How to write text for wedding invitations?

A wedding is a happy event in the life of a couple in love, which guests first learn about from an invitation card. Everyone lucky enough to attend the celebration will be invited specially.

They will be sent invitations to the wedding, which will indicate the place, time, and date of the celebration. The newlyweds have any questions regarding the filling out of invitation cards. They relate not only to the content itself but also to the stylistic design of the text.

Wedding invitations text in a soulful, warm style

Filling in invitation cards involves several options. There are no strict rules regarding the filling of the text part. It all depends on who you send your invitation to. A popular format is a text in a soulful, warm style.

It is widespread due to the following positive aspects:

  1. Makes relationships between people more personal.
  2. Shows to each guest that he is the most desirable participant in the celebration.
  3. Sets up in advance for a kind and relaxed wedding atmosphere.

For your postcard to turn out to be warmer and more soulful, there is no need at all to compose an individual text for each.

It is enough to use template phrases:

  • favourite;
  • dear;
  • would be heartily grateful;
  • I will be happy;
  • I value friendship;
  • waiting for support;
  • joyful moment.

Wedding invitations for witnesses

There are several options for how to call witnesses to the celebration. Firstly, you can do this in person, informing them that they will become your assistants at the wedding.

Secondly, you can send an invitation card, which will indicate not only the date and time of the celebration but also the fact that your chosen guest will witness the wedding ceremony.

In the latter case, you will need not only to pick up touching words but also to compose a little lengthy text indicating:

  • how long have you known;
  • why this particular person is seen as a witness;
  • thanks for years of friendship and support;
  • hopes that your friend will agree to be a witness at your celebration.

Humorous invitation text

If the newlyweds love and appreciate the sense of humor, then they do not have to compose a classic invitation card. They have a unique chance to prove themselves and create a truly funny postcard that will be the first original moment at the wedding celebration.

A humorous text implies:

  • an ironic description of the upcoming event (master class “Happy family life”);
  • compulsory dress code (pirate party, to which everyone must show up with a wooden leg and a talking parrot);
  • a request for help (the groom says that he was captured by a sorceress who will be at the celebration in a white dress).

You can use both light irony and black humor in the text. However, before sending your postcard, you should still think several times about who is its addressee. As a rule, friends and young relatives will more quickly understand and appreciate your invitation in this style.

Wedding invitation text (original) in verse

The very first invitation cards were written in poetic form. To this day, she does not lose her popularity.

All thanks to the advantages that this format has:

  • ease of perception;
  • emotionality;
  • liveliness;
  • easy to remember.

The postcard does not imply a long message. As a rule, these are one or two quatrains that have an accurate and clear rhyme, a logical beginning, and an end.

“Anna and Ivan,

No one will see a flaw in you.

Come to the wedding soon,

And sit down with our friends.

We are waiting for you on this fabulous day,

If, of course, you are not too lazy to come.

The Chaika restaurant has opened its doors,

Come to it as soon as possible.

For all guests

If a large number of guests are planned at the solemn ceremony, then all of them should make the same type of postcards. The first line with the name and surname of the guest should be left blank, it will have to be entered manually.

“Dear friends, Anna and Alexander,

We will be glad to see you at our wedding ceremony, which will take place on August 12, 2019, at the registry office number 5 at 10.30. Take with you a festive mood and a charge of vivacity for the whole day.

Your newlyweds, Svetlana and Anatoly. “

Parent Invitations

Invitation cards for parents are always made in a particularly tender and touching way. They necessarily contain a mention:

  • happy childhood;
  • a worthy example of a married couple before the eyes;
  • gratitude for education;
  • desire to create harmonious family relationships.

Parenting invitations can be so sensual that they will move your mums and dads. If you do not want such an outcome, then you can compose a completely official postcard, which will only dryly tell you where and when the ceremony will take place.

For witnesses

To write the text of an invitation card for witnesses, you can get by with 2 quatrains.

“Anton and Tamara,

you are a wonderful couple,

Come to the wedding as soon as

possible, Please your friends.

We decided to marry in the spring,

To make everyone happy with love.”

For friends

Childhood friends, work colleagues and just fellows are also an integral part of the wedding celebration. It takes creativity to call them.

As a rule, these are young and ambitious people who value not the touching and sentimentality of the lines, but the original approach.

“Dear friend, please read this postcard to the end. This is not spam. Maria and I decided to live a happy life and die on the same day. If you were shocked by this news, then come soon to the celebration that will surprise you even more. It will take place at the Amulet restaurant on July 12, 2021, at 13.30. We will be glad to see your surprised eyes on this day. With love, your friend Anton.


To fill out invitation cards, you should differentiate them into groups.

  1. For parents.
  2. For grandparents.
  3. For witnesses.
  4. For close relatives.
  5. For close friends.
  6. For the rest of the invited guests.

Already, depending on the addressee, choose the style and manner of presentation of your text. In the first two cases, it will be gentle and touching. For friends, a humorous and sarcastic tone is more suitable. In other cases, you can create a template invitation, which you will send to all those invited to the celebration.