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How To Seduce A Man_ 20 Tips Checked

How To Seduce A Man

We know that seduction is an art and, like all art, it has many techniques and tricks that you must keep in mind when facing a new conquest and not fail in the attempt to know how to seduce a man .

You will be wondering what are those magical and infallible techniques that will help you captivate and attract the attention of the boy you like, no matter what you think is unattainable.

Well, here we tell you how to seduce a man and how to make him fall madly in love with you.

It will not be an easy battle but due to the simple, predictable and instinctive attitudes that are masculine attitudes, when it comes to falling in love, the mission will be facilitated a little and you will have not only his love but his interest as long as you want.

Do you want to know how to make a man fall in love and know the best tips for male seduction? Continue reading carefully, take careful note and become an expert!

What You Should Know To Captivate And Conquer A Difficult Man?

Before trying to fall in love with a difficult man, it is essential that you understand a little his way of thinking and thus know how to influence the mind of a man and, therefore, know the chemistry of love.

It is scientifically proven that men and women have wide differences with respect to the way in which their brain perceives, reacts or responds to certain stimuli.

For this reason, you cannot pretend that what excites you, provokes, falls in love or conquers, is the same as he would contemplate in his list of preferences.

When flirting with a boy, keep in mind the following aspects and never forget that it is very important to understand the hidden secrets he has, know more about this in the uncovered male desire and know what seductive weapons to use.

They Do Not Remember The Details: How To Seduce A Man

Do not blame him or feel that you are not interested in the simple fact that it is difficult for him to remember the song you dedicated to him or a specific date; On the contrary, as you already know that it is not intentional, ignore it and free it from claims.

In this way, he will see you as an understanding, mature and highly compatible woman with this unconscious particularity of his memory that so often bothers or frustrates.

They Only Use One Side Of The Brain To Listen:

While women use both sides of the brain to listen, men use only one; This does not make them better or worse recipients, but they do it differently.

Take advantage of the knowledge of this detail, be direct and timely when you talk to him, also try to make your messages and conversations fun, that will surely remind you and make you earn many points!

But beware, they fall in love visually, that is, they are attracted to the appearance of a woman, although its aroma is also vital. Here I leave the data!

They Don't Think About Sex 24 Hours A Day:

Although they think of sex much more often than women, it is not true that the issue overwhelms them throughout the day.

However, you could wake up the desire of someone you like with a simple phrase or with a subtle cleavage, any day at any time, you know what I mean!, Every woman has her own artillery to seduce a man and Leave him breathless.

They Love Female Curves:

It is said that the inclination of men for women with curves is justified in a biological and reproductive matter, since this form augurs more possibilities of procreating.

However, since it is a widespread feeling, the idea is that you consider it when you wonder how to seduce a man .

In case you don't have many curves, simply boost your physical qualities and use them in your favor.

What To Do To Make A Man Fall In Love?

Although falling in love has its science and is a chemical process product of physiological interactions, it is a phenomenon that is triggered or intensified with seduction.

In addition there are a series of female attitudes and behaviors that will make you lose your mind; It is a matter of knowing your charms, analyze the following tips to know how to seduce a man quickly , put them into practice and, finally, be a winner in the conquest plan.


1. Prove You Are A Unique Woman

Let your blue prince know that you are the right woman, different from the others, authentic, fun, intelligent, sensitive but strong, adventurous and dreamy.

It is important that you feel that you will always be able to find not only a good friend but a seductive woman with a bright mind and unlimited imagination, always open to possibilities.

Make him know all your facets and, for this, the best option is to invite him to share activities that he will surely love, such as:

  • Go camping or hiking: The outdoors and nature are conducive for you to bring out all your charms and provoke it in a subtle way.
  • Prepare a delicious recipe and, if possible, cook together; In the kitchen you will have the opportunity to get more intimate with him. You can talk, joke and, why not, have a lot of eye contact, steal a couple of kisses and build confidence.
  • Be interested in what you find important or like : it is a good start and excellent seduction technique. He will feel special and will be encouraged to propose plans that involve more rapprochement, if he realizes that they can strengthen emotional ties with the same hobbies, it is a plus for the relationship and more points for you.
  • Plan a sunny day: visit the beach together, go to the theater, cinema, a literary gathering or enjoy the euphoria of a good concert, you will have it madly seduced and in love!

There is no difficult man but ignorance of the formula of power! I will reveal to you my most aggressive and revolutionary technique so that I value you immensely.

2. How To Seduce A Boy In Two Steps: Smile And Stare At Him

There is nothing more charming than a beautiful smile and nothing more sensual than a deep look, and if we combine both, it results in an excellent and practical conquest tip.

It is not about faking a smile but about doing it delicately with a touch of mischief, without exaggeration; Your sympathy will attract the ones you like in droves. You know, smile without fear and there will be no one to resist!

It is impossible that a fixed gaze is not seductive, since it is one of the most flirtatious attractions that a woman can possess and even more if she speaks for herself.

