ”.
  • “I want to fill my mouth with your name”.
  • “It is enough to look at you to know that with you I am going to soak my soul”.
  • “I here wanting to lock you in my unstable universe and you out there forming galaxies with just a smile”.
  • “Because, without looking for you, I find you everywhere, especially when I close my eyes”.
  • “I chose you because I realized that it was worth it, it was worth the risks… it was worth the life”.

There are many love poems that you can use as a means of inspiration to dedicate to your partner, cheer up and seduce him with the power of words!

Quote for Boy Friend

  • If you were a tear, I would never cry not to lose you.
  • You’re dizzy? Because all along you have been spinning in my head.
  • Do you have a map? To navigate in your eyes.
  • Do you know where I can buy a dictionary? Because since I saw you, I was speechless.
  • Can you help me? I look for the corner of the avenue of your eyes with love at first sight.
  • Would you be dumb that you were born with those eyes?
  • If you lived in heaven, I would die to see you.
  • They should get you a part for excess beauty.
  • There is nothing more beautiful than your sun-drenched silhouette in a sunset.
  • If I were the time, I would stop to look at you.
  • A painter painted a rose, a painter painted a carnation; But artists are your parents who made it so beautiful to be.
  • I would like to be an aviator to fly in your dreams.
  • If the sky were paper and the inkwell, only one pen would be missing to write to you how much I love you.
Funny Love Quotes

Funny Love Quotes

  • I don’t know if you are a dream or a reality; But if I’m dreaming, I don’t want to wake up.
  • If loving you is a crime, criminal I will be; I will serve my sentence, but I will never forget you.
  • My eyes cry to see you, my heart to love you, my lips to kiss you and my arms to hug you.
  • Your eyes are my sky, your lips are my sea, your body is the land that I want to inhabit.
  • For one night in your arms, all my secrets would tell you; and, to know that you love me, even heaven would fly
  • If the kisses were water, I would give you the sea …
  • I would like to be candy, what a crazy occurrence !, to hit me on your lips and melt in your mouth.
  • The sea is immense and the desert infinite, but being with you is always the most beautiful.
  • If my soul were a pen and my inkwell, with the blood of my veins I would write I love you.
  • The beauty of a rose has no comparison, with the sweetness of your eyes and the beauty of your heart.
  • If the sea and the rivers come together, why not join your lips with mine?
  • I don’t know if I love you, you’ll know that; I only know that I die when you are not there.
  • When I met you, I thought a friend would find, but I never thought that I would fall in love with you.
  • Everywhere I hear you, everywhere I look at you, you are not everywhere but I take you with me.
  • If I were the sea and you were a rock, I would raise the tide to kiss your mouth.
  • From your mouth I want a kiss, from your shirt a button, from your name the last name and from your chest the heart.

You already have everything, you just need to start writing.If it is the first time you do it, do not worry, what inspires love cannot go wrong, and if so, there will always be other attempts.

If you are already an expert, you will know that short love quotes can be very useful when you make a letter or, simply, to send them as is to your boy.

You can also dare to create your own poems to fall in love and so they will be more original, you just have to get a little inspired and reflect what you feel.

Love u Sayings

You have a gift for Valentine’s day or their wedding or wedding anniversary and you want to conquer the boy you like, but you don’t know how you are going to complete your gift, look and put some short love quotes!

It will be like putting a cherry to decorate the cake: the last magical and special touch.

I also recommend that you review and read how to fall in love with my boyfriend every day: Keys to a better relationship! if he is already your partner, or if they are nothing yet How to like a boy in 10 steps Simple but effective!

Depending on your case, apply other techniques of seduction and conquest, apart from the short letters and love quotes.

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Short Love Note

If you are one of those who like to read, you can search for a recognized or preferred author and send him a poem, made by a celebrity or a Nobel prize for literature!

Do not forget that, although short love quotes captivate intensely, you could also opt for long love quotes , small details that fall in love and will never go out of style!