23rd Anniversary Meaning


You may have a surprise! Water weddings are celebrated when a couple turns twenty-three years of marriage. It is a long road that they have traveled together thanks to their love and of course, it deserves a celebration that turns this special day into something unforgettable. Here, we will tell 23rd anniversary meaning.

In this article we are going to explain what water weddings mean, what special and symbolic gifts the couple can exchange and how to celebrate it in the most original way.


The element that represents this anniversary is water since in this stage the marriage flows like water thanks to the intelligence that the couple has used to solve the obstacles that have appeared along the way and that has made their relationship continue to strengthen with it. day to day. Water is indestructible and vital, just like the couple at this point in their marriage. In addition, the water is transparent, just as the relationship of a married couple that has been together for so many years and that is already known to perfection should be.

Water weddings are also identified, of course, with aquamarine , a precious stone that attracts good luck and evokes happiness, well-being and peace of mind, all of them necessary elements in a couple relationship and more in a marriage of more than twenty years.

23rd anniversary meaning

Water has a very important meaning in terms of love and so much so that there are wedding rituals that have water as their main element. One of them consists of the bride and groom, each with a container full of water, pouring it into another container containing flowers or colored powders. The symbolism of this small ceremony is that these drops of water that are mixed can no longer be separated and mark the tendency that has to rule in the couple from that moment, which also becomes inseparable.


Tradition dictates that, on each anniversary, the couple must exchange gifts that are related to the symbol it represents. In this case, it’s all about the water, so let’s suggest some gifts to suit it. In any case, the couple will always have the last word since, after all, they are the ones who know each other best. This, added to their own imagination and creativity, will allow them to find the perfect gift for the occasion.

  • Diving course . It is an immaterial gift but of course, an experience that neither of you will forget, especially if you have never shared a similar experience. The two of you can spend a fun day learning basic notions of diving and discovering together the wonders that the seabed hides.
  • All about tea and coffee . Both drinks are made from water so any gift based on them is perfectly suited for this anniversary. Today there are many varieties of both tea and coffee on the market, so a good idea would be to buy a batch that contains a selection of them and accompany it with personalized mugs. There are companies that are responsible for making these personalized boxes with great detail.
  • Perfume . They are liquid, so they also evoke water. It is the classic gift par excellence but the interest lies in acquiring a perfume that is special for the other. Perhaps the one she was wearing on the wedding day, or the one that literally drives the other crazy, or perhaps a perfume with a refreshing and marine aroma that evokes the sea and its calm and serenity.
  • Jewels in the form of a drop of water . The jewels that are in the shape of a drop of water are simple but at the same time elegant and sophisticated. You can choose practically any precious stone with the metal you prefer to make a unique and special jewel that will represent these water weddings, although we recommend using aquamarine, symbol of this anniversary. Earrings and necklaces can be made for women, but also cufflinks and tie pins for men.
  • Snowball . These balls have something magical that we all like to take them and turn them over to see how the liquid moves inside. Currently there are many websites where you can make these fully customized snowballs so it is possible to purchase one that contains a photo of the couple inside. If you do not want to put a photo, you can always place a symbol or a figure that has a special meaning for both of you and that you can recognize.
  • Flowers in ice . We have already mentioned classic gifts such as perfume, so we could not miss the flowers, only… this time we propose to give flowers in ice. It is a beautiful and special gift, with a fragile appearance but at the same time strong. Of course, it is ephemeral unless you want to keep it in the refrigerator but still, it is a gift that will not leave you indifferent because, how many times can you see a perfect rose inside a block of ice?


The first option we propose to celebrate water weddings is to visit a spa alone, a romantic getaway to one of those places where water is the protagonist in all its forms. It is a unique occasion to receive massages and treatments, take care of the body and mind, and spend a few days with no other concern than feeling good and being together sharing moments of rest seasoned with love, laughter and complicity.

Following the previous line, a trip to some place where water is the protagonist is also necessary: a getaway to a beach characterized by being intimate or perhaps to a place with lakes and rivers. While picnics, talks, laughter and confidences are shared, the murmur of the water will serve as the soundtrack to a couple who have walked the same path for twenty-three years.

And we continue to soak but this time with a more daring proposal for couples who want to experience something new. How about some diving lessons ? Or if it’s something you’ve already done, you could go diving somewhere especially beautiful with a bottom full of coral and colorful fish. The water will surround them at all times and they will be able to communicate with gestures and looks, turning this activity into something magical that they will always remember.

And if we go further … you can celebrate a new underwater wedding ! There are many companies that offer these services so the couple can decide if they do it in the sea, in a pool, with the guests soaking or seeing it all from a boat with a transparent floor … There are many options, and even if so wish, it can be an intimate ceremony in which only the couple and the person who will witness the renewal of their vows be present. The feeling of silence and peace that you feel under the water will make this second wedding totally memorable.

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Another option to celebrate this anniversary is to do it on board a boat. There are multiple options and here the couple has to choose the one they like the most. They can go on a romantic cruise, take an exciting trip on a sailing boat, cross a river on a boat tour… What if, while passing by, they organize a trip to Venice to profess their love aboard its famous gondolas?

Let’s not forget the possibility of a romantic dinner. Water can be present in many ways since this dinner can be held in a restaurant by the sea or it can simply be a picnic on the beach or by a river. In addition, the menu can be made up of fish and shellfish as well as seaweed and other seafood.

23rd anniversary meaning

And if there is no possibility of celebrating this romantic dinner by the water, you can always bring water to dinner not only with a fish and seafood menu but also through the elements on the table. The color of aquamarine can be present on the tablecloth, on napkins, even on plates and glasses. The table can be decorated with a vase of that color that contains a white flower simulating the foam on the sea water. And to finish creating the fantasy, while the dinner lasts you can put the sound of the sea in the background.

A simple and fun plan that is also related to water is to spend an afternoon at an ice skating rink . Whether the couple knows how to skate or not, it will surely end up being a day full of laughter and complicity that can end with both having dinner at a fast food restaurant while remembering their best pirouettes on the ice.

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