Wedding bridal bouquet – summer version of color combinations

According to statistics, the largest number of weddings takes place in the summer season. The warm and sultry season has many advantages over the rest of the seasons. The newlyweds can finally hold their ceremony not only indoors but also go to the on-site registration closer to nature.

Summer wedding bouquets.

Such a place can be a wonderful campsite or a secluded corner in a beautiful forest. Everything on a summer wedding day brings her as close as possible to nature, which at this time of the year is more beautiful than ever. A lot of trees and flowers are blooming.

Features of summer bouquets

It is impossible to take your eyes off the flower shop this season. All of it is filled with completely different colors. In summer, you want to create a warm and sunny bouquet that will be completely and completely associated with the hottest time of the year.

If you think about it, summer has direct associations with sun, warmth, sea, and the pleasant aroma of fresh fruit. This is what the florists are trying to convey in their bouquets.

Each bride wants to get for her wedding, not a simple bouquet, but the most original accessory that will cheer up the newlyweds and guests.

Summer bouquets have certain characteristics:

  1. A summer-style wedding bouquet is associated with sun and water.
  2. The cost of flowers in the summer is as low as ever. After all, there is a lot of competition, which allows you to reduce the price of most plants. Often, brides even choose wildflowers, which do not cost a lot of money, but at the same time they look colorful and stylish in modern floral arrangements.
  3. The color scheme will also be of great importance in drawing up a summer composition. For example, the shade of red is a symbol of love and passion. However, you should not overdo it with him, since not only passion is important in marriage, but also mutual understanding. Only in this case will it be possible to create a harmonious and reliable relationship.

The color pink symbolizes tenderness and romance, which is so necessary in marriage. They attach particular importance to the blue tint. It is a direct association with fidelity and purity of thought.

  1. In the summer, it is worth giving up overly dark shades. For example, purple or dark purple. These tones are best reserved for cloudier days. Still, the main task of the flower arrangement at this time of the year is to create a warm and sunny mood.


Summer bridal bouquets.

It is important to consider not only in what tone the bouquet will be made, but what varieties of plants it will consist of. This choice is not as simple as it seems.

This point should be carefully considered. The varieties of flowers themselves have a certain symbolism, from which it is often worth starting.

Of orchids

The flower of eternal passion and love – this is what it is called in many European countries. He is very popular at weddings. It is actively used not only in the form of a bouquet but also as a design decoration for tables. With him, the image turns out to be especially gentle and romantic. The orchid is good not only for its value but also for its color variety.

It is generally accepted that it has several shades at once in its palette. These are soft and pastel colors. For a wedding ceremony in the summer, it is worth choosing them. You can pay attention to the white tone. It is considered classic and is one of the main colors for a wedding ceremony.

Of carnations

Summer bridal bouquets.

A fairly original and interesting bouquet can be obtained with carnations. Few people use it, because most people associate it with funerals. This flower has little to do with death. Forget these prejudices. It can and should be used for a variety of purposes, especially solemn ones.

Carnations have the advantage of having a lush inflorescence or bud that allows them to stand out from the rest of the flowering plants and look creative.

If you still believe that carnations have little to do with weddings, then pay attention to the rich shade of this plant. It can be purple, pink, blue, lilac. You will be surprised to find out how many varieties of colors there are.

Of gladiulos

Such a composition can cause surprise in the eyes of others. Indeed, only a small number of people decide to use this flower as the main bouquet.

Gladioli are those flowers that are known to everyone since childhood. Earlier, on September 1, mothers sent their children to school with just such plants. They are distinguished by their special durability and a variety of colors.

There are several varieties of gladioli. Some of them are considered to be a long variety that stands on a high stem. Others, on the other hand, have rather small legs, which allows them to be used as the main accessory for the bride’s wedding image.

Of roses

A classic plant, without which it is difficult to imagine at least one important and solemn event. If the bride does not choose it as the main flower for the bouquet, then she can be sure that one of the guests will certainly present such a gift. The rose has several varieties.

In the summer season, florists advise choosing a dwarf rose, which visually looks much softer and more romantic. In addition, more original flower arrangements are obtained with it. But if you still want to stay on the classic version, then pay attention to the traditional rose. If you want to make the bouquet more interesting, you can always dilute it with additional plants.

What to combine with?

Florists are creative in creating a wedding bouquet. They are not limited to certain types of plants. Their whole situation is much more interesting and original. Greenery will be considered a favorite in decorating a flower arrangement.

It can be presented in different forms. Often these are thin and long stems. With the help of such a plant, it will be possible to create the greatest similarity and spiritualization with nature. In addition to natural elements, florists often use decorative accessories such as beads, rhinestones, bugles.


Summer bridal bouquet is good for its design. It can be made as if it had just been plucked from the fields. Therefore, for such purposes, real wildflowers are often used and tied at the base with a dense bundle.

Such a floral arrangement will perfectly fit into a rustic wedding and make it more original.