How To Seduce A Man


We know that seduction is an art and, like all art, it has many techniques and tricks that you must keep in mind when facing a new conquest and not fail in the attempt to know how to seduce a man.

Seducing Men

You will be wondering what are those magical and infallible techniques that will help you captivate and attract the attention of the boy you like, no matter what you think is unattainable.

Well, here we tell you how to seduce a man and how to make him fall madly in love with you.

It will not be an easy battle but due to the simple, predictable and instinctive attitudes that are masculine attitudes, when it comes to falling in love, the mission will be facilitated a little and you will have not only his love but his interest as long as you want.

Do you want to know how to make a man fall in love and know the best tips for male seduction? Continue reading carefully, take careful note and become an expert!

How To Seduce A Man

How To Attract A Man

Before trying to fall in love with a difficult man, it is essential that you understand a little his way of thinking and thus know How To Attract A Man and, therefore, know the chemistry of love.

It is scientifically proven that men and women have wide differences with respect to the way in which their brain perceives, reacts or responds to certain stimuli.

For this reason, you cannot pretend that what excites you, provokes, falls in love or conquers, is the same as he would contemplate in his list of preferences.

When flirting with a boy, keep in mind the following aspects and never forget that it is very important to understand the hidden secrets he has, know more about this in the uncovered male desire and know what seductive weapons to use.

Do not blame him or feel that you are not interested in the simple fact that it is difficult for him to remember the song you dedicated to him or a specific date; On the contrary, as you already know that it is not intentional, ignore it and free it from claims.

In this way, he will see you as an understanding, mature and highly compatible woman with this unconscious particularity of his memory that so often bothers or frustrates.

While women use both sides of the brain to listen, men use only one; This does not make them better or worse recipients, but they do it differently.

Take advantage of the knowledge of this detail, be direct and timely when you talk to him, also try to make your messages and conversations fun, that will surely remind you and make you earn many points!

But beware, they fall in love visually, that is, they are attracted to the appearance of a woman, although its aroma is also vital. Here I leave the data!

They Don’t Think About Sex 24 Hours A Day:

Although they think of sex much more often than women, it is not true that the issue overwhelms them throughout the day.

However, you could wake up the desire of someone you like with a simple phrase or with a subtle cleavage, any day at any time, you know what I mean!, Every woman has her own artillery to seduce a man and Leave him breathless.

They Love Female Curves:

It is said that the inclination of men for women with curves is justified in a biological and reproductive matter, since this form augurs more possibilities of procreating.

However, since it is a widespread feeling, the idea is that you consider it when you wonder how to seduce a man .

In case you don’t have many curves, simply boost your physical qualities and use them in your favor.

How To Seduce A Man

How To Influence A Man

Although falling in love has its science and is a chemical process product of physiological interactions, it is a phenomenon that is triggered or intensified with seduction.

In addition there are a series of female attitudes and behaviors that will make you lose your mind; It is a matter of knowing your charms, analyze the following tips to know How To Influence A Man , put them into practice and, finally, be a winner in the conquest plan.

Female Seduction Strategies

Prove You Are A Unique Woman

Let your blue prince know that you are the right woman, different from the others, authentic, fun, intelligent, sensitive but strong, adventurous and dreamy.

It is important that you feel that you will always be able to find not only a good friend but a seductive woman with a bright mind and unlimited imagination, always open to possibilities.

Make him know all your facets and, for this, the best option is to invite him to share activities that he will surely love, such as: Female Seduction Strategies

  • Go camping or hiking: The outdoors and nature are conducive for you to bring out all your charms and provoke it in a subtle way.
  • Prepare a delicious recipe and, if possible, cook together; In the kitchen you will have the opportunity to get more intimate with him. You can talk, joke and, why not, have a lot of eye contact, steal a couple of kisses and build confidence.
  • Be interested in what you find important or like : it is a good start and excellent seduction technique. He will feel special and will be encouraged to propose plans that involve more rapprochement, if he realizes that they can strengthen emotional ties with the same hobbies, it is a plus for the relationship and more points for you.
  • Plan a sunny day: visit the beach together, go to the theater, cinema, a literary gathering or enjoy the euphoria of a good concert, you will have it madly seduced and in love!

There is no difficult man but ignorance of the formula of power! I will reveal to you my most aggressive and revolutionary technique so that I value you immensely.

How To Seduce A Boy In Two Steps: Smile And Stare At Him

There is nothing more charming than a beautiful smile and nothing more sensual than a deep look, and if we combine both, it results in an excellent and practical conquest tip.

It is not about faking a smile but about doing it delicately with a touch of mischief, without exaggeration; Your sympathy will attract the ones you like in droves. You know, smile without fear and there will be no one to resist!

It is impossible that a fixed gaze is not seductive, since it is one of the most flirtatious attractions that a woman can possess and even more if she speaks for herself.

Look at it, laugh it and tell him how much you like it with your eyes; He will understand your intention and your attitude and confidence will fascinate him.

Your Free Spirit Will Captivate You

Note that you are an independent woman, that you do not need to have someone next to you to be happy but that you enjoy and value the company of other people, including friends, family and, of course, his.

