17 Year Wedding Anniversary Meaning


You may have a surprise! We tell you about 17 year wedding anniversary meaning.

Wallflower weddings are celebrated when a couple has been married for seventeen years. It is a very special occasion that is worth commemorating in the best possible way. Here we give you all the information you need about wallflower weddings.


The seventeenth wedding anniversary is called wallflower weddings. The wallflower is a flower known to symbolize fidelity in the face of adversity, which is why it is a very special reason to commemorate a couple who have been sharing their lives for almost two decades.

But in addition, this anniversary also has other symbols that identify it as tourmaline, known as “the stone of the muses”, and which represents that situation in which, in the couple, one is the inspiration for the other to move on. Wallflower weddings are identified with the yellow color that represents joy and happiness, could it be more significant?

Alhelí comes from the Hispanic Arabic al-jayrí , which in turn comes from the classical Arabic hiri which means … ” of the best “

Poets such as Rafael Alberti and Federico García Lorca have mentioned the wallflower in their poems, identifying it with Spain and also with Andalusia. In the Middle Ages it was said that the troubadours, those men who traveled telling stories and songs, carried wallflower flowers symbolizing their desire to survive and resistance to adversity.


The special gifts to commemorate this anniversary have to have some relationship with the wallflower to represent at all times that fidelity that both have maintained towards the other even in times when they have experienced difficulties.

  • Bouquet of wallflower flowers . Of course, it is the most symbolic and obvious gift. Giving wallflower flowers is telling the couple that fidelity is maintained even if there are problems in the relationship.
  • Customize a piece of furniture . To celebrate this wedding anniversary it is recommended to buy some new furniture but another good idea is to renew the ones that already exist, especially if the economy is not good. You can engrave the initials of the couple on the edge of a table, for example, and accompany them with a drawing of a wallflower that remembers those seventeen years of marriage.
  • Renew the decoration . This idea derives from the previous one. The couple can present themselves with some new decorative element that is related to the wallflower, from a framed poster to covers for the sofa cushions that show this flower or any other detail that the couple chooses.
  • Wallflower seeds . Planting a flower always has a very special symbolic component that everyone understands. The couple can give each other wallflower seeds that they plant together as the beginning of a new stage after those seventeen years of marriage. They will be very excited to take care of the flower and see it grow together.
  • Wallflower-shaped jewelry . Today you can make custom jewelry so it is a good occasion to create rings, earrings, bracelets, bracelets, cufflinks or tie pins in which a wallflower flower is seen as a symbol of this wedding anniversary.

Best Ideas

  • Custom portrait . The occasion is worth it: how about commissioning a portrait of the two of you in the old way? Ask the artist to include wallflower flowers somewhere in the painting and you will have a precious memory of this wedding anniversary.
  • Wallflower perfume . One of the most outstanding features of the wallflower, in addition to the colorful colors of its flowers, is its perfume. A good gift can be a bottle of perfume based on the wallflower; They exist for both men and women.
  • ” The dawn of the wallflower ” by Rafael Alberti . For couples who like to read, a copy of this work by Rafael Alberti is a significant and sensitive gift, especially if it is a special edition, perhaps the year they got married? The grace, delicacy and popular tone of Alberti’s poetry in this work will undoubtedly reflect the path the couple has traveled over the seventeen years they have shared.
17 year wedding anniversary meaning


Looking back and remembering what they were like seventeen years ago, the couple is sure to feel a certain nostalgia about the things they did before. Perhaps the daily life and routine have taken effect and they no longer have fun as before because they have lost the habit. How about remembering those times and taking a romantic trip to celebrate the wallflower wedding? A good example is going to visit the French Provence and its idyllic places full of corners where you can remember the days when you fell in love.

If, on the other hand, they do not want to go on a trip, one option is to stay at home and have a new and wonderful bed . After seventeen years, it is a great occasion to change bed and mattress and of course, to give the premiere that a couple that has been together for seventeen years deserves.

And continuing with the theme of bed … Another way to celebrate this anniversary is with a good shared breakfast in bed that includes all those whims that are not allowed in the day to day because there is no time. It does not have to be the same day of the anniversary if it is not possible: you can leave it for the weekend and spend the morning in bed drinking coffee, eating toast and eggs and simply chatting, laughing and sharing that time alone and without think of nothing else.

Unique Ideas

We do not forget the couples who are a little “geeks”. Are you Harry Potter fans? Well, let’s remember that the age of majority in the magical world is seventeen, what a coincidence! What if they take advantage and celebrate the anniversary by organizing a trip to the Harry Potter Experience at Warner Bros Studios in London ? It will certainly be worth it and also, they will feel as young as the British magician again.

If the marriage relationship with technology is good, you could sit down together to create a website or blog dedicated to your seventeen years together. Today there are many free sites like WordPress or Weebly in which it is very easy to create a blog or a website between the two. They will have fun times remembering events and trips that they have shared over the years and also, they will be able to show it to family and friends. And if they’re excited about the idea, they can keep updating it.

This anniversary can also be used to look back and try to recreate situations from the past . Where was the first date? Where did the request for a hand take place? And, where did the first kiss happen? A good way to celebrate the wallflower weddings is to visit one of these places and remember how that day was, talk about what they felt, what they thought and realize together how far life has taken them since then.

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Celebrate anniversary in the best ways:

The wallflower can also be used in the romantic lunch or dinner that the couple organize to celebrate their seventeen years of marriage. 

They can put their flowers in a vase in the middle of the table and they can also appear in the embroidery of the tablecloth and napkins or even in the dishes that are used.

But also, the wallflower flower is edible! One way to surprise is to use its colorful and scented flowers to give the final touch to a salad or even to decorate a meat, fish or vegetable dish. 

It has a spicy flavor with a slight hint of mustard that can be used very well in any dish that is prepared for that day. 

Its beneficial properties for the heart is the last detail to confirm the good choice of these flowers for the romantic dinner of the wallflower weddings.

Another way to celebrate this anniversary is to visit a place where wallflowers grow, bearing in mind that their flowering takes place in spring and early summer. It usually grows near walls and rocks.

In fact, there is a Scottish legend in which it is said that the wallflower flower blooms in those places by a princess who fell from her tower when trying to join her beloved, whom she previously confirmed her love by throwing a wallflower twig. When he died at the foot of the tower, wallflower flowers grew in his honor.

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