How To Make A Man Value The Relationship

how to make a man value the relationship

How To Make A Man Value The Relationship More

How to make a man value the relationship and perceive that you are the woman of his life and start giving you the value you deserve (even if he has no interest). Making a man feel a natural need to give you love and attention is not usually very easy. The masculine nature does not tend to romanticism, and it is common for him to start treating you like a friend after a few years of relationship. The good news is that there is a quick way to reverse that process and get him to treat you again as the woman of his life. The solution is quite simple really. You need to confuse the “logical part” of his brain to make him feel an instinctive need to value yourself. I explain: Why is man usually much more romantic at the beginning of the relationship?

how to make a man value the relationship

Because a man’s brain is programmed to value a new conquest more than a stable relationship. This is a natural instinct. At the beginning of the relationship he needs to guarantee that you will be his and nobody else’s.  From the moment he guarantees your love and faithfulness, his logical brain begins to dominate, and he begins to calculate more his demonstrations of affection. This does not mean that you have to make him feel jealous so that he begins to give you more love and attention. Most of the time that will cause him to lose interest in you.

 The right way to confuse a man’s logical brain and make the”benefit” of being with you much greater than the”cost” of being without you. For this, you must use subtle and indirect ways to show him that he can still get lost. At the same time, you must increase the “benefit” of being with you by making you feel a specific emotional feeling that every man wants to feel (but almost no woman knows how to give).

This is the secret of every woman who keeps a boyfriend attentive and in love even after years of relationship. She uses subtle and harmless little techniques so that he always has an unconscious feeling that he can lose it. At the same time, she understands exactly how every man wants to feel, and uses specific techniques so that he feels that way when he is with he , and loses that feeling when she leaves. Learning to do that, you will exploit the logical brain of your boyfriend and make him feel an instinctive need to treat you as the woman of his life.

However, this is a dangerous strategy, because if you don’t know the correct way to show him that he can lose you, he will feel that you are rejecting him and he may decide to end the relationship. What to do then to exploit the logical brain of your boyfriend and create that strong attraction, interest and instinctive emotional attachment in his mind? Click Continue to discover the Unusual Secret to awaken a storm of passionate desire in the mind of the man you love …

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