Men like safe and visionary women, so if you are thinking about how to seduce a man, heed this tip well and unleash your free spirit, capable of everything that is proposed.

The Physical Connection Will Attract Him To You

Physical contact generates a high degree of connection between two people and can cause many emotions.

Try to make your rubs and touches occur naturally so as not to intimidate him, but make sure they are accurate to seduce him. Leave him restless, stimulate his curiosity and he will feel the desire to have you close.

Flirt with him but keep the mystery, this attitude is fundamental because he will never take anything for granted but you will have the opportunity to surprise him at the least expected moment.

It is a practical way to know how to seduce a man without realizing your conquest plan.

It doesn’t matter if you are near or far from the boy you love, if you want to know How To Seduce A Man Long Distance​ it is also possible.

Late that early they will have the opportunity to meet and that is where you should take the opportunity to melt it with love.

Wear Clothes That Highlight Your Beauty

The first impression is essential when you embark on the path of seduction. The point is that you know yourself well and be aware of your body, its advantages and disadvantages to know which garments to wear or which to avoid.

Choose to get their attention but in a positive way, that is, for your elegance and good taste; Choose clothes that make you feel confident but, in turn, make you look attractive.

Everything enters through the eyes! It shows a little skin but without exceeding the limits; Always leave something to the imagination and use colors that let you know that you are passionate but sober. This way you will know how to seduce a man in the best style!

Spell it with Your Smell And Stimulate Your Senses

Smells cause men greatly, so be very careful when choosing a scent because you could attract or scare away that boy you love so much.

Always apply a fair amount to key parts of your body, not forgetting your neck. Charm him with your personal fragrance, which will distinguish you from other women and make him remember you better.


How To Seduce A Man

Keep In Mind:

The recommendation is that you use perfumes with fruity, floral or citrus notes, since they are of strong smells and will expose much of your character and preferences, which is crucial when you want to fall in love.

In case you prefer that you feel your natural smell, which also alters male emotions, make sure it is pleasant.

What do you prefer, fine perfumery or natural aromas? In either case, be assured that it is a relevant aspect for men and you cannot cast it out.

Praise The Tough Guy Who Makes You Sigh

A good way to know how to seduce a man is by telling him what you like about him.

However, you should be moderate because if you do it constantly you will notice your hidden intentions and could even deduce that you flatter it only to fall in love, this being a point against you.

Find the right situations to let him know the things he is good at and encourage him to perfect them or continue cultivating them.

They love compliments and reaffirm their qualities; Therefore, if you like his smile, his eyes, his intelligence, his good humor or you think he plays the guitar very well, say it without fear!

He will feel connected to you because you will make him feel full with those things that constitute his essence.

The Winning Duo: Verbal Language + Body Language

If you thought that to win your heart you only needed good looks, pleasant smell, smile, stare, be fun, free and flatter you, you are very wrong!

Those are simply some of the tips that will help you win their love; However, there is a trick that does not fail and it is time to reveal the winning duo of seduction: a good dose of verbal language plus the charms of body language.

It is a matter of knowing how to have a pleasant conversation, with the right words at the right time and add a correct posture, talk with the face and hands until you reach a delicate game with the hair, that would not be bad or go unnoticed !


Don’t forget to always look him in the face and intimidate him a little; Let him also participate in the talk, listen carefully and bring up relevant opinions or funny anecdotes.

Try to be nice, modular and speak slowly in an intermediate tone so you don’t miss even one of your syllables.

It is a crucial moment where he will realize that you have total control of both your thoughts and your body, so take advantage of these two own resources of language and put them to work in harmony, to express and demonstrate that you are much more than a face or beautiful body.

To know how to seduce a man , bet on communication, afternoons, evenings, spontaneous talks and gestures! They are the basis of a successful seduction and a transcendental connection.

Rate Yourself And Show Off Your Skills A Little

Although it sounds weird, the best way to make yourself known is by talking about yourself, and as your main purpose is to know how to seduce a man , obviously, you are not going to self-refer negatively.

Tell him about your academic and personal achievements, remind him how much you value your body and your well-being, encourage him to think that you are a balanced and skilled woman in many ways, trained to perform in any role and not afraid of difficulties but, on the contrary, he finds in them an opportunity to improve.

Make your special guy finds out that you can find support in you but also that if left to conquer, will not have the opportunity to be with a girl of common but with the most special woman in the world , wonderful, multifaceted and valuable of all.

Don’t Be Afraid To Talk About Sex

In the nineteenth century, sex was a taboo and unnameable subject for many people and, for this reason, was avoided in conversations.

It is very likely that, if you are in full plan of conquest and seduction, the issue will come up at some point. Do not be afraid! Speak openly and be direct about your arguments about sex and justify them.

Do not think that by talking about this type of subject you are being daring, since it is a very common matter and it is the responsibility of all human beings, as well as education, politics or religion.


Express yourself freely! Men do it too, and if he discovers retrograde attitudes in you, bad news! He will flee without warning.

Show him that you live your sexuality responsibly and also interrogate his preferences, inclinations or fears, but never refuse one of these talks because of shame or moralistic positions without foundation.

So, if you want to talk about sex, talk about sex; seduce your man with a balanced and motivating conversation but still leaving a lot to his imagination.

