How to make an original wedding gift for newlyweds with your own hands?

A special day is a wedding, a wedding ceremony. It is filled with meaning and genuine joy. Not only the newlyweds are preparing for it, but also the guests who were invited to the celebration. The guests’ task is not only to share the joy with the young but also to give them a gift.

Nowadays, cash gifts have become more and more popular. Despite this, hand-made things are still appreciated. Therefore, you can consider several options for DIY wedding gifts.

DIY interesting gift ideas

Remember that the present you choose should be equally suitable for both the groom and the bride. It is not uncommon for guests to make mistakes by paying attention to only one side. This is wrong because this is a common holiday for the newlyweds, therefore, it is equally worth paying attention to them.

Please note that nowadays, hand-made things have acquired special value. And this applies to many things: from cosmetics to interior items. Things called handmade are appreciated. The best part is that making them is not so difficult, and what pleasure the young themselves will get when they see such a pleasant surprise in front of them.

Several possible presentations are depending on the scope of their application.

Interior items

Of course, it is difficult to choose a thing suitable for the interior. After all, not everyone knows where the young will live, and in what style their apartment is equipped. Despite this, there are still certain things in the interior that fit absolutely any style.

  1. The picture is a universal option, ideal for a cozy family nest. It is not at all necessary to paint an accurate portrait of the young in a painting. Of course, only a great professional can do this. However, it is possible to draw two newlyweds walking together under an umbrella. The picture conveys a romantic mood. You can not only draw a landscape, but also make it in other techniques, namely:
  • embroidery;
  • gouache;
  • watercolor;
  • pencil.
  1. Photo collage – photo collages have become very popular recently. If earlier it was customary to hang many frames in houses, now simple strings look more fashionable, on which various photographs are attached with paper clips.
  2. Dolls or toys – there are a large number of wedding designers now. They all have an interesting perspective on modern toys. They see them as if they were adult animals. So, the family of hares, which is dressed in wedding dresses, looks original. Such toys can be used both for their intended purpose and be an original piece of furniture.


Do-it-yourself gift for a friend’s wedding.

Not only toys but also tableware can be handmade. For many, this seems surprising. This is more about the painting than about the object itself. Of course, if you are not a professional in your field, it is simply impossible to make original dishes.

Therefore, you can always purchase a blank. It is a clay or porcelain version, depending on the material you like best. The set also includes paints. You can write the initials of lovers on the circles, or you can draw symbols of their relationship.

Decor elements

You can give not only beautiful but also the necessary gifts. On the one hand, they will all act as an original design solution, and on the other hand, they will perform functional tasks.

  1. The box is an original surprise. In addition, your unusual do-it-yourself wedding gift will come in handy at the wedding itself, when the young will be presented with envelopes with money. But it is only important to make truly beautiful wedding gifts for the newlyweds with your own hands . It could be a retro style box with old stylized photographs, feathers and small buttons sewn on the sides.
  2. Family tree – there are many ready-made templates on the Internet. You simply cannot fill the tree for a young family, but by giving them wedding souvenirs with your own hands , you will be able to drag them into such a fascinating process. According to a ready-made template, young people will remember all their relatives, adding each to a certain branch.
  3. A book about newlyweds – if you are a close relative or a good friend of a married couple, then it would be useful to give them such a book. In the book, you should not only post photos, but also tell a happy love story.

Making an unusual souvenir with your own hands

If you do not often do something with your own hands, then you should not choose too complex options. Keep your gift simple but beautiful.

At the same time, wedding glasses look beautiful and stylish. Please note that this is a really necessary gift because it is simply impossible to imagine young people at a wedding without happy wine glasses.


Funny gifts for the wedding with your own hands.

First, you need to decide on the type of decoration. This can be an original painting, or unusual fabric cuts, run along the contour of the glass.

An original and at the same time uncomplicated option is painting with paint. However, you won’t need regular paint, but acrylic paint.

Everything you need to buy:

  • dye;
  • brushes;
  • stencil;
  • three glasses;
  • satin ribbon;
  • glue gun;
  • rhinestones.

Please note that it is better to purchase 3 glasses since you do not know for sure whether you will be able to decorate or not. The first one will be a trial version for you, after which you can decide if this type of decoration is right for you.

Step by step plan

Follow the clear instructions, and then you will be able to make original glasses.

  1. Wash the glasses, carefully removing all dirt from them.
  2. Wipe the glasses with an alcohol wipe.
  3. Take a brush and paints, use a stencil to apply the drawing to the glass.
  4. Allow time for the drawing to dry.
  5. In the event that the picture turned out to be too dull, draw along the contour again.
  6. Once everything is dry, tie a satin ribbon around the base of the glass and, if necessary, use a glue gun to fix the rhinestones in the picture.

How to present a gift to the newlyweds in an original way?

The method of presenting a gift will primarily depend on the present itself. If you want to make young people happy with wedding glasses, then try to do this at the very beginning of the banquet. After all, newlyweds should drink from such colorful glasses.

If your choice fell on the box, then present it with the words so that it is never empty and full of more money than on the wedding day.


A wedding is a day when lovers decide to unite their hearts. Not only the newlyweds are happy about this, but also the guests. They wish pleasant words in the evening and present original gifts.

And how warm the soul will become young when they learn that these are not just things, this is something that is made with their own hands.