Look at it, laugh it and tell him how much you like it with your eyes; He will understand your intention and your attitude and confidence will fascinate him.

3. Your Free Spirit Will Captivate You

Note that you are an independent woman, that you do not need to have someone next to you to be happy but that you enjoy and value the company of other people, including friends, family and, of course, his.

Men like safe and visionary women, so if you are thinking about how to seduce a man, heed this tip well and unleash your free spirit, capable of everything that is proposed.

4. The Physical Connection Will Attract Him To You

Physical contact generates a high degree of connection between two people and can cause many emotions.

Try to make your rubs and touches occur naturally so as not to intimidate him, but make sure they are accurate to seduce him. Leave him restless, stimulate his curiosity and he will feel the desire to have you close.


Flirt with him but keep the mystery, this attitude is fundamental because he will never take anything for granted but you will have the opportunity to surprise him at the least expected moment.

It is a practical way to know how to seduce a man without realizing your conquest plan.

It doesn't matter if you are near or far from the boy you love, if you want to seduce a man from a distance it is also possible.

Late that early they will have the opportunity to meet and that is where you should take the opportunity to melt it with love.

5. Wear Clothes That Highlight Your Beauty

The first impression is essential when you embark on the path of seduction. The point is that you know yourself well and be aware of your body, its advantages and disadvantages to know which garments to wear or which to avoid.

Choose to get their attention but in a positive way, that is, for your elegance and good taste; Choose clothes that make you feel confident but, in turn, make you look attractive.

Everything enters through the eyes! It shows a little skin but without exceeding the limits; Always leave something to the imagination and use colors that let you know that you are passionate but sober. This way you will know how to seduce a man in the best style!

6. Spell it with Your Smell And Stimulate Your Senses

Smells cause men greatly, so be very careful when choosing a scent because you could attract or scare away that boy you love so much.

Always apply a fair amount to key parts of your body, not forgetting your neck. Charm him with your personal fragrance, which will distinguish you from other women and make him remember you better.

Keep In Mind:

The recommendation is that you use perfumes with fruity, floral or citrus notes, since they are of strong smells and will expose much of your character and preferences, which is crucial when you want to fall in love.

In case you prefer that you feel your natural smell, which also alters male emotions, make sure it is pleasant.

What do you prefer, fine perfumery or natural aromas? In either case, be assured that it is a relevant aspect for men and you cannot cast it out.

7. Praise The Tough Guy Who Makes You Sigh

A good way to know how to seduce a man is by telling him what you like about him.

However, you should be moderate because if you do it constantly you will notice your hidden intentions and could even deduce that you flatter it only to fall in love, this being a point against you.

Find the right situations to let him know the things he is good at and encourage him to perfect them or continue cultivating them.

They love compliments and reaffirm their qualities; Therefore, if you like his smile, his eyes, his intelligence, his good humor or you think he plays the guitar very well, say it without fear!

He will feel connected to you because you will make him feel full with those things that constitute his essence.

8. The Winning Duo: Verbal Language + Body Language

If you thought that to win your heart you only needed good looks, pleasant smell, smile, stare, be fun, free and flatter you, you are very wrong!

Those are simply some of the tips that will help you win their love; However, there is a trick that does not fail and it is time to reveal the winning duo of seduction: a good dose of verbal language plus the charms of body language.

It is a matter of knowing how to have a pleasant conversation, with the right words at the right time and add a correct posture, talk with the face and hands until you reach a delicate game with the hair, that would not be bad or go unnoticed !


Don't forget to always look him in the face and intimidate him a little; Let him also participate in the talk, listen carefully and bring up relevant opinions or funny anecdotes.

Try to be nice, modular and speak slowly in an intermediate tone so you don't miss even one of your syllables.

It is a crucial moment where he will realize that you have total control of both your thoughts and your body, so take advantage of these two own resources of language and put them to work in harmony, to express and demonstrate that you are much more than a face or beautiful body.

To know how to seduce a man , bet on communication, afternoons, evenings, spontaneous talks and gestures! They are the basis of a successful seduction and a transcendental connection.

9. Rate Yourself And Show Off Your Skills A Little

Although it sounds weird, the best way to make yourself known is by talking about yourself, and as your main purpose is to know how to seduce a man , obviously, you are not going to self-refer negatively.

Tell him about your academic and personal achievements, remind him how much you value your body and your well-being, encourage him to think that you are a balanced and skilled woman in many ways, trained to perform in any role and not afraid of difficulties but, on the contrary, he finds in them an opportunity to improve.

Make your special guy finds out that you can find support in you but also that if left to conquer, will not have the opportunity to be with a girl of common but with the most special woman in the world , wonderful, multifaceted and valuable of all.

10. Don't Be Afraid To Talk About Sex

In the nineteenth century, sex was a taboo and unnameable subject for many people and, for this reason, was avoided in conversations.