How To Seduce A Man Long Distance

Sometimes, in their attempt to know How To Seduce A Man Long Distance , women make mistakes that end in love failures or in the total loss of interest of the boy in question.

Below you will find a list of what you should avoid, at all costs, if you want to know how to seduce a man .

It also applies to those women who want to know how to seduce a man online or how to seduce a man by chat :

Say No To Intensity: How To Seduce A Man

Relax, give your space and time to be alone, do not pretend that it should always be for you; The fact that you want to make him fall in love does not mean that you have the right to invade his privacy. You may not do it with bad intentions but he will perceive it that way and run away ahead of time; Nobody wants to feel restrained, conditioned and without freedom!

Do Not Press It: How To Seduce A Man

In the seduction stage, the ideal is that everything happens naturally, do not get ahead of events and be calm with the search for situations that lead, for example, a first kiss or an intimate approach . You must be completely sure that the other party also wants the same and that it is not acting under your pressure.

Goodbye Insecurity: How To Seduce A Man

In case you have any kind of insecurity with your body or your way of being, leave it at home before going out to meet the one you want to seduce. There is nothing more anti sexy than an insecure woman. Transform your insecurity into trust and you will conquer not only that special person but everything you set out in life.

Personal Oversight: How To Seduce A Man

Your appearance says a lot about you, so take care of every detail. Look healthy and hydrated hair, try to make your face not excess makeup (focus on your lips and eyes) or dare with a natural look, be meticulous with the choice of your wardrobe and shoes; It smells good and, for no reason, forget about oral hygiene or maintaining your nails. Your boy will notice the slightest carelessness and will put his eyes on another side, don’t risk it!

 Jealousy? Not Even In Your Dreams: How To Seduce A Man

Just in case you have a tendency to jealousy and can’t stand to see him interact with other people, especially women, I have the solution: practice self-control! No man wants to make unjustified claims as a result of an impulse and, much worse, if they are made in the process of falling in love. It is very likely that he thinks twice and decides to move away from the toxicity that jealousy produces. If you want to know how to achieve it, read the article the benefit of self-control: 5 psychological tips .

Do Not Lose Interest: How To Seduce A Man

It is not convenient to think that he is the only man around your life or that you are dead of love for him, hold on a little! and be calm, make me miss you a little and be curious about your absences. Do not give everything at once but a few, step by step and, in this way, will always have you in your thoughts, trying to decipher or imagine what will come next. Keep it attentive and expectant!

Zero Recklessness: How To Seduce A Man

Avoid questions or situations that make you feel uncomfortable or insecure. What you need to foster is the opposite: trust; so think very well before speaking and questioning; You could unconsciously affect it, which would play against you. Take your time to meet him and then seduce him with subtlety.

Little Delicacy: How To Seduce A Man

Men value feminine delicacy very much and bet on femininity, although they admire the inner strength of women, they dislike some typical male behaviors.

Exaggeration And Lies: How To Seduce A Man

If you really like someone and want to conquer them to start a serious relationship, what is the point of boasting about what is not or lying just to look good ?; bad start! And you will know that what starts badly ends badly. Make the boy you want to fall in love fall into your networks but by your true essence without deception or strange tales.

Don’t Mention Your Past Love Relationships: How To Seduce A Man

If at any time you start talking about your love past, that’s fine, but don’t insist on mentioning the qualities or details of your previous relationships. Remember that you are seducing a person you like and I don’t think it is to your liking to know what you were doing or not with your other partners. Live your present, forget your past and think little about the future!

Focus all your energy on this new conquest, deliver the best of you and since we reveal the best tips to know how to seduce a man , use them in your favor and launch your conquest plan.

How To Seduce A Man Online

If you like a man and you only have the ability to contact him via text messages, you do that.Of course, always prefer to have personal conversations with each other, because that is much more important than your message exchanges.

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But if – for whatever reason – you can only get in touch with each other through messages, then continue reading.

Never chat for longer than necessary

It is much easier to make a man interested in you by showing interest in him than to try and convince him how nice you are.It is exactly as Dale Carnegie once said:



So ask questions (about him) and alternate this with statements.So don’t send it every morning:

“Hey, did you sleep well?”

You want to avoid these types of questions as much as possible.Instead, ask him nice questions, questions that really get to know him.

For inspiration, here are a few examples:

  • What would you like to do more this year?
  • Which habit of yourself are you most proud of?
  • Is there something you would like everyone to know about you?

With these types of questions you show interest and you make the conversations more fun.And if you want to do it all right then you alternate questions like this with statements. This way you prevent your conversations from looking like an interview.

How To Seduce A Man By Text

Okay, you have her phone number … But now? How do you keep her warm until the next date? Or maybe you already have a girlfriend but you want to keep it warm through the flirt texts you send her?

Here too it is about emotion. Do you emotionally hair? Or does it remain boring and superficial. The standard question that you can ask yourself with every message you write is: “Does this give them a smile”. If not, you have to send something else!

Because you cannot show nonverbal communication in your texts, you use the wink and the tongue to indicate when a sentence is teasing or challenging.

See the difference:

“You are certainly such a farmer’s girl that only milking cows.”

“You are certainly such a peasant girl that only milking cows;)”

Thanks to the wink, the intonation with which she hears it is immediately changed.

Decoration notes: the direct statements

  • If we have the time to “like” each other’s Instagram photos, then we also have the time to app
  • I don’t do the three-day rule; I want you now
  • When I see your name on my phone screen, I smile
  • Wow, you really like me
  • You are pretty amazing
  • I would like to get to know you
  • Everything reminds me of you
  • You give me butterflies
  • I already dream of you while I’m not even asleep
  • You’ve been in my mind all day, and it’s only 8 a.m.
  • I can’t sleep because of you
  • I like you too much
  • I just saw the new photo that you uploaded. You look better than ever
  • I dreamed about you last night. I want to tell you what happened between us, but that is inappropriate
  • I know you’re thinking about it, but I’m still single
  • I don’t do small talk, I want to flirt with you
  • We are going to date soon
  • This is me asking you for a date. Coffee on Friday?
  • I just saw in my agenda that we are going to date on Saturday
  • I’m so bored at work. Come and save me
  • I was a bit tipsy and I am looking forward to you
  • Hey! Stop thinking about me so much
  • I can’t wait to be alone with you
  • What I think about you today is really 18+
  • I can’t wait to be with you or under you

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Seduction Quotes

The height of seduction is to give her the illusion that you are not trying to seduce her.

 Mathias Malzieu

A thought escapes nothingness or gossip except by the effort, which constitutes it, to resist the forgetfulness, the inconstancy of fashions or interests, the seductions of the moment or power.

 André Comte-Sponville

Women embody the hope of life, the hope of the seduction of life, not just of seduction. .. vulgar but essential and admirable. There is a misunderstanding in the celebration that one makes to the man in front of the submissive woman, slave and child-maker or angel-maker. I believe that women are much more responsible for existence and life than men.

 Michel Piccoli

Why time, and for what time from the theory of generalized seduction? Well, in my opinion there is an intimate connection between two. The theory of seduction is a thought of time. It’s a thought, allow me this neologism, transluctive of time

Jean Laplanche

Yes, let us be young in Europe as much as we can, but let us grow old in the East, the land of men worthy of the name, the land of the patriarchs. In Europe, where institutions have suppressed material strength, women have become too strong. With all the power of seduction, cunning, perseverance, and persuasion that heaven has bestowed upon it, the woman of our country is socially legal to man; it is more than enough to ensure that the latter is always sure to be defeated.

Gérard de Nerval

Life is a secret search. We do not want to displease, but we must resist this obsession with seduction.

Jeanne Moreau

Literature exerts on me a seduction that goes back to my youth. If I have nothing to read it acts on my character, literature is vital. ..] I first traveled through books, I discovered the world, its richness, its complexity, via literature.

 Christiane Taubira

The world is once again facing wild temptations and wild seductions. Be afraid of those who seduce you because the deceivers always deceive!

Alexander Zinoviev

What can be scary is not the beauty that goes away but the approaching death. And then, aging must not be seen as the end of seduction. It will remain what I love so much, the exchange, the charm, the intellectual agreement.

Sophie Marceau

The greatest seduction is perhaps to be loved!

Laure Saint

But my power of seduction was such that the mosquitoes were not deterred for so little. I received the enormous load of love of this roaring gent with a resignation which, the past torture, was turned into grace.

Amélie Nothomb

The good wind that carries us away will perhaps not fall because it is already loaded with perfumes as if gardens were spread over us. We indeed touch the Quai aux Fleurs at the time of mass arrival of pink earthen pots, on the uniform base of which is premeditated and focuses all the will of active seduction tomorrow.

André Breton

Age can neither wilt nor addiction exhaust its infinite variety. The other women satiate the appetites they satiate But she starves where she satisfies the most What is most vile becomes her seduction So much so that the sacred priests bless her even in her debauchery.

Antoine and Cleopatra 

I do not like seduction maneuvers. I have never been in seduction. I do not like being flattered. I have always known that compliments often hide in those who formulate them a desire for manipulation and predation. I do not like people trying to tame me. I feel like a wild beast that has received bursts of shots. I do not like anyone trying to change me. In other words to submit.

Françoise Lefèvre

Alain Delon has such a power of seduction that it is enough for a woman to watch one of her films to find herself pregnant.

Marc Escayrol

The couple life anesthetizes our seduction abilities.

David Foenkinos

See this woman in love with her fragile beauty, who makes herself a deceitful mirror, where she repairs her extreme leanness and restores her effaced features; or who has a picture painted in a deceitful picture which she is no longer, and imagines herself taking back what the years have taken from her. Such is seduction, such is the weakness of praise, reputation, and glory.


  • We have not died until we want to be seduced and seduced.(Charles Baudelaire)
  • When you’ve been seduced by something, it’s nice not to think about it too much and cradle in the pleasure of seduction.(Philip Roth)
  • Sometimes there are words that say nothing, but looks that say it all.(Anonymous)
  • Love: an invented feeling. What matters is the game of seduction, the ritual of pleasing someone.(Gesualdo Bufalino)
  • It is not enough to conquer; one must learn to seduce.(Voltaire)
  • Supreme seduction is not expressing one’s feelings. It’s making sure there’s suspicion.(Jules Barbey D’Aurevilly)
  • It is not the face that strikes, but the expressions.It is not the body that we like, but the way it moves.It is not often the physical aspect that attracts us, but a person’s ways of doing things.(Marilyn Monroe)
  • Give up your power to attract me and I will give up my will to follow you.(William Shakespeare)
  • We are irresistibly attracted to those whowill create the problems we needfor our personal evolution.(Alejandro Jodorowsky)
  • In the enterprise of seduction, almost everything is allowed: from tattoos to dancing, from perfumes to the most astute expedients. And in the end, of all, Homo Sapiens is the animal that courts longer and in a more imaginative and sophisticated way.(Willy Pasini)
  • If it is written that two fish in the sea must meet, the sea will not be a hundred times greater.(Stefano Benni)
  • Seduction arises from the harmony between the inside and the outside: to be truly seductive, the neckline must correspond to a kind of internal décolleté.(Anna Galiena)
  • A man who wants to seduce a woman must cross the mountains. A woman who wants to seduce a man has nothing but a wall of paper to cross.(Chinese proverb)
  • Words are the best aphrodisiac for women. The “G” point is in their ears. Those looking lower are wasting their time.(Isabel Allende)
  • Mental attraction is much stronger than physical attraction. You don’t even let go of a mind when you close your eyes.(istintomaximo, Twitter)
  • Physical attraction, without mental attraction, lasts one evening.(Lillylabionda, Twitter)
  • in case of attraction,kissing hard.(LucaMagmo, Twitter)
  • Seduce my mind and you will have my heart. Find my soul and it will be yours.(Anonymous)
  • Inexorable attraction:there is no wonder, no fear,but the mere awarenessof living an inevitable feeling …beneficial. Necessary.Search and enjoy what belongs to us.Rediscover who you wantand feel in the most intimateand protected place, your own home.(Vladimir Mayakovsky)
  • I like the attraction that there is never a gotta think of it as an option. The attraction is.(perditionNy, Twitter)
  • You can’t seduce them by saying, “You’re not bad at all.” We must at least go to: “You are the only one in the world”. For them it is the least tolerable.(Louis-Ferdinand Céline)
  • Women are vulnerable to the whisper of the soul and the art of seduction is made of delicacy.(Romain Gary)
  • Seduction is a spell, it must awaken the desire of the other and fix it on himself.(Francesco Alberoni)
  • There is no defense against the natural sense of attraction.(Algernon Swinburne)
  • Seduction is an unidentified object, an object that cannot be analyzed, is theoretical and loving.(Jean Baudrillard)
  • The secret of my success with women? I treat the maids as duchesses and duchesses as waitresses.(Beau Brummell)
  • Whether a beautiful woman grants or denies her favors, she always likes to be asked for them.(Ovid)
  • A woman cannot but feel the look of desire that settles on her, even in a crowded room, even when she is unable to identify the source.(John Maxwell Coetzee)
  • The woman lets herself be courted only by those who have already chosen(cannovaV, Twitter)
  • In some women who are neither beautiful nor pleasant as others, there is an invincible charm that attracts men and amazes and makes other women disdain who cannot see it, because it acts only on men. The reason is that a certain woman is more woman than another as between two bottles of wine of the same size one contains more aroma and essence of wine than another, so in a woman there is much more femininity than in a other.(Alphonse Karr)
  • I never know when to make the first move. Usually she did it. Last night at a party a beautiful girl offered me a drink, and then she invited me to her house. Makes me: Excuse me a moment. When she returns she is completely naked. He sits on my knees, he begins to caress me, to kiss me everywhere, and then I thought: Daniele, this chance don’t let it get away! And so I got his phone number.(Daniele Luttazzi)
  • Do you want to go up and see my collection of butterflies in my stomach?(Anonymous)
  • I’ve always been a disaster with women, ever since I was a child. When the doctor was played, I was guided by the ambulance.(Boris Makaresko)
  • The art of pleasure is the art of deceiving.(Marquis of Vauvenargues)
  • The first thing a woman has to do when she wants a man is to run.(Molière)
  • To be successful with the other sex, say that you are powerless. You are waiting for nothing but denying yourself!(Cary Grant)
  • A man should be more original than a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates. The flowers die and the sugar flanks like a permanent recording of a crime.(Anonymous)
  • The safest way to hit a woman’s heart is to take aim at her knees.(Douglas William Jerrold)
  • I tell women that the face is my experience and my hands are my soul. Whatever, just to pull down those panties.(Charles Bukowski)
  • I find you attractive, your seductive attitude indicates that you experience the same thing and yet the ritual requires that we continue with a certain number of platonic activities before having sex. I am proceeding with these activities, but as for the concrete fact, all I want is to have a sexual relationship with you as soon as possible …Now you will slap me.(Russell Crowe, in the movie Beautiful Mind)
  • – I like you.- I like assholes.- I’m an asshole.- I prefer it sweet.- I’m also sweet.- Listen, you make me shit.- Can I become an imodium?(Anonymous)
  • Suddenly he interrupted me asking for fire. I put out my hand with the lighter and she imprisoned it in hers. The girl wanted to fight. There are women who know how to communicate their desire to fuck without words.(Luis Sepúlveda)
  • Do not let an asparagus go back and forth in your mouth, making the sweet eyes of the young man you want to seduce.(Pierre Louys)
