Wedding invitations: printable templates, background, layout and frames

The organization of a wedding celebration begins, as a rule, six months before the upcoming event. It is not surprising, because during this time it is necessary to have time to do a lot of things. The first step in organizing is creating an invitation card.

The newlyweds are entirely responsible for it. There are many options for making it. When choosing an invitation, lovers start from ready-made templates for wedding invitations, stopping at the option they like.

How to choose layouts?

The invitation card is the face of the upcoming event. It is used to judge the style and format of the wedding. It is necessary to agree not only about the text of the postcard but also about its layout. To settle on a single option, the newlyweds need to know where they can get the templates from.

  1. Order from a printing house – the company specializes in many of these issues. If you ask for help from an advertising printing house, then you will not be denied. A specialist, having listened to all your wishes, will help you develop a layout for a wedding card. Be sure to indicate what you would like to see on the front side, the colors you want and the size of the card. Please note that the invitation will be printed in this case.
  2. Contact the masters for creating hand-made products – recently, handmade products have gained particular popularity. They have won demand all over the world. It is much more pleasant for all guests at the wedding to receive a handmade postcard. For a start, the newlyweds should meet with a master of making postcards. She can show the ready-made options, or, after listening to your wishes, she can provide the final layout.

Important! The master makes all the products by hand, so it will take him a lot of time to make a large number of postcards. This means that you should contact a specialist long before the official day of the celebration.

  1. Do it yourself – there are a large number of training videos and sites on the Internet that tell you step by step how you can make an invitation card with your own hands. To do this, you need some free time and a lot of patience.
  2. Downloading a ready-made template on the Internet is one of the simplest and most budgetary options. Decide on the picture and edit it in Photoshop, adding your data. Then print as required and send to all guests.

Blank templates and electronic invitations

Wedding invitation mockup.

Not in all cases, newlyweds can be satisfied with the designed layouts. First of all, they should refer to ready-made templates. They are presented in a formal, traditional style, which means they are suitable for any occasion.

Electronic invitation templates are convenient for several criteria at once:

  • saving the family budget;
  • the ability to send without printing to all addressees;
  • saving time.

Electronic wedding invitations templates for Photoshop are suitable for relatives living in other cities. In addition, it is a great way to inform the advanced youth about your wedding.

Backgrounds for invitations

Backgrounds for invitations are very popular with newlyweds. They represent a beautiful color picture that must be printed.

There is no text in the background. Accordingly, the spouses will have to decide for themselves where and how to write the invitation itself.

The most popular backgrounds are the options with the image:

  • flowers;
  • rings;
  • the groom with the bride;
  • hearts;
  • unusual ornament;
  • bottles of champagne and glasses;
  • enamored animals.

Ready-made invitations

Template for a wedding invitation.

It is not enough just to choose a layout for a wedding invitation for Photoshop, it is also necessary to compose a text that will contain several important criteria:

  1. Indication of the addressee – the first line should be sure to mention who you are contacting. It may be a married couple, then it is worth clarifying two names at once, or there may be only one friend who is allowed to come with any girl. In this case, “Dear friend Ivan +1” is prescribed.
  2. The purpose of the event is not to say a lot, make it clear that you are inviting to a marriage ceremony or a wedding.
  3. Date and time.
  4. The place of the celebration with an indication of the exact address – perhaps someone does not know where this restaurant or registry office is located, so it will be difficult for him to navigate based on the name alone.
  5. Dress code – if the celebration implies a uniform style for the guests, then this moment should be explained in a postcard.

In European countries, guests are offered a shopping list for an invitation card, in which everyone notes what he will bring as a gift. In most parts of the world, there is practically no such practice at any wedding. All guests bring an envelope with cash as a gift. It is up to you personally to decide what to do in this matter.


You can find a large number of wedding invitation templates on the Internet. All of them meet modern requirements. You can either print them, decorate them in person, or send them by e-mail.

Fortunately, templates offer a variety of submission and layout options. It all depends on your imagination and desire.