It is very likely that, if you are in full plan of conquest and seduction, the issue will come up at some point. Do not be afraid! Speak openly and be direct about your arguments about sex and justify them.

Do not think that by talking about this type of subject you are being daring, since it is a very common matter and it is the responsibility of all human beings, as well as education, politics or religion.


Express yourself freely! Men do it too, and if he discovers retrograde attitudes in you, bad news! He will flee without warning.

Show him that you live your sexuality responsibly and also interrogate his preferences, inclinations or fears, but never refuse one of these talks because of shame or moralistic positions without foundation.

So, if you want to talk about sex, talk about sex; seduce your man with a balanced and motivating conversation but still leaving a lot to his imagination.

How To Seduce A Man: Final Tips

What You Should Avoid If You Want To Conquer It

Sometimes, in their attempt to know how to seduce a man , women make mistakes that end in love failures or in the total loss of interest of the boy in question.

Below you will find a list of what you should avoid, at all costs, if you want to know how to seduce a man .

It also applies to those women who want to know how to seduce a man online or how to seduce a man by chat :

11. Say No To Intensity: How To Seduce A Man

Relax, give your space and time to be alone, do not pretend that it should always be for you; The fact that you want to make him fall in love does not mean that you have the right to invade his privacy. You may not do it with bad intentions but he will perceive it that way and run away ahead of time; Nobody wants to feel restrained, conditioned and without freedom!

12. Do Not Press It: How To Seduce A Man

In the seduction stage, the ideal is that everything happens naturally, do not get ahead of events and be calm with the search for situations that lead, for example, a first kiss or an intimate approach . You must be completely sure that the other party also wants the same and that it is not acting under your pressure.

13. Goodbye Insecurity: How To Seduce A Man

In case you have any kind of insecurity with your body or your way of being, leave it at home before going out to meet the one you want to seduce. There is nothing more anti sexy than an insecure woman. Transform your insecurity into trust and you will conquer not only that special person but everything you set out in life.

14. Personal Oversight: How To Seduce A Man

Your appearance says a lot about you, so take care of every detail. Look healthy and hydrated hair, try to make your face not excess makeup (focus on your lips and eyes) or dare with a natural look, be meticulous with the choice of your wardrobe and shoes; It smells good and, for no reason, forget about oral hygiene or maintaining your nails. Your boy will notice the slightest carelessness and will put his eyes on another side, don't risk it!

15. Jealousy? Not Even In Your Dreams: How To Seduce A Man

Just in case you have a tendency to jealousy and can't stand to see him interact with other people, especially women, I have the solution: practice self-control! No man wants to make unjustified claims as a result of an impulse and, much worse, if they are made in the process of falling in love. It is very likely that he thinks twice and decides to move away from the toxicity that jealousy produces. If you want to know how to achieve it, read the article the benefit of self-control: 5 psychological tips .

16. Do Not Lose Interest: How To Seduce A Man

It is not convenient to think that he is the only man around your life or that you are dead of love for him, hold on a little! and be calm, make me miss you a little and be curious about your absences. Do not give everything at once but a few, step by step and, in this way, will always have you in your thoughts, trying to decipher or imagine what will come next. Keep it attentive and expectant!

17. Zero Recklessness: How To Seduce A Man

Avoid questions or situations that make you feel uncomfortable or insecure. What you need to foster is the opposite: trust; so think very well before speaking and questioning; You could unconsciously affect it, which would play against you. Take your time to meet him and then seduce him with subtlety.

18. Little Delicacy: How To Seduce A Man

Men value feminine delicacy very much and bet on femininity, although they admire the inner strength of women, they dislike some typical male behaviors.

19. Exaggeration And Lies: How To Seduce A Man

If you really like someone and want to conquer them to start a serious relationship, what is the point of boasting about what is not or lying just to look good ?; bad start! And you will know that what starts badly ends badly. Make the boy you want to fall in love fall into your networks but by your true essence without deception or strange tales.

20. Don't Mention Your Past Love Relationships: How To Seduce A Man

If at any time you start talking about your love past, that's fine, but don't insist on mentioning the qualities or details of your previous relationships. Remember that you are seducing a person you like and I don't think it is to your liking to know what you were doing or not with your other partners. Live your present, forget your past and think little about the future!

Focus all your energy on this new conquest, deliver the best of you and since we reveal the best tips to know how to seduce a man , use them in your favor and launch your conquest plan.

How To Seduce A Man: 20 Tips Checked-BigMatrimonial
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How To Seduce A Man: 20 Tips Checked-BigMatrimonial
We know that seduction is an art and, like all art, it has many techniques and tricks that you must keep in mind when facing a new conquest and not fail in the attempt to know how to seduce a man .You will be wondering what are those magical and infallible techniques that will help you captivate and attract the attention of the boy you like, no matter what you think is unattainable.Well, here we tell you how to seduce a man and how to make him fall madly in love with you.


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