6 year anniversary meaning

Iron Wedding the first 6 years of love Meaning

6 year anniversary meaning. After the wedding, a new adventure begins for the couple. And there are many who decide to celebrate each year together. The best known wedding anniversaries are the silver wedding anniversary and the golden wedding anniversary, but do you know more? Today we explain what iron weddings consist of.

Iron weddings: how old are they

The first wedding anniversaries are the least known, but that does not mean that they are less important. Each year together brings a series of shared experiences, moments with your partner that deserve to be celebrated:

– 1 year married:  Paper weddings
– 2 years married:  Cotton weddings
– 3 years married:  Leather weddings
– 4 years married:  Linen weddings
– 5 years married:  Wood weddings

And the sixth anniversary. Or, what is the same, the iron wedding.

Perhaps, at times, we are a bit reluctant to celebrations such as Christmas, Easter and even our birthdays. But the reality is that we must be aware of what the iron weddings represent . One more year in which we have acted as a true team overcoming the obstacles that, at some point, have stood in our lives. One more year that we have known how to put common needs before our own. 365 days in which we have respected each other, we have respected our partner and we have continued to create a life together. Don’t you think that all the things you have achieved deserve the best of tributes? We give you the keys to celebrate your iron wedding.

6 year anniversary meaning

Iron Wedding: the first 6 years of love

On the sixth wedding anniversary, the iron weddings are celebrated . But what does this celebration mean? It symbolizes the strength that a partner must have to face all the circumstances of life, both good and bad. Therefore, the metal chosen to represent these weddings is iron. It represents a solid, unshakable love, the iron wedding.

A life together entails, facing as a couple, a lot of obstacles but, also, moments of absolute happiness. Listening to, understanding, supporting and pampering each other will strengthen the relationship. If you have reached 6 years of marriage, your iron wedding: congratulations, between you, the trust is total! We are sure that in these six years of marriage you have lived numerous experiences that have made you stay together. Experiences that have made your relationship stronger and that have united you even more.

All of this deserves a celebration. In addition, it is always a good time to remember a day as beautiful as your wedding was, to convey to your partner, once again, the love you feel for her and the important role she has in your life. Let her know that she or he is your perfect complement, the missing piece in your puzzle and with which you are celebrating 6 years of unconditional love. You cannot miss this celebration.

What to give at an iron wedding?

We assume that celebrating a party is always a good idea. So why not celebrate the sixth anniversary? No more reasons are needed, you love each other and you want to celebrate it, go ahead! We suggest that it be a full-fledged party for which both of you dress up in your best clothes to celebrate your love. A suit, a dress, some good heels and… enjoy!

You do not need to invest too much money to celebrate your iron wedding. A great idea is to decorate your house. You can use balloons, candles, heart-shaped cutouts … Love in the air! Or, you can also opt for an established theme. If you choose this option, choose  something that includes iron as the theme . The first idea that comes to mind: the Eiffel Tower. Also, Paris is the city of love. And if you take advantage of the party to give him a trip to Paris? You will continue to increase experiences in a most romantic destination.

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Iron weddings: original gifts

But, as we always tell you, creativity is king and now is the time to think a little about the things that your partner loves and think about the relationship they have with the iron wedding. For example, maybe your partner is an absolute fan of golf and loves to practice it on Sunday mornings, why not give him some new clubs?

In the times in which we live, more and more people are concerned about their personal image, with their physical well-being, and take care of it by going to the gym. It is true that sometimes we do not have enough time to travel there because we leave work late or we have other responsibilities that need priority. What better than to give some weights for the iron wedding?

If the person you give is a woman, an iron or a hair curler never hurts. But remember that a team to be able to perform physical activities at home will also be very well received by her. And, of course, you can exercise as a couple at home.

If you want to be something more practical and you still don’t know what to give at an iron wedding, agree to buy that furniture for your home wrought with iron that you were so excited about. It will be a tribute for both of you, which, in addition, you will put a lot of use to it.

What if we make the gift for the iron wedding ourselves? There is nothing that a couple values ​​more than the time we have dedicated to making a gift that makes them excited. We can make a handmade frame and include some ornaments that are made with iron. What photograph can we put in the frame? A photograph of our wedding day is always a great option, but we can always go a little further and rescue an image of those wonderful years in which we were engaged. It will surely surprise you!

6 year anniversary meaning

Of course, it is always a great idea to prepare your favorite dishes and treat yourself to a wonderful dinner. Do not forget the dessert, you always have to create sweet moments (in addition to the celebration of your iron weddings).

The importance of this day is to remember that your love remains strong as iron. Keep keeping your relationship like this and be careful with the routine! May this iron not rust. On the seventh year!

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