How to choose the right gift for parents for a wedding from the newlyweds?

In many countries of the world there is a wedding tradition, according to which the bride and groom present gifts to each other’s parents or make them joint gifts. Since ancient times, this has been the practice.

Thus, the newlyweds publicly show respect to the parents of the second half and gratitude for their upbringing. In this publication, we examined what a wedding gift from the newlyweds can be to parents.

Roots and meaning of tradition

Researchers of folk traditions argue that newlyweds have gifted their parents since the days of Ancient Rus. According to the existing tradition, on the second wedding day, the groom gave gifts to the parents of the young wife. After presenting the presents, he asked them for permission to call them mom and dad.

The bride did the same. She gave gifts to the newly-made mother-in-law and father-in-law, and then asked permission to call them mom and dad. By tradition, gifts were presented as gratitude for the care and upbringing of their soulmate, as well as as a sign of reverence and respect.

Modern weddings are celebrated not for two days, but one. Therefore, gifts are given on the first day of the celebration of the birthday of a new family.

The newlyweds negotiate the moment of presenting the gifts with the wedding master of ceremonies. He announces the desire of the bride and groom to express their gratitude to their parents.

The choice of a specific moment of the holiday for the presentation of gifts depends on the scenario he has. As a rule, newlyweds give gifts after parents give them their presents and say parting words for a happy and long marriage.

The second part of the ancient tradition, namely to ask permission to refer to the parents of the husband or wife as mother and father, is often overlooked.

Now many are of the opinion that mom and dad are only relatives, and the parents of their chosen ones are called by name and patronymic. In fact, this is a deeply personal question of each person.

However, for many parents there is no fundamental question of how their daughter-in-law or son-in-law will call them, if only there is a good relationship.

Options for original gifts from the newlyweds

Newlyweds make gifts to the parents of their betrothed as a sign of respect. Therefore, you should not buy some kind of trinket or inexpensive souvenir as a presentation. Also keep in mind that according to existing signs, there are things that symbolize family quarrels.

These include knives, mirrors and watches. If modern youth rarely believe in omens, then older people know and respect them.

When choosing presents, it is best to focus on the hobbies of the parents. It will be right to give the most dear people of a young couple the same or the same type of gifts so that no one has jealousy and resentment. Of course, none of them will show their emotions, but an unpleasant aftertaste may remain in the soul.

When, before the wedding, the newlyweds lived in a civil marriage, then joint gifts for the parents of the bride and groom are quite appropriate. So they will show close people that they have already become a couple who know how to do important things together and manage the budget.

When the newlyweds are still students and do not earn money on their own, or because of the preparation for the wedding, they are constrained in funds, they can prepare an intangible gift – to sing a song or read a poem.

Regardless of the option you choose, you must first say a couple of gratitude words from yourself, and then present the prepared present. Parents are most important for the attention and sincerity shown by their grown-up children who have already created their own family.

Interesting presents for the groom’s parents

Now it is fashionable to give a certificate for conducting a study of the origin of a surname in a beautiful frame. In most cases, after marriage, the bride takes her husband’s surname, and thus emphasizes that she not only accepts it, but is interested in its origin.

A good gift is beautiful and necessary things in the house with an engraving, which indicates the date of the wedding. For example, glasses or other utensils.

The digital photo frame will be a pleasant surprise. You can upload a lot of wedding photos into it, which parents will be happy to review many times.

With the advent of kids in your family, there will be where to upload photos of your beloved grandchildren. Gifts that help to create coziness in the house are always valuable: beautiful tablecloths, bed linen, etc.

Nice surprises for the bride’s parents

If the groom has the financial opportunity to purchase high-quality modern household appliances for his home or summer residence, then this is a very good gift from his mother-in-law. Especially in the case when the bride lived with her parents before the wedding and helped to manage the household.

It is interesting to beat the certificate for the purchase of a washing vacuum cleaner or a dishwasher, saying that they will replace the helper daughter who leaves her father’s house for you.

The father-in-law can be presented with expensive alcohol. Fans of fiction can be presented with a rare and desired book.

Theatergoers will be delighted with tickets to the theater, especially for the premiere of a new announced performance or a tour of their favorite theater. You can give vouchers to a holiday home so that parents can relax after the many hassles of organizing a wedding.

If the groom does not yet have the financial ability to make an expensive gift, then there are many options for good inexpensive, but funny and pleasant gifts. Prepare commemorative medals for the parents on both sides: the best dad, the best mom.

Present in a beautiful frame certificates for the right to come without an invitation to visit you. In addition to these presentations, prepare a song or a poem for your parents.

Examples of poems

Before you start reading the poem, thank your parents for their love, care, support, upbringing and education.

Then express gratitude to the parents of the chosen one for raising their child, who has become your life companion and the most beloved person on earth. After that, mentally read the prepared verse and pass the microphone to the other half.

After reading the verses, walk up to your parents to hug and kiss them. Here is an example of a poem that allows the groom to beautifully thank the parents of the newly-married wife:

Today is a holiday for you too,

With which of course I congratulate

I want to say thank you,

We are walking because of you now.

You gave me happiness.

And here she is, standing with me.

We promise to live together

And be a mountain for each other.

Thank you for bringing

up my Bride like that.

They grew up in happiness and love,

They helped in all problems.

The princess was raised for me,

She was given only the best.

And all the cherished dreams,

When you could have fulfilled.

She will always understand, forgive,

Look into the eyes so with love.

Yes, and it happens that flares up,

But little things are not grief for us.

Thank you that at this hour

We have become a strong family.

Let all the hardships, if that

all bypass us.

The bride will be able to express her gratitude to the spouse’s parents with the following touching verse:

I want to thank you today

For the fact that you have managed to become close to me!

For your son, for your Love,

And may I be your daughter-in-law, and you are my mother-in-law,

But you and

I have found a common language, I want to bow to my mother today,

Let my mother not be the first, let my mother be the second,

After all, you managed to become my dear mother!

I found the best advisor in you!

There is no bitterness or evil in your speeches!

And if there were disputes with us,

I want to ask forgiveness from you,

So that I do not offend you with a dashing word in the future!

I wish you to burn with the sun in the future,

And kindle us with this flame again,

Instilling in our marriage Respect, Love!

You should not sight-read the poem, and also choose very long options. This is how the soulfulness and touchingness of an important moment at the wedding is lost – expressions of gratitude to the parents of the heroes of the occasion.

Learn the words by heart and pronounce them as spiritually as possible so that gratitude goes from heart to heart of the most dear people on earth.


There are many touching moments at a wedding . One of them is the words of gratitude to the parents and giving them a gift by the newlyweds. Depending on financial capabilities, couples prepare expensive or modest gifts.

Despite their cost, attention, sincerity and care are valuable to parents. Therefore, take the choice of gifts seriously and take care of them in advance in order to maximally take into account the interests and desires of the closest and dearest people.

We wish you your dream wedding!