Mirror Method

Next I will teach you a series of tactics known as The Mirror Method , but first I must make sure that you understand “the rules”, determining factors that will be a powerful resource in your hands to conquer it wisely.

Mirroring In Relationships

How to get a man to take you seriously? What should you do to see you as more than a simple one-night adventure and know how to make me see you as the most special woman in the world ?

What steps should you follow to have it at your feet, begging for a second chance and know how to fall in love with a man, once and for all?

If you have ever asked yourself any of those questions, then read on because this article is for you.

Many women have been able to experience the hard impact of sleeping too soon.

What many of them do not know is that there are a number of rules, which are always applicable, even before they have been together in privacy.

mirror method

What many of them do not know is that there are a number of rules, which are always applicable, even before they have been together in privacy.

Remember, you can’t solve a problem if you don’t know it exists.

For this reason, you must take the first step: understand the 3 golden rules that you should not lose sight of in order to get the results you want with a man.

So what are these rules? Know them below:

The Rules

Rule # 1: Men Love The Thrill Of The Chase

It is important that the guy you are interested in sees you as a challenge with a high degree of difficulty.

Do not choose to deliver everything in one night, because all you are going to achieve is that you lose interest and, therefore, move away.

It is a matter of keeping him alert, to the expectation, with the desire to the surface and let him know that if he wants to reach his final goal, that is, to be with you in privacy, he must strive to achieve it.

In this way, you will always be busy in the thrill of the chase.

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mirror method

Rule # 2: The Primary Impulse Of Man Is, By Instinct, To Leave Offspring

This rule is supported by powerful biological reasons and the known procreation instinct.While for men the primary impulse is to spread their “seed”, when it comes to intimacy, your job, as a woman, is that he wants to do that only and exclusively with you.

The masculine and feminine mind seek different things; On the one hand, boys seek physical needs and quantity, while women want love and security.

The good news for you is that this manly impulse, which differs so much from the feminine one, can be educated.

You just have to make him feel that he can satisfy all his desires with you and that you have everything he needs from a woman.Find out more about this by knowing how to influence a man’s mind.

Rule # 3: Physical needs Does Not Imply Commitment

Men and women conceive physical needs from two different perspectives; for them, it implies a commitment but for them definitely not.

That is the relevance of learning a little about The Mirror Method , otherwise you will feel vulnerable and that man will not want to commit to you.

Keep in mind that the best thing you can do is not to push him or show yourself in need, because if he finds out that the experience they shared was very significant for you, he will be scared, he will feel caged, trapped or forced to make a decision and run away!

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Since you have clear the 3 golden rules, I’m going to tell you what the Mirror Method consists of .

The Mirror Method

As you know, the mirrors reflect the whole reality in front of them, what you may not have noticed is that they reflect it backwards.

Well, men are exactly like that.

Like a mirror, they reflect what they perceive when they are in front of a woman.

This means that when you act in a certain way, that action is reflected in them with a precisely opposite reaction.

What’s Going On?

If you pursue him, he responds with the opposite action, moving away from you.

Many women do not notice it, but after physical needs men observe them in search of an attitude to which to react.

Remember rule # 2, a man will not want to lose his freedom and chain himself to a woman just because he had physical needs with her.

He won’t think “Well, I already had physical needs, she is the woman of my life. I will get married and we will have children. ”

When a woman does not use The Mirror Method , what happens is that the man runs away in terror. Find out what to do when he walks away .

You can make a man want more from you.

You can get me to LOVE YOU ONLY! All this despite the three rules that I mentioned before.

How can you do it? Simply NOT reacting.


Even if inside you are dying to discuss the future of the relationship, you must contain yourself.

The time will come to talk about those things, but that moment is not now.

You must earn it, and believe me, he himself will initiate the subject and will open with you.

Don’t do what he expects of you. Take it off guard. Act something distant, and even cold. So you go from being at your mercy, to having him at your mercy.

Keep In Mind:

Now that your curiosity has exploded you will see rule # 1 working in all its splendor. Now you have given him something to pursue.

Now everything he feels is in your favor, everything he does is for your benefit. Now he must prove to you that it is desirable and useful for you and that it deserves you.

As we saw in rule # 3, physical needs does not imply commitment; So what leads to commitment?

Your attitude after physical needs! A man will chase you, even after having slept with you, if after physical needs you don’t change your attitude.

Act With Intelligence:

In short: use logic, don’t act based on your emotions, and release those feelings out of the relationship with that man.

He will fight to keep you in his life, because he will be in a position where he cannot take you for granted.

Remember, when you are emotionally safe, he will be too. Make it a future with you.

Just make sure you don’t wait so long that you begin to lose patience or hopes.

With The Mirror Method you will make him feel that there is always more to know and know about you.

It also works so well because over time, your attitude and feelings will also change.

While he is happier and more chasing you, you will feel more loved, desired and appreciated!

Those feelings that you will begin to experience will ignite something that will feed your passion.

Of course, never forget that you, woman, are in charge of the situation and have all the power!

Discover all your potential and put into practice what real men want in a woman.

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