The best options for straight wedding dresses

If we talk about wedding clothes, then literally a huge dress, which consists of a large number of rings, immediately comes to mind. We see a bride who looks like a delicious dessert. She moves awkwardly in a similar outfit.

It is not surprising, because her movements are constrained by a large amount of fabric. This is exactly what every bride was like 10-15 years ago. There were no other alternatives in those years. Therefore, the girl simply could not buy a different style in the store.

Who is the straight dress for?

Straight wedding dresses, photo.

Fortunately, fashion is now more democratic than ever. Now the modern bride can afford absolutely any image. The main criterion that girls rely on when choosing clothes is how much the outfit suits the young lady.

More and more brides opt for straight, floor-length silhouettes. They have a large number of benefits that allow them to become more popular and common in bridal fashion.

The straight silhouette is classic evening wear. It is unique in that it suits absolutely everyone, without exception. Girls may be surprised, but initially, a similar style existed only as evening dresses. Nowadays, it has expanded its boundaries and is increasingly being used as a wedding look.

It would seem that just an ordinary straight dress has a large number of subspecies and styles. Therefore, before dwelling on one model, it is worth trying on several and analyzing which option is best suited. In this matter, first of all, one has to build on the type of figure and height of the person.

A girl with a tall and slender silhouette can afford a long outfit and a train. A young lady of small stature, on the contrary, must visually stretch herself. Therefore, she should choose shorter options. If you still want to add additional length, then you can pay attention to the models with a train. In them, the front is short, and the back is the maximum length.

If the young lady has excess weight, then it will be necessary to hide it by slightly adjusting the figure. Styles that will not be too close to the silhouette will help with this. In addition, tucks and lace inserts will add additional slenderness. Pay attention to the inserts themselves. They should be a slightly different color. For example, cream.

For a pear shape that has bulky hips but a fairly narrow top, it is worth doing some extra balance by adding a little volume to the top. This can be done using lantern sleeves or additional drapery in the chest area.

When the waist is not pronounced, then it should be emphasized by adding a satin ribbon or peplum to the required line.


The A-line dress is so popular due to its advantages. It compares favorably with other bridal wear options.

  1. Convenience – the indisputable and, perhaps, the main advantage of this style is its comfort. Nothing will hinder movement. A girl can easily step on her own, without fear of accidentally damaging the dress. In addition, the young lady will independently go to the ladies’ room and even go to the dance floor. All this is impossible in a lush princess outfit.
  2. Variety of styles – the straight silhouette has different types of styles available, where each girl can choose the one that she likes the most. Accordingly, there is no need to wear what is considered fashionable but ugly. The girl determines what suits her best.
  3. Originality – a bride with a straight dress will look much brighter and more spectacular. She will stand out against the background of lush marshmallows, emphasizing her elegance and sophistication.
  4. Style – you will be able to look stylish and fashionable in such an outfit much faster than in outdated styles.
  5. It goes well with a variety of wedding styles. It is imperative that the image of the bride matches the entire wedding ceremony. This is not always easy to do. But it is precisely the straight silhouette that suits both the solemn procession in the registry office and the romantic painting on the seashore.


The wedding dress is straight to the floor.

In the classic sense, a straight outfit has a semi-fitted silhouette and a slightly flared skirt.

The style itself does not tightly fit the figure, which allows you to hide the slightest flaws. As a rule, all garments are completely sewn from a single cut of fabric. Interesting:   Choosing Wedding Dresses: Simple Tips for Simple Dresses

Long to the floor

The classic option, in which the length of the clothing itself is considered to be the maximum. This style is ideal for girls with medium to tall stature. With the help of such clothes, it will be possible to visually stretch their figure, making them slimmer and more sophisticated. The long version itself is good and elegant, so often the fabric is not decorated with anything else.

In this look, the young lady will look natural and romantic. If desired, the long silhouette can be diluted with sleeves. They can be either long or short. If you decide to get married, then you can safely choose this style. Only in it, it is worth closing your hands. This can be done both with the help of sleeves and using a jacket, bolero, which you can easily take off at an unnecessary moment.


Wedding dresses are straight to the floor.

A bold option that not every bride will dare to choose. However, if you look this is a wonderful way not only to stand out but also to emphasize natural femininity and beauty. In addition, a short bodycon dress will perfectly fit into any festive ceremony. The bride will look bright, impressive, and elegant at the same time.

As for the length, you should be extremely careful with it. Immediately remove the option with mini dresses that will look defiant. As a rule, the length of the skirt is slightly above or below the knee. This is considered the most optimal length.

The top itself is carried out in a variety of design solutions. This is an open bodice, and the presence of shoulder straps, and completely closed with long sleeves. In each case, a woman will look dignified and at the same time solemn.

One of the most comfortable styles is the transformer. In it, a long train is put on over a short skirt. For example, after the official part and the registration ceremony, the girl takes off her long hem and remains in a short version of clothing.

Middle length

Nowadays, the medium-length cut is increasingly used. It is usually well below the knee, but at the same time just above the heels. This medium length is only good with a certain skirt option. It should be slightly airy. Then you will be able to create the desired effect.

You can also make an ultra-modern look with a similar option. For the mid-length cut, add the sneaker-like shoes so popular these days. The resulting bow will look as bright and stylish as possible. In addition, the bride in this look will feel incredibly comfortable and comfortable.

Open bodice

A beautiful neckline is what most girls can boast of. You can also emphasize your merits at your wedding. For this, either a neckline or the absence of straps is used. On the one hand, with a cutout, you will be able to emphasize the beauty of your breasts.

But the complete absence of straps will suit young ladies with small breasts. Thick, slinky fabric and matching underwear will create the illusion of chic shapes.

Accessories for straight dresses

With the help of additional decorative elements, you can dilute the whole image, making it more integral and harmonious.

  1. A veil is an optional attribute of a bride, but it can be a real highlight of your look. For a straight dress, it is better to choose a long veil, consisting of one or at most two layers. In this case, layering can only harm. It should be avoided. With the help of a veil, you can actually emphasize the natural beauty of the bride, making her whole image more beautiful and feminine.
  2. The hat is an original headpiece that can be used to create the style of the 30-40s. The hat can also be with a veil, which will give the girl additional mystery. The entire resulting image will ultimately be stylish.
  3. Shoes – Pay special attention to the choice of wedding shoes. Since a straight dress is considered quite modest, it just needs to be diluted with chic shoes. They can have embroidery, rhinestones, and additional decorative elements.


A straight wedding dress will help a girl stand out from the crowd. With its help, you can create a wide variety of images. The bride will look both gentle and feminine.

At the same time, you can add luxury and aristocracy. Choose an image based on your inner attitude, and not on the advice of friends and sellers.