Types Of Couple

There have always been many types of couple. It is likely that I cannot tell you how many types of courtship there are, as they are almost as varied and diverse as the people who make them up.

This is why here I am going to show you a fairly wide list of the best known.

Keep reading and discover these interesting and fun classifications of types of couple.


There are typical types of couple according to their way of expressing the feeling that unites them.

Here I leave you some of the most common ones that you have surely lived personally or closely at some time.


In this types of couple it is important to show others how happy they are and how well they get along as a couple.

That is why sometimes your profiles on social networks are flooded with images, videos, notes, postcards, hearts, etc., of a couple that is of this type.

In addition, when you see them in person all the time they show affection for each other and dedicate words and pampering, and even affectionate nicknames that could well be kept for privacy.


The vital thing in these relationships is not how much love they have or whether the feeling is real or not, but to show the world how perfect they are as boyfriends.

But do not be fooled, this can only be a facade to hide the opposite.

If you are in this type of relationship, you better remember the saying: “Tell me what you presume and I will tell you what you lack.”


This is the end of the social couple, because here the members are showing affection and caresses all the time and in front of others!

Kisses “French-style”, very affectionate, with tongue and in extended version, are normal anywhere, no matter if someone is looking at them.

They can even reach intimate caresses in public places.

If you identify with this guy, it is best to call sanity a little, because you can bother others without realizing it.

If, on the contrary, it causes you a certain morbidity to know that others observe, well, for tastes, colors!

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This is one of the types of couple according to psychology, which is more likely not to last long.

In it both members or one of the two constantly seeks advice and opinion on the things that happen in pairs with friends, family, etc.

But it does not end in the council, but it pays more attention to these opinions than to its own relationship.

In addition, you will judge dramatically (hence the name) the events that occur with your partner and always seeing the negative side.

If you are involved in such a relationship, on more than one occasion you will have thought of leaving your boy or him to you.


Among the  types of partners  is this and is not usually very stable, since in this everything generates a conflict or problem.

Both members of the couple as soon as they are separated by anything, as they run into each other’s arms.

It is as if they could not live “neither with you nor without you”. Fights are usually very common, even in front of other people.


This is the top level of conflicting couples. Here the fights reach their highest height and almost always in public!

No matter where they are or with whom, if the blood boils a little there, the storm will begin with strong lightning and thunder.

And the same goes for reconciliations, which are always high above!

If you know someone or have a relationship like that, you will most likely notice that on more than one occasion your friends do not want to go out with you or even move away so as not to be part of the theatrical performance.


Although these types of couple have always existed, there is currently an opening for this.

Surely you know some of them or have even experienced them, look at the following list!


If right now you are wondering which is the best type of couple, this is probably your answer, because here you will never be betrayed.

Of course, for this you have to move away from any idea of ​​a traditional couple, because you will have the extreme freedom to date others and you can never demand that your boy not do the same.

Betrayal is not included in this relationship, because by mutual agreement both members allow the other to have relationships outside the couple without affecting them.


These relationships only work if both partners fully agree.

In them one of the members, who is usually the woman, decides to be monogamous, that is, having that single partner.

At the same time, he agrees and accepts that his sentimental partner leave and have meetings with other women.


In these types of partners, one or both members with the consent of the other, have intimate and loving relationships with other people, which at the same time tolerate.

Among these relationships can be combined flexisexuality or even asexuality with any of its members.

If you decide to be in a “couple” of this type, it is best to have your mind very open, otherwise it will never work.


Of the   stable base couple types, this is found even if it seems the opposite.

They seek to share with other couples of the same nature, the exchange of members.

As is done with the full consent of all involved, it is just one more recreational activity.

With the encouragement that they can learn about other sexual experiences that enliven the passion in the original couple.


If your relationship is going through a terrible moment and you decide to access your boy’s proposal to go to a swinger club to recover love, it is best that you are prepared for a breakup.

Well, this is not at all advisable as a therapy to improve your courtship or marriage.


Here the gender issue comes into play. In this type of relationship, what really matters is exploring and not decanting one gender or another.

If you bet on these relationships, you will expand your search range and you are likely to have twice the chances of finding the love of your life!


More than a types of couple, this is a test. These are people who go out and have relationships with several people at the same time, without committing to any of them.

This may be perhaps the best way for you to find or make something deeper arise in a boy.


As the name implies, it usually occurs in summer or during vacation and relaxation periods.

His stamp is that “what happens in summer (or on the date or site it is), there it stays.”

These are relationships that exist while a stage in which both members are “disconnected” from their usual routine can last.

If you are in such a relationship, life could surprise you and find eternal love in that boy and not just a summer adventure.

But the best thing will be that you do not have very high expectations or you have many illusions. Live the moment to the fullest and let yourself be carried away.

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In them the contact is almost always virtual. They can even become formal boyfriends, but only via the web!

As in Applications to find a partner you can find a whole list of places that will facilitate you to have a relationship of this type.

With the new technologies, these couples can even enjoy virtual intimacy, each one by their side, of course.

But if you are in this kind of relationship, it is best to be careful, because your intimate image can end up circulating on the Internet.

These relationships can reach physical contact at a certain time, but they can also lose with him all the passion and dedication they had online.


There are couples who despite being very engaged in the relationship, do not formalize it in some sense or do not decide to take the big step of moving in together, here I leave some of them!


As the name implies, each of the members of this types of couple lives apart from the other.

These cases are very frequent when you have many job responsibilities or want to continue a career and nothing distracts you from that goal.

This does not mean that they do not have trips together, or that they spend the weekends or free time sharing as a couple.

If you and your boy still do not take the big step of moving in the same house, it is very likely that your relationship is one of these.


In this couple both members are totally free and value their autonomy.

They do not depend on their sentimental partner at all and cannot feel tied to it, as it would affect their relationship.


Also called “friends with rights” or “with benefits.”

As the name implies, they are friends who have decided by mutual agreement to have casual relationships, which will never prevent them from dating other people.

Of course, although it could work ideally, it is usual for one of the two to be more involved than the other.

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Although commitment is a fundamental factor in couples, not all relationships of this type have to be positