How to write a creative wedding greeting?

If you were invited to become a guest at a wedding celebration, then you should think in advance about how to congratulate the married couple. Of course, a wedding invitation implies a gift. With him, everything is much simpler.

The newlyweds either have a wishlist where they enter everything that they would like to receive for the wedding. The second option is money. This is the most popular case since it is not customary to draw up a wish list. This is acceptable only in some ceremonies. But as for the congratulatory speech, everyone should have it.

How beautiful to congratulate the newlyweds?

At some weddings, each guest makes a toast to the young couple. This custom has already lost its relevance. Now more and more often at the wedding, the bride and groom refused to speak in their address. However, when guests give envelopes with money, then absolutely everyone is in a hurry to congratulate the young married couple. At such a moment, you should say something.

Many options relate to congratulations. This is a poetic form, prose, dance, and song.

Each of these methods is good in its way. It is impossible to say unequivocally which one is better and which one is worse. It is worth choosing exactly the option that suits both you and the married couple themselves.

From parents

Parents prefer the poetic form. She is closer and more understandable to them. In addition, mom and dad often choose sentimental and touching speeches. And their poetic form is the best way to express them.

  1. Ivan and Tatiana,

    From now on you are a couple.

    Yes, not anyhow,

    but real.

    You are now a spouse.

    Take care of each other.

    May there be happiness in your house,

    which will save you from bad weather.

    Let the house be full of bread,

    and it will become hospitable.

    Guys, do not grow old in soul,

    live together every moment.

    And in old age, under a large linden tree,

    you will remember a simple life.
  2. Children, let your fire of love.

    It burns and will not fade away.

    And every moment and every hour,

    you will be in love with us.

    May your children delight with success,

    And we wish you health over and above.

    Do not grow old, do not grumble, do not lose heart and do not shout.

    Don’t get angry over trifles.

    Say no to grudges and grumblers.

    Live in love until you are a hundred years old.

    It’s better this way, it’s easier.

    And this is our advice to you.
  3. See how much

    Love, inspiration and joy are around .

    And let your circle not close.

    And you will live like this until old age.

    Let there be more friends, the

    most sincere, sensitive and faithful.

    Well, you only become wiser,

    After all, this is important, let us tell you frankly.

    Guys, live, love, keep each other.

    Life is given only one.

    And so you will live it,

    To drink wine to the bottom in old age.

From witnesses

For a modern wedding celebration, the bride and groom choose witnesses. As a rule, these are the people whom they trust and love as much as possible. Sometimes, these are siblings. Well, for some, best friends become witnesses.

Witnesses say comic congratulations at the wedding to slightly dilute the atmosphere and make the audience laugh while amusing the newlyweds themselves.

  1. Do not grow old with your heart,

    And you don’t feel sorry for money.

    To foreign countries, cars and houses.

    Buy me something, too, since this song has gone.

    Dazzling brilliance,

    you have plenty of money.

    Well, do not forget that

    Love should reign in this life .
  1. I would very much like to wish you to achieve such heights so that your family is always at its peak: popularity, career growth, joy, family happiness and prosperity. But at the same time, do not forget to drown in love and mutual passion, because this is very important in our life.
  2. Notice how solemn, majestic, and beautiful the bride is. And how stately and courageous the groom is. I would like to wish you only one thing today, so that your life is long and happy. And surely many years later you danced a joint waltz at the wedding of your grandchildren.

From friends

Friends are the youngest, most energetic guests at the wedding. Everyone is expecting original congratulatory speeches from them. Parables can become such. They have been compiled for a very long time. And basically, they are all about love. After all, only she rules the whole world.

  1. After the wedding, the young family turned to the sage for help. They wanted to know how to live their whole lives and not quarrel. Then the sage handed them a box of matches. Every time you swear or get angry at each other, be sure to break one match. And when the last one breaks, and the box is empty, then you will have to part. The newlyweds lived together and swore, but when only one match remained, their life improved. They treasured each other and did not want to part. Today I want to give your family a box with a single match and wish you to keep your love forever.
  2. According to the Biblical legend, while creating women, God put a piece of sugar in each of them. But he put two in one woman, because he was mistaken. Since that time, absolutely every man has been looking for his sweet woman. We offer today to congratulate our friend, the groom, for the fact that he managed to find his sweetest woman. And even if from year to year it becomes sweeter and sweeter for him.
  3. According to Eastern wisdom, our life is governed by three drives. It is soul, mind and body. The soul generates friendships, the mind generates respect, but the body generates desire. So we wish our married couple on this day that all the attractions in their family are united into one and are always closely connected with each other.

How to congratulate young grandparents?

Grandparents are usually most moved by the marriage of their grandchildren. This means that very soon they will become great-grandmothers. As a rule, the speeches in this case are very touching. Young people listen to them with pleasure, because grandparents lived a long life together and they have a lot to learn.

  1. Granddaughters, I would like to wish you respect and patience. Without these two foundations, it is impossible to build a happy marriage. You need to learn to tolerate each other’s shortcomings and respect the opinions of each of you. Family is painstaking work that constantly requires improvement.
  2. There is a good parable that tells that the ideal man met his chosen one in old age, but she refused him. She was able to explain this in such a way that for her he is not ideal. I would like to wish our newlyweds to notice only advantages in each other and remember their shortcomings too. We are all imperfect, but together a married couple is capable of a lot.
  3. Guys, there is an interesting road ahead of you, full of adventures and possibly even disappointments. Only together hand to hand can you cope with all the bad things in life. In addition, together you will be able to achieve the maximum state of happiness. Be loved and happy.

Happy wedding wishes from godparents

Godparents always try to congratulate young people on their wedding day in the most original way. For them, these are the second children who most of all want to love and pamper. Most of the godparents try to come up with something unusual. It could be a song.

Alternatively, perform a pre-prepared musical composition. For example, Larisa Dolina’s song “Weather in the House” will do. She is known to absolutely everyone. In addition, it helps to capture the essence of the wedding mood.

Alternatively, you can dance at a wedding. For this, it is better to take several lessons in choreographic skills. The dance can turn out to be both funny and lyrical.

Everything will depend on the repertoire that you choose in advance.


Wedding greetings are varied. Many possible options differ from each other in the content itself and the mood.

It is worthwhile to come up with a way in advance how you congratulate the newlyweds. And be sure to rehearse it to look decent.