32nd Wedding Anniversary Meaning

32nd wedding anniversary meaning: the copper wedding

32 years of marriage already! You are going to celebrate your wedding anniversary of copper, a metal that must be, like love, maintained to keep its cachet and shine brightly!

The copper wedding anniversary celebrates the thirty-second wedding anniversary. Take out the trombones and saxes, this year, we celebrate your wedding anniversary with music! A shiny metal that is highly resistant to time and corrosion, copper is the natural alloy of beauty and durability, just like your wedding that nothing can disrupt.

Copper is a chemical element (symbol: Cu, atomic number: 29), the single body of which is a reddish or orange colored metal. Excellent electrical and thermal conductor, it is also very easy to work, just like gold or silver. By extension, several objects made up largely of this metal bear the name of brass, such as engravings on boards, sculptures or even a famous family of wind instruments.

32 years of marriage: what does it mean?

32nd Wedding Anniversary Meaning

After 32 years of marriage alongside your loved one, you know all or part of their life, but a part of mystery remains in your relationship. And fortunately ! It is up to you to preserve it so that your love lasts forever … The celebration of the 32 years of marriage is called the copper wedding. In mythology, this metal was associated with the goddesses of beauty Aphrodite and Venus due to its incomparable brilliance. The Romans named it Aes Cyprium because the mines used to extract this metal were numerous on the island of Cyprus.

32nd Wedding Anniversary Meaning

Shiny, copper is a metal with brown-reddish nuances on which the years do not leave their mark if you take care. Abandoned, it oxidizes, turns green and gradually loses its beautiful original red color. It’s the same in your relationship! If the passion that marked the beginning of your relationship is dulling (and this is normal), you should not rely on what you have learned. Be sure to surprise your spouse so that the routine does not set in.

How to celebrate your copper wedding anniversary?

If you want to please him on the occasion of these 32 years of marriage, offer him a copper object such as a pretty bracelet or a necklace, a decorative object, or even an instrument if he is a music lover! As copper is traditionally associated with casseroles, you can also invite your husband or wife to a gourmet restaurant or sign up for cooking classes offered by chefs. If your finances allow it, do not hesitate to offer him a stay in a copper-producing country. Chile, Peru, United States, China, Canada, Mexico or even Australia: the choice is vast!

Some gift ideas

Are you looking for the perfect gift to celebrate your 32 years of marriage? Here is our original selection of gift ideas to offer to celebrate your copper wedding anniversary.

  • A copper bracelet
  • A professional camera
  • A musical instrument (trumpet, sax, etc.)
  • Tickets for a concerto
  • Tea service
  • A sculpture
  • An engraving on plate
  • A high-tech kitchen set
  • A stay in the USA in the Great Lakes region

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These celebrities got married 32 years ago

The spouses who are celebrating their copper wedding anniversary today were married on Tuesday July 11, 1989 .
They also married in July 1989:

  • Jeremy Kyle and Kirsty Rowley, July 1989
  • Roberto Baggio and Andreina Fabbi, July 1, 1989
  • Vlade Divac and Anna Divac, July 1, 1989
  • Zabou Breitman and Fabien Chalon, July 1, 1989
  • Hugh Hefner and Kimberley Conrad, July 1, 1989
  • Brenda Strong and Tom Henri, July 8, 1989
  • Bryan Cranston and Robin Dearden, July 8, 1989
  • Steve Marriott and Toni Poulton, July 14, 1989

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