What To Write On Valentine Cards

Sometimes work commitments, studies, or daily tasks, among others, make us put love and fun aside. Precisely, Valentine’s Day is a happy day, but it is also more than a perfect excuse to get out of the daily routine. It’s a day to do romantic, playful, and out-of-the-ordinary things, like writing a Valentine’s Day letter.

Making Valentine’s card connects us with the most sensitive part of our being, but also brings us closer to the heart of our loved one.

Here you can be inspired by the following models that we have made for you:

Examples of Valentine’s cards

Valentine’s card for your partner

Today is Valentine’s Day, a day we chose to exalt the love of one another. But isn’t it a day like yesterday and won’t it be a day like tomorrow? The sun came out, like every day, and if the planet doesn’t stop spinning, in a few hours night will fall, then it will dawn again, and so on… successively

. Certainly, it is an ordinary day. But how can we not celebrate every day when we have the beautiful luck of having met? How can we not celebrate the love that unites us and the passion that blesses us!“Celebrate” cannot just sit there, alone and sad, as a simple transitive verb. I want us to dance with him today, what’s more, I want him to live with us.

I am always excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day and any date with you. Just as, I am excited to hear, together with you, the music of the strings of love, getting entangled in more than one hug. It is impossible not to celebrate the most divine energy in the world, running like crazy throughout our bodies, and causing us a disastrous complacency.

It fills me with ecstasy to live the joy of loving each other. Happy Valentine’s Day and happy anyone’s day!

Valentine’s letter to my husband or boyfriend

I find myself, as always, remembering your smile and thinking how much I like you. I’m looking for a way to write something original for you. But it is that, in matters of love, it seems that everything is said.

Honestly, I’m living skin deep in all the cute phrases that come to my mind and I want to tell you. But, sitting here in front of the paper, I realize that my feelings seem like the themes of well-known songs.

The worst of all is that my songs also resemble those verses that are printed on greeting cards, which are sold at this time.

But I have to confide in you a secret: since I fell in love with you, I have appropriated the copyright of all the beautiful phrases. They are stored in the memory of my DNA and are automatically activated when I think of you.

I only hope you don’t mind hearing from my mouth, some love confession, probably, in the style of a soap opera.

I want you not to mind that I tell you that it feels good to be in your arms. Don’t mind me telling you that I’m dying to kiss your lips and that you are the great love of my life. It’s all true, they are genuine feelings.

You can be sure that every word, and every phrase I say to you, bears the stamp of my love for you, in every letter.

With all my heart, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s letter to my girlfriend or wife

Happy Valentine’s Day, my darling!

From the first time I saw you, I knew that you were the love that I expected in this life. There was an immediate connection between the two.

You can’t imagine how much I love you. You are the one who makes me feel a horrible cold in my stomach, every time with those playful eyes you start to travel my body from head to toe.

You have entered my mind, you have come to understand me deeply. I don’t know what kind of magic you use to drive me crazy, is it your smile? I only know that I cannot resist your charms. It’s so delicious to lose myself in you.

I like it when you encourage me to continue and when you offer me your support. It even fills me with tenderness when you simply accompany me in any nonsense.

I want life to allow us to live wonderful things together. Thank you for your love for me.

With this letter, I send you eight hundred thousand kisses.

I love you very much.

Tips to achieve a beautiful love letter for Valentine’s Day

February 14 is a holiday characterized by the joy of loving and being loved. Therefore, a letter related to this special day has to be inspired by the feeling of a loving party.

So, when writing Valentine’s letter, it is important to talk about your love relationship with him, or with her, and about those special reasons why you have to celebrate.

Find your form of expression. Tell him whatever you want, but in whatever way feels most comfortable to you. That is, express your feelings honestly, in the way that you would normally talk to him.

Be precise and concise in your words. It is not necessary to extend the letter very much with repeated arguments because it could become very boring. Better if you say little but forceful.

The beautiful thing about writing Valentine’s letter is precisely the transmission of love that is made from person to person. The type of love doesn’t matter, whether it’s the love of friends, siblings, boyfriends, parents, or children.

What flatters is being remembered on Valentine’s Day, by someone related to us.

Original ideas to deliver a Valentine’s letter

Here are some ideas to start the romantic game on Valentine’s Day :

  • You can deliver your love letter along with a pretty bag that contains a set of rich soaps, bath foam, scented candles, massage oil, some chocolates, and all that kind of stuff that encourages sensuality with your partner.
  • A beautiful way to deliver the letter is to choose some photos from Instagram, or Facebook, that remember memorable moments for you, print them, and deliver them in a nice box.
  • Another fantastic idea is to plan a kind of picnic in bed. Prepare some trays with a variety of delicious appetizers. Tastings can be sweet and savory, such as cheeses, hams, cookies, antipasti, shrimp, rolls, and spreadable sauces, in short, whatever you like best.
  • You can also place a tasting of fresh items, such as grapes, strawberries, chopped vegetables and fruits, and even nuts.
  • Unquestionably, pleasant meals mixed with good conversation are elements that strengthen any relationship. Also, you could include some rich spirits and toast to the happiness of both.