How To Drive Man Crazy

Below you will find simple and practical tips for you to learn how to drive man crazy and arouse his curiosity in a subtle way.

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If you want to seduce and make a lasting impression on the mind of that special man for you, you will need to arouse your curiosity with such simple tricks as a flirtatious look or a smile that says more than a thousand words.

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Take a look at the following list and start up your conquest plan!

How To Drive Any Man Crazy: 8 Tips!

1. Sensuality

The feminine sensuality is a quality that fascinates the boys and, therefore, it is an infallible trick at the time of falling in love.

how to drive man crazy

Surely you are wondering how to be sensual and attract it without giving the impression of being easy? and you will have doubts about how to drive any man crazy.

It is simpler than it sounds, you just have to help a bit of both body and verbal language, that is, a mischievous look, a sweet smile.


As well as the expression of your face while you pronounce one of the quotes to fall in love well thought, the casual crossing of your legs or a slight movement of hair, they will leave it if I breath! and your imagination will fly without limits.

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2. Character And Security

The confident, safe and steel-like women are those who amaze all men and this will help you know how to drive any man crazy.

Meeting a girl who dazzles with her personality and authenticity, is something that is not seen every day and that is why none will miss the opportunity to be with you.

Strengthen your self-esteem, boost your best and be proud of your true essence !; If you are and feel good, you will always reflect it on others and that, undoubtedly, falls in love!

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3. Physical Appearance And Smell

You don’t need to have a perfect body or more angelic face to know how to drive any man crazy, it’s a matter of attitude, strategies and fine details of coquetry!

A delicate neckline, a beautiful dress or tight pants, can make a difference! You just have to leave something to the imagination and surely it can not get you out of your mind in a long time.

If you add a soft makeup to this or simply bet on the natural, you let your hair loose and choose a fascinating aroma that stimulates each of your senses, without hesitation, you will have all the points in your favor!

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4. Initiative

Believe it or not, they value dynamic girls very much, with good ideas and who risk taking the first step.

Break myths! There is nothing wrong with inviting him for coffee, walking, the beach, cinema or theater; Learn to take the initiative and he will stay with you.

5. Worry About Your Affairs

Show interest in your affairs and listen carefully when I speak to you, it is a good fact on how to drive any man crazy.

In this way you will have the possibility to know it more thoroughly and to succeed at the moment of surprising it, either with an invitation or a conversation.

This does not mean that you should be reckless or bother him with thousands of questions, you just have to be attentive to the details he shares with you because he considers them relevant.

6. Zero Jealousy

Men interpret jealousy as an annoying symptom of insecurity.

Avoid at all costs this attitude; rather, if you have any doubts, dialogue with him but don’t judge him or put yourself in the plan to draw accelerated conclusions without valid arguments.

Smash the emotional intelligence and seduce it with your maturity!

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7. Indifference

It is natural that when you are attracted to someone you want to be close to that special person all the time; However, ignoring it would not hurt you because you will miss it!

It is important that he finds out that your life does not revolve around him and that you are an independent lady with many things to think about.

Then don’t always be available, reject any of their invitations and ignore a couple of their calls.

You will make your curiosity increase, think you more and strive to be with you!

8. How To Drive Any Man Crazy: Find Him

He will love you to reinforce his ego by letting him know how well he performs an activity or highlighting his physical and intellectual qualities.

Don’t be afraid, find it! and you will have conquered it, this is how the male mind works! Learn more about How to influence a man’s mind.

How To Drive Any Man Crazy: Wake Up Your Curiosity In 3 Steps

In theory, arousing a man’s curiosity is very easy but is it also in practice?

It is true that boys are quite predictable, but it is not good for you to trust this assumption.

If you really want to attract their interest and see you as a challenge, apply the following recommendations:

1. Don’t Tell Him All About Yourself

The fact that you like it does not mean that you have to tell him every step you take.

Leave something to your imagination!

They like challenges and novelty, therefore, let them discover you, slowly and you will see the fabulous results!

2. A Touch Of Ambiguity And Difficulty

Men are hunters by nature, keep this in mind to know how to drive any man crazy.

He will be both frustrated and motivated by the fact that you do not reveal each of your thoughts or express yourself ambiguously.

You will feel a mixture of dismay and fascination towards you.

Being man a logical being, obsessed with solving problems, the fact of not being able to solve the mystery of your feelings will frustrate him, but in a good way.

Keep In Mind:

You should never let him think that he knows everything or that you think you are an easy prey, and that is why it is so important that you have your own life out of the relationship.

Individuality, the surprise factor and the mystery will be your best allies.

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how to drive man crazy

3. Give Him Challenges

To implement these tips on how to drive any man crazy, keep in mind that the challenges are like goodies for a man’s mind.

Provide high doses of mistery of various kinds; With a phrase like, “I think you couldn’t deal with someone like me,” you will definitely leave him confused.

When you question your ability to understand yourself or manage a relationship with yourself, you will present a challenge that will easily lead you to occupy an important place in your thoughts.

He will be motivated to prove your mistake, to undertake an exciting persecution and to overcome the challenge you posed.

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They like to have a sense of control, they love to feel that they have already deciphered a woman and that they don’t have to work so hard to impress her.

When this belief in control is broken, they are consumed by curiosity and begin to consider what they must do to obtain and maintain your interest.

Finally, the secret of how to drive any man crazy and arouse his curiosity has been resolved.

You already know the best tips and recommendations! Make it feel that even if things are going well between you, it is never enough.

Gradually, he will learn to read you between the lines and understand what you want to say and where your game is going.The communication between the two will undoubtedly improve and they will enjoy a balanced relationship.

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