  • Many other looks had caressed her in that way, but I really think she preferred mine, that she found us more talented.(Romain Gary)
  • There was an excitement in his voice that the men who had loved her had difficulty forgetting: an irresistible desire sung, a “Listen to me” whispered, a promise that the joyful and exciting things he had just done would have redone them from there a little.(Francis Scott Fitzgerald)
  • Seduction: the effort that man makes to get from a woman what she has already decided to grant him.(Roberto Gervaso)
  • The man at the moment does not even notice it and does not suspect it, but she does and at that very moment rises invincibly to the throne, beginning the delicious game of making him crazy.(Dino Buzzati)
  • You are the seduction to all my problems.(Buioscuro, Twitter)
  • Digital seduction is fine, brain courting is agreed, but then the textbook approach is needed.(robyragazzo, Twitter)
  • The charm of seduction is a dress that not all women can wear with elegance.(cryscryx, Twitter)
  • All really great lovers are eloquent, and verbal seduction is the surest way to affective seduction.(Marya Mannes)
  • I suspect, indeed I believe that Italians are the most fascinating men in the world. The most capable of seducing a woman, because they always understand, always, that the woman likes to be seduced by words as well as by physical contact. And these words have been known to Italian men for centuries, since the days of trobadour. They know how to talk, talk, talk …(Erica Jong)
  • The next time you try to seduce someone, don’t do it with speeches, with words. Women on words know more than any man. And they know how little they can mean.(William Faulkner)
  • There is often a dilemma in seduction: to seduce you have to plan and calculate, but if your victim suspects further reasons, he will become defensive. Furthermore, if you appear too controlled, you will inspire fear and not desire.(Robert Greene)
  • Seduction has always been a story of manipulation.(François Raux)
  • Seducing is like writing a beautiful song, all technique and rhythm, technique and rhythm. The talent of irony is an extra arrow that you may not always have at your bow.(Paolo Sorrentino)
  • Seducing a genius is no more difficult than seducing a plumber: the problem, if anything, is to find it.(Françoise Giroud)
  • We seduce using lies and pretend that they love us for what we are.(Paul Géraldy)
  • Seduction is the art of saying what is not done to do what is not said “(Lois Lancaster)
  • I know many married men, I even know some of them happily married, but I don’t know a single one who wouldn’t fall into a manhole to run after the first pretty girl who winks at him.(George Jean Nathan)
  • The most difficult woman to seduce is the stupid one: don’t move her with anything. The intelligent woman instead puts her fantasy at the service of the seducer.(Gianni Monduzzi)
  • Seduction is not the place of desire. It is that of vertigo, eclipse, apparition and disappearance.(Jean Baudrillard)
  • Each woman corresponds to a seducer. His happiness lies in meeting him.(Søren Kierkegaard)
  • Seduction belongs exclusively to women. Man has never seduced anyone. He can do the peacock wheel well, color and smooth his feathers, spread the rug with his wares, but she always chooses, according to inscrutable laws that have nothing to do with these ridiculous performances.(Massimo Fini)
  • To seduce, for man, does not mean to provoke an indelible erotic emotion, it means to go to bed together, to make love. This does not mean then, that man does not like the game of seduction in himself, of seduction without purpose, as a pure desire for pleasure and to arouse pleasure. This need for courtship in man is indeed very strong and, if it is inhibited, his erotic capacity for excitement generally falls and a painful feeling of frustration and depression takes over.(Francesco Alberoni)
  • A seducer does not turn off and turn on a power with which he is endowed. Every social occasion, every personal interaction is seen as a potential seduction.(Robert Greene)
  • The seducer, in fact, sees the world as his bedroom.(Robert Greene)
  • The seducer looks at life as the warrior does. He sees in each individual a walled castle to besiege.(Robert Greene)
  • To be successful with women, the man must have two things that are well swollen … the other is the wallet.(Maurizio Tecli)
  • The woman has always reserved the captivating part of seduction (The seductress), he has always found himself with the ridiculous part (the seducer).(Jean Baudrillard)
  • My version of courtship consists of looking at the person I find attractive from afar and hoping that she is braver than me.(Anonymous)
  • Courting is challenging and costs, especially time. SMS and chat professionals … you are off track(Quasiblu, Twitter)
  • Men have become so lazy in courtship that they no longer try. They stand still and take the first one who stumbles over it.(barby_s_l, Twitter)
  • In my opinion, the world would be a more beautiful place if men returned to woo and women to blush at compliments.(MLicenza, Twitter)
  • I like those who know how to court the possibilities, while reality is distracted.(iparchy, Twitter)
  • Seduction is in no hurry. Seduction is slow, penetrating, silent until deafening. You only realize it, when you have already “fallen”(Anonymous)
  • Seducing a woman is not an art, but it is well to find one worthy of being seduced.(Sören Kierkegaard)
  • Running after women has never hurt anyone; it is reaching them that is dangerous.(Antonio Fogazzaro)
  • I had tried almost desperately to make her fall in love with me. As soon as it was established that exactly that had happened, I began the retreat.(Don DeLillo)
  • The career of the seducer: to tend to the same dangers, to take the usual road that is limited to perpetual approaches and to which the conquest marks the goal.(Marguerite Yourcenar)
  • Seduction vs. Possession. On the one hand, the pleasure of a certain, constant, working, on the other, the enjoyment of a clear, definitive condition(non-see, Twitter)
  • Seduction represents the mastery of the symbolic universe, while power represents the mastery of the real univero.(Jean Baudrillard)
  • Conquering the soul of a woman is an art, knowing how to get rid of it is a masterpiece.(Sören Kierkegaard)
  • Seduction makes us livelove makes us immortal.(cannovaV, Twitter)

