Choosing Wedding Dresses: Simple Tips for Simple Dresses

It is generally accepted that wedding fashion means the presence of only bright and extravagant clothes. If you look around, you can see the bride in a white fluffy dress, in which she looks like a delicious marshmallow.

This is the stereotypical image that has developed in front of us. From now on, you can look original only with the help of the simplest and most ordinary wedding dress. It’s worth mentioning right away that it just doesn’t mean bad.

Types of simple but tasteful bride outfits

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Wedding dresses are simple but tasteful.

There is an established opinion that an ordinary dress looks boring and ugly. This is far from the case. And in the most modest outfit, you can shine, becoming the star of the evening. It is important for any girl not only to buy clothes for the wedding but also to choose the image and outfit that will perfectly suit her.

If you look at modern wedding fashion, you will notice that minimalism is firmly included in fashion trends. It is becoming more and more popular with brides. From now on, whole weddings are held in this style. And it is precisely in this unsurpassed beauty that the perfection that has been sought for so long is found.


To look great at a wedding ceremony, you need to choose an outfit for the ceremony based on your shape and body type. Don’t look at what’s fashionable at the moment. It may not always suit you and look dignified on your figure. It will be much better if you analyze the possible options and can choose a decent outfit for yourself.

  1. A one-piece long dress is the simplest evening outfit. In such an image, a woman can appear both at a wedding as a bride, and then at any gala banquet. This outfit is good for its versatility. It does not fit the figure too much, which allows, if necessary, to hide the existing flaws. A-line clothing will look equally good on any type of figure. It can be complemented with long sleeves or a slightly open back. In one case, you will get a more democratic and closed image, while in the other, on the contrary, you will be able to stand out from the background of other brides.
  2. Greek – light falling fabric as if glides over the girl’s body. Pregnant brides are often married in this manner. For small periods, you can hide a barely rounded belly. The Greek style requires simplicity and lightness. Therefore, it does not need to be overloaded with additional parts and accessories.
  3. 30s – this look always looks elegant. Above we have a slimming bodice, and below we have a flared skirt-sun. These clothes make the girl’s image flirty and playful. It will suit those young ladies who dream of opening their legs, focusing on them.
  4. Sheath dress is a style that is popular among a large number of women. Many ladies love him for the opportunity to put their own figure in a favorable light. If the girl is overweight, then you can add several fabric pintucks, an insert to the style, in which case a rather beautiful version will come out that tightens the figure.
  5. Short – a simple cut of a short outfit can favorably emphasize the silhouette of a girl. In this case, the fabric can be selected differently. It can be like satin, guipure or thick drape.


As for the color palette, calm and muted tones are typical for a simple and ordinary wedding dress. Bright and juicy shades are not at all welcome. Beige, ivory, or classic white are more suitable for you. It is still better to refuse the rest of the options. The pastel shade will help keep the dress simple.

As a rule, there are no additional tones on such clothes. The whole dress is made from the same material. The color must be chosen based on your color type. For an autumn girl, a muted pink or cream shade is suitable.

Winter beauties can emphasize the coldness of their skin by choosing a blue or white shade. The aristocratic champagne color is suitable for the spring color type. But for summer young ladies, the color white, which is a classic of wedding fashion, is the best choice.


The existing length of a simple wedding dress does not dictate strict rules. It can be completely different. It’s like a classic floor-length in which the skirt has no extra volume. Thanks to this, the silhouette is slender and refined. A similar length should be chosen by tall young ladies with beautiful figures.

There is another additional option – this is the average length. It is typical for the style of a sheath dress or stylization for retro clothes.

This length will look good on young ladies who have beautiful legs and have something to show.

By the way, this applies not only to skinny girls. You can choose a similar length even as a busty beauty. In this case, you will be able to divert all attention from the voluminous top, emphasizing the beautiful ankles. Less popular is the mini dress. It looks slightly extravagant and not every beauty decides to wear it.

In the case of the mini length, it should be understood that in wedding fashion it looks a little different. This is usually just above the knees. Accordingly, very short options will be unacceptable. In them, the girl will look unworthy of a wedding ceremony.


Designers suggest not just blindly choosing an ordinary wedding dress. And immediately select accessories for him that can help make the whole image as a whole. With the help of such accessories, you can get two different looks.

If desired, the bride can turn into a bright and stylish person. Or he will leave himself the image of a calm and aristocratic lady. In what image you would most like to see yourself, you have to decide on your own, starting from personal desires and the stylization of the wedding celebration.

The following options are considered accessories:

  • shoes;
  • jewelry;
  • headdress;
  • gloves.

Some of these elements are required, while others, on the contrary, are optional. When choosing accessories, you should be guided by a simple rule: the desire to create a complete image. If you want to look catchy, bright, and original, then choose creative accessories for a simple wedding dress. It can be bright and juicy shoes, designer jewelry.

If you decide to stay on a simple image, but choose with careful taste, then your entire appearance should correspond to the set idea. Shoes should be in color with the dress, without unnecessary decorative elements. You can completely refuse the rest of the accessories. Then, in the end, you will be able to get a harmonious appearance of a stylish bride.


Ordinary wedding dresses can make people around you admire and turn to the beautiful bride.

In such an outfit, any young lady will look dignified and elegant. You just need to choose an image for yourself that will look harmonious.