7th Wedding Anniversary Meaning

Wool Weddings Seven Years Of Marriage Meaning

Wool weddings mean that you have spent seven years together, 2,555 days of marriage. A date that is worth celebrating, a day that symbolizes that your union is getting stronger. Do you want to celebrate it in the best possible way? We will tell 7th wedding anniversary meaning.

What are wool weddings?

Wool weddings have a double meaning. On the one hand, that of the material itself. Wool is a warm and resistant fabric that represents your seventh year together , a moment in which your relationship is fully established and increasingly strengthened.

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At the same time, it happens that this seventh year of marriage also symbolizes something for itself. Almost magical qualities have been attributed to 7 since the beginning of time : for Pythagoras it was a perfect number, Dante Alighieri used it symbolically in his works and the Bible mentions it very frequently. A symbology that probably derives from observing the sky, where the seven classical planets form a whole. Just like you!

7th wedding anniversary meaning

Wool wedding gifts

Tradition says that you always have to give an object that is made or that, at least, contains the material of the year of marriage. There are many objects that you can find made of wool and there are many ideas for making gifts with this material. We leave you some that serve as inspiration. Let’s go there!

  • Hats, scarves or gloves.  Does your anniversary coincide in fall or winter? Well, what better gift than to give a nice outfit for your partner to go out on the street warmly. A gift that symbolizes the warmth of your relationship.
  • Sweater.  Or other woolen garments. Choose a garment that is decorated with motifs that are important to your relationship or that give meaning to your union.
  • Blankets.  A good wool blanket, with some special decoration that will serve you for those romantic nights of chocolate, film and blanket. Can you think of something better?
  • Socks or stockings.  Some thick wool socks or stockings so that your feet, like your relationship, never get cold. A simple gift, but with a great symbolic load.
7th wedding anniversary meaning

There are also other options to make a gift at these wool weddings . Some that go beyond the classic garments, accessories or blankets. We leave you some more ideas!

  • Wool dolls. A somewhat more original gift is to choose or order a personalized wool doll. There are many options to choose from with a quick internet search.
  • Keychains. Another good option is a personalized keychain with an element that remembers your love.
  • Cushions. As a complement to those movie nights and blankets, to accommodate you even more on those cold winter nights.
  • Crochet or crochet game. An original gift especially if you know that your partner is interested in learning to crochet. Or for you to learn together and make new clothes that make your relationship never cool.

Celebrate your wool weddings with us

You have to celebrate this important date! Alone or accompanied. A romantic getaway or a party with family and friends. A walk, a picnic or an avalanche of wool gifts to make your partner feel even more loved. Whatever your decision, think about what you both want the most to give the importance it deserves to this important date.

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