More Seduction Quotes

How To Seduce A Man
How To Seduce A Man
How To Seduce A Man
How To Seduce A Man
Seduction Quotes

Subliminal Seduction

When we talk about Subliminal Seduction we usually put ourselves on the defensive: often they have been used to manipulate a person and induce her, for example, to buy or do something. An application that has never been thought of is the subliminal message (understood as that information which influences the unconscious part of one’s mind) as an instrument of seduction. 

The unconscious mind responds to perceptions that are not detected by the conscious mind, except if it is a person trained to capture these messages (experts in creative communication, for example).

When we talk about seduction and subliminal messages we must not imagine low-frequency messages that are not picked up by the ear or hypnotic behavior, no. We refer specifically to the behaviors and gestures that are made in the game of seduction.

In cases of messages or erotic and seductive behavior we can divide the information that reaches the brain into two types: the fantasies (those that come from within our brain) and the senses (they are external stimuli). The brain interprets both and can produce excitement or rejection.

In the game of seduction there are a whole series of factors that must be taken into consideration from a psychological point of view and that create common behaviors in terms of seduction:

  • the reference to questions of fame and power, which in some people can give rise to desires or fantasies
  • emotional seduction, whose purpose is to arouse the desire of those who receive the message
  • The subliminal seduction , caused by the unconscious
  • seduction through information, used to influence the decisions of those who receive the message

Remaining on the subject of subliminal seduction, here are some guidelines that can be taken into consideration:

  • to be unpredictable
  • find different approach strategies depending on the time and the circumstances in which you find yourself
  • maintain emotional domination
  • be mysterious
  • suddenly appear indifferent: the absence always arouses expectation
  • be bold and brave: don’t think, act
  • demonstrate to the target person the message that it can always count on you
  • be moderately romantic
  • create suspense: don’t show all the cards at your disposal at once

Seductive Quotes

“Being attractive is mystery, allure, self-confidence. It is not just a matter of physical attributes. Of course, there is also that, full lips, big eyes and so on. But for me sex appeal is what you make, how you move, how you feel. 

Attitude and words in a love affair are important, not only at the beginning of falling in love but also during everyday life that is created over time.

Are you looking for inspiration for seductive quotes to dedicate to your partner to excite and hit her even after long years of relationship? Do you want to seduce a man, do you think it’s so simple, but you don’t know how to approach?

Here are the most beautiful seductive quotes, aphorisms and quotations from famous authors that can come in handy.

HIM: Seductive Quotes

  • With every single beat of my heart, I was born to take care of you, every single day of my life.
  • I find that you and I understand each other on a very deep level.
  • I like to feel your presence next door.
  • I will place my lips on yours, I will feel the warmth of your body on me, I will welcome you inside me, I will accompany your movements, you will do what you want.
  • Walking hand-in-hand on the beach, your face in my hands..your eyes..the reflection of a flame..a warmth..that warms our chills …. even if it is not cold to produce them.
  • I would have liked to touch your body even with one hand to try a tender and eternal rapture.
  • Since I know you my eyes have only one image, my mind a single thought: your name, your body, just one thrill for YOU.
  • Only you make me burn inside.
  • In the icy winter your every breath is burning graceful innocent caresses chills that devour moist lips that touch my breasts and suddenly the desire is revealed and becomes sin there is no world while the flesh turns out weak you want my body every moment you are the fearless fire that satisfies my hunger. Not revealing the mystery continues to love me keep me with you in the last moment of sublime joy.
  • All my senses collaborate in loving you. The sight … because you are wonderful. Touch … because it touches your warm skin. Hearing because you can hear yourself panting. The taste … because every kiss of yours is a new taste.
  • If I imagine your face makes me want to kiss you, if I think back to your body I feel like making love, if I think you’re away I want to die.
  • You are the tango of my soul and to dance it are our hearts that move in time following the pulsations of passion
  • I would like to be the wind you breathe to make you feel what I feel with a sigh … I would like to have the opportunity to hold you at least once to my chest to make you feel the fire flowing in my veins and make you forget her forever.
  • I will be the Angel of your Dreams and the Devil of your Passions!
  • I look for the imprint of your lips on my skin.
seductive quotes
seductive quotes
seductive quotes
seductive quotes

SHE: Seductive Quotes

  • Seductive Quotes pass and fade in the blink of an eye, but the friendship between us, the mutual confidence, the delights of the heart, the spell of the soul, these things do not perish, cannot be destroyed. I will love you until I die. (Voltaire)
  • Thanks to you I finally understood what the word Love means.
  • I would like to be like a snowflake that caresses your skin and slips on your lips.
  • It doesn’t matter if you don’t tell me you love me every day. The important thing is that you show me every day that you love me.
  • My desire for you is like the stars, you don’t see it but it’s always there. I’d never look away from your eyes
  • Never the two of us again, never your lips on mine again, never the strong intimacy and sensuality ever again. (Sweet black)
  • I would like to gently touch your body to kiss it at every point, to caress you always, to look at the stars with you my love to make love with the sweet light of the tender moon warms us.
  • How beautiful you are, sweet, charming and bona. It will be increasingly difficult to tear your eyes away, the more I look at you the more I like you.
  • You’re the sweetest person I’ve ever known. I love you beautiful heart, it is a fiery passion that pervades me. I can only appease you by hugging me.
  • I would like to be near you now to whisper sweet words to your ear and to bite your chin. I really want you! I would like to caress you with your palms on your hips and then go down and up again. I look into your eyes and fall into it like a bottomless pit. I cling to you to keep you strong and sigh, I LOVE YOU.
  • I would drown deep in your eyes, get lost in the curves of your body, fall into the abyss of your heart.
  • I would die in your arms, after having made love, to be able to compare the divine paradise with that caused by your magical body!
  • Watching you is a show, kissing you is a concert of love, caressing you is a sweet oblivion, having you is my obsession.
  • I can’t let you burn me, but I can’t even resist you. No human being can be in the middle of the fire avoiding being consumed.
  • The pleasure of the bee is to suck the honey from the flower; the pleasure of the flower is to give the bee its honey. Be my bee and I will be your flower!
  • Your dress would look great on the floor next to my bed.
  • I would like to undress you slowly like the petals of a flower and then gently remove the thorns in your heart to make you understand how great my love is.
  • How does the wind with roses, I would like to undress you by blowing on you …
  • You are sensuality, you are passion, you are that fire that burns in my heart.
seductive quotes
seductive quotes
seductive quotes
seductive quotes

Best Seducing Lines

  • From the moment I met you, without paying rent you have lived in my heart. .
  • I apologize that I called the phone so many times and that I didn’t leave messages, but the heart was lost and I seriously think that you have it.
  • If Adam came to eat an apple for Eve, I would be able to eat a fruit shop for you, my life.
  • – I know you? – I don’t think so – Then I saw you in my dreams.
  • That I had fallen in love with you, I understood, when I realized that there is no better melody than your voice, no better book than reading their messages.
  • The oranges are born green in the trees, heat gives them the sun, my heart was born in freedom, and yours captured it.
  • Seeing you is a breath of fresh air that inspires me, feeds me, fills me, relaxes me, clouds me, kills me … pity me.
  • The air kisses the sailboat, the sailboat kisses the water, and I would like to be the breeze, for your mouth to be able to kiss.
  • I would like to ask God for a thousand eyes, because these two know me little by little to look at you.
  • I wouldn’t change yesterday or just a minute of what I spent with you, for a century of our life together.
  • I’d like to escape from you, but if you didn’t come looking for me running, I would die.
  • For me to forget you, there must be two signs: that the earth sink or the seas separate.
  • Since January I love you, May will come and I will continue to love you, it is curious how the months pass by my love and I follow you falling in love.
  • I adore you so much that you never forget. Love you forever. And make you a lifetime the most special woman in the world.
  • If I was born again I would be a piece of your skin, I would be the son of your sighs and your tears, I would be a refuge from your saddest loneliness and your happiest joy … … if I was born again I would be part of you again

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best seducing lines
best seducing lines
best seducing lines

Lines To Seduce A Woman

  • I don’t know if you have a partner, I don’t know if you have a husband, I just want you to know that for my God he did the most precious thing in you.
  • For just one night in your arms, I would tell you all my secrets and knowing that you love me I would even fly to the same sky.
  • You are like a box of chocolates: pretty on the outside and very rich on the inside.
  • – Please walk through the shadow, miss … – Why? – She doesn’t know that the sun melts the chocolates.
  • Give me just one chance to prove, that with me you won’t need anyone else.
  • Of all the flowers in the garden, the most beautiful is the rose and of all the women in the world, you are the most precious.
  • Some of my friends drink alcohol, others smoke weed, several drink wine and I only have it with your taste.
  • Sin I wonder if it will be, kiss you if you are not by my side, because in my mind and in my mouth there is still the trace of the kisses that make me fall in love.
  • I hear you everywhere I go, everywhere I look at you but although it is not possible that you are everywhere, in my heart I always take you with me
  • So much you fell in love, that perhaps not enough my whole life, for your memory to empty me.
  • In total darkness I resemble living without you, because you are the Sun of my life and without you everything is a lifeless.
  • There are many who fear death, there are others who fear pain and if I fear something, it is to lose your love.
  • Your eyes have me completely crazy, your desperate body has me and every time I see you, you have me more in love.

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How To Seduce A Man
How To Seduce A Man
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