Original gifts for the bride and groom: 19 creative gift ideas

Original gifts for the bride and groom, we offer you these present ideas for the groom. The bride and groom are often not so present because the focus of attention at weddings is generally the brides.   Both the dress, headdress and bouquet and the ceremony usually revolve around the tastes and decisions of women. If you want your boyfriend not to think like that and feel integrated into the emotion of the wedding, one way to do it is by giving him a gift. Here you will find recommendations on gifts that you will surely be passionate about.

Original gifts for the bride and groom: When to give the gift?

  1. Before the wedding . You can choose to do it several days before or deliver your present in the morning of that same day, just upon waking up.
  2. During the celebration . Another way to surprise the groom is during the wedding party. When the nerves are over, he will be able to appreciate and enjoy more the gift that his girlfriend chose for him. It will be a way to put attention and interest in the groom.
  3. Surprise gift for the future.  Finally, you can take the opportunity to give or announce a gift that he will enjoy after the wedding.

If there is not much time, to read the gift suggestions, I have 3 cool gifts for an electronic fan

  • Fitbit Advanced Fitness and Health Bracelet
  • GoPro Action Camera, submersible up to 10 m, 4k video,
  • FIFA 19 VIDEO GAME play Champions League, European Super Cup

1. Give him a personalized comic

For fans of comics, superheroes and action movies this is a great idea that will surely surprise you. This idea modernizes the classic photo album. Designing an illustrated magazine where you tell him how he has been your hero and you his partner will make him have fun and get excited at the same time. 

Quotes and stories to reach the heart of the groom as “Superhero”

 2. Step counting, waterproof and stylish accessories

Another of the original gifts for the bride and groom can be a watch called “fitbit” that has impressive functions and is also a stylish way to be active and monitor physical activity.

From these details the groom can complement his look. You can make this gift unique by personalizing it with  an engraving on the back that contains words of love. 

To be stylish and active all day

3. Car vacuum cleaner and furniture for car fanatics

Plan this gift as a way to promote the groom’s hobby. It is a gift to show that we know what your partner loves. It could help with your car care to help you fulfill your wish to always look flawless.

We suggest accompanying this gift with a small piece of furniture to place the car keys at home. It is a chic and personalized gift for a boyfriend who is passionate about order. For more designs and styles visit the Etsy.com page

 4. Pyrotechnic show

An original gift to surprise the groom in the middle of the wedding night. When everyone is dancing you can make him and your guests go outside to enjoy with your new husband the visual fireworks show.

During this moment whisper incredible love phrases in his ear as the light of your passion. Impress him with this memory that will remain forever. 

5. Original gifts for the bride and groom: private concert

If you want to thrill and surprise him, hire a favorite band or singer of your future husband to perform at the party. You should know that this option will depend on your financial possibilities and that the wedding organizer allows it. Without a doubt, it is a gift that is worthwhile and that all your guests will also be able to enjoy.

 6. Gift for my special boyfriend: wine cellar and wine cellar

Pre-wedding nerves not only invade the bride but also the groom. They get very anxious and restless before the big event. Therefore, it does not hurt that in those moments you can give him with this wine cooler up to 8 bottles a present that calms him in the last days before the big event and encourages him to face the altar or the event with joy.

7. Creative gifts for boyfriends: ticket for your favorite band

Remember that wedding gifts can also be symbolic. Give him tickets to a concert of his favorite band so that they can enjoy together later this event that he is passionate about.

It can also be a subscription or tickets to the premiere of your favorite movie. Recordale that day is just the beginning of many more adventures in which you ‘ll support him.

8. Gift for the groom: personalized drinks

Party-loving and late-night grooms are sure to celebrate this gift. A beer with a label and a wooden box fully personalized with your name and the format you choose for your boyfriend. Accompany it with a wooden opener or made of different materials. For those who prefer whiskey they could be metal flasks as a gift.

9. Original gifts for boyfriends who love sports

Showing your love and making him feel important is giving him a useful present to practice his hobby or favorite sport. An idea that will put you in the center of the gaze of all the guests is to bring the gift to the party room. 

You will show how important it is to you that he maintains his personality and tastes during the marriage with a gift such as a tennis bag or accessories for cycling or the new golf plans.  

Boyfriends who play tennis, golf or bike.

10. Gifts for a musician boyfriend

If you have a musician boyfriend, walking through a store that sells instruments will surely fascinate him. Plugging in a microphone or recording a melody can connect you with your passion.

For some, music has become an extension of their body. That is why it is necessary to think about emergency chargers or external batteries in case of loss of electricity or some contingency. Many  times accessories such as:

  • A speaker to amplify the sound of a guitar
  • Tuners for string instruments
  • Replacement Headphones

11. Creative gifts for smoking grooms

If you don’t know what you can give a smoker, there are products with attractive and designer packaging, but they are a cheaper and more useful option as well. Pipes, boxes made by yourself in the DIY style and tobacco with their paper to assemble that are presented in bulk.

12. Gifts for boyfriends collectors

Make your boyfriend surprise because you know his passion for collecting. You are a fan of racing cars or you like to store and sort things according to certain criteria.


13. A thousand reasons to love you

It is an ideal gift to move his heart, since you can make it yourself. You just need inspiration and a few colored pieces of paper. Write in each of them the reasons why you love them. To present it, place the papers inside a beautiful decorated glass jar. In this way all its colors will be seen.

We can tell you some reasons, for example:

  • Because you are as you are.
  • Because you always accompany me.
  • Because you respect me.
  • Because you are very sweet.

14. Gift of aiming games

For the bride and groom who like shooting or play, we could think of target shooting or the game of bow and arrow for those who love the outdoors.  

15. Original gifts for the bride and groom: luxurious tour

Sure, you already have your honeymoon planned, but you could include an exotic balloon ride. This is never a bad idea, especially if it is to satisfy a pending wish of the boyfriend.  Make this gift a unique and fun experience.

16. Accessories to give my boyfriend

A romantic accessory materializes your love for him. It is common to give details with a heart on a key chain or on a pendant for men.

What they like is that it is a creative gift and that you surprise them by giving it. Any ideas:

  • Glasses
  • Belt
  • Wallet
  • Tool case
  • Lamp for your desk

If you want to give him the gift with a romantic card, here you will see some love phrases for your boyfriend.

17. Symbolic gift for my boyfriend

They are inexpensive and easy to get gifts. We generally find them in our environment. Did you think it was difficult to maintain a relationship at a distance? Bet on something romantic and sentimental. The music awakens the sensations in the other and allows you to get closer to the boyfriend despite the distance. In spotify there are options to personalize music. There are also websites that help you compose a poem for him on the anniversary day.

18. Digital gifts for my boyfriend

Digital gifts are a hit today. It is necessary to give gifts and provide small details for the relationship to grow. It’s difficult not being able to give your boyfriend a hug when you want it so badly.

Not all is lost, since with a digital gift card you can express your love by giving away an outing to the place that he likes so much as a “Day of adventure”.

19. Gift for a boyfriends year for men

Give a gift that you like. For example, if you are a fan of the Playstation, give you a new console. If he loves sushi, treat him to dinner at a sushi restaurant. If you like to cook a book with recipes or good dishes or knives, this is a nice option.

Also to celebrate that anniversary can be a program on Netflix to watch a romantic movie together.

Another option for a luxurious tour is to plan for the groom to arrive with a limousine or horse carriage on the wedding day. The way can be done accompanied by the best man to give it a touch of masculinity and exclusivity at the moment. 

Giving a carriage ride to the groom

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