Choosing light airy wedding dresses

When choosing a wedding dress, the bride starts from several criteria. Of course, personal preference is the main one.

However, don’t forget about the time of year. Choosing an outfit out of season, the girl will not only freeze or, on the contrary, get worn out, but will also look extremely ridiculous.

Airy bridesmaid dress

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Currently, designers provide a huge selection of wedding dresses. Any beauty will be able to choose the image she likes most. Suffice it to recall how 20 years ago, girls pretty often wore only light, airy wedding dresses without sleeves.

In this way, the woman was forced to go to the wedding not only in summer but also in winter. At that time there was not such a wide choice, this seemed to be the norm. Now there is just a huge selection. Therefore, girls look ridiculous in summer outfits at winter celebrations.

Most often, wedding events are planned for the warm season. For many, summer is their favorite time. Therefore, the girls are planning wedding celebrations this time of year with a special love. A young lady should think about which outfit is best to choose for a sultry period.

Basic styles and flowing fabric

For summer, not only ultra-short outfits are suitable. It is necessary to stop your choice on those dresses for which dense fabrics are not used. These are satin, velvet, crepe, organza, taffeta, brocade. It is worth stopping at chiffon, silk, guipure, lace, tulle. These are the most affordable materials in which a woman will be comfortable all day long.

Important! Remember that the thinner the material itself, the more pleasant the bride will be in it. Natural fabrics do not cause allergies.


The wedding dress is light, airy.

For several years in a row, the mermaid dress has been at the peak of its popularity. It is a form-fitting and fitted silhouette, a flared skirt from the knee line. The flare itself looks like a cone-shaped shape. A girl in this way has an incredibly attractive and spectacular appearance.

Often the mermaid is called a fishtail, a year and a fish. All these names represent the same style, model.

Before purchasing such an outfit, you should carefully analyze and think about whether it will suit the bride. It looks perfect on brides:

  • slender;
  • high, medium.

Surprisingly, it is generally accepted that the slightest weight or extra pounds in the hips can become a hindrance to purchasing this model. This is not the case. The main purpose of the style is to show and emphasize all the charms of the female silhouette.

It will be sad enough if it turns out that there is nothing to emphasize. Some young ladies are so skinny that light wedding dresses for the sea do not fit them. As a result, the outfit looks completely wrong. It seems to hang on a hanger. But in fact, the dress should fit and fit the figure, emphasizing all the charms and dignity.

Accordingly, the dress will suit all young ladies who have proportional shapes. You don’t need to have a 90-60-90 figure. It is enough just to focus on the hourglass, which will turn out as soon as the girl puts on a similar style.

Stop your choice on sleeveless models. The upper part will be a bodice that fits snugly in the form of a corset pulled at the back.

Short A-line

Of course, short options will be considered the most popular and widespread style of wedding dresses in the summer. In them, it will not only be comfortable to move and dance but also just be. Nothing will hold down unnecessary movements.

This style is good because it is an unsurpassed classic. Accordingly, it is always considered stylish. If you want to add fashion trends to it, then pay attention to modern accessories.

It can be original jewelry or stylish shoes. A-silhouette is loved by women because this style looks feminine, while it can hide small flaws in the figure. The outfit does not fit snugly, which allows you to relax a little if the girl has a couple of extra pounds. In addition, the bride does not have to worry about an accidentally eaten cake or a second salad.

The A-line is built in such a way that it fits the chest but does not flatten it. Further from the chest line, there is a kind of flare. As a result, the skirt looks a bit like the letter A. The length of the product itself is near the knees. Do not dwell on options that are too short. In them, the girl will be uncomfortable and completely uncomfortable.

The good thing about a short A-line dress is that you can get completely different looks with it. The bride can choose, for example, a modest and simple cut, which will allow her to look gentle and modest. On the other hand, a girl can stop her attention on bright fabrics (shiny materials). This image will turn out to be much more original and interesting.


The classic model is based on which many other wedding looks and outfits are built. The straight cut has one drawback. He can visually add extra pounds. That is, if a girl has problems with being overweight, then she should not stop at such an option.

If the young lady is tall enough and does not have a full silhouette, then she can consider a similar option. In the summer season, the straight cut will be the best. Because it can be seen from the lightest and most airy materials. The heaviest, in this case, will be the lining, which is added to the clothes so that nothing shines through.

To make the straight model more original, satin ribbons or beautiful accessories are added to it. They can be buttons, rhinestones, and various sequins. Very often, girls tie a thin satin ribbon under the chest line. Such a technique will not only visually slim down, but also make the young lady much taller.

You should be careful when choosing a size. Since the cut of the dress is straight, you should not choose too tight options. In the future, you will not be able to lift a finger similarly. The outfit should sit nicely, while not overtightening the girl’s figure.


The lightness of the wedding look can be achieved thanks to natural materials, minimalist styles, and the complete absence of complex decorative elements.

Recently, most designers have been striving to find beauty in simple elements and outfits. Therefore, simple wedding dresses, light, flowing to the celebration, are so popular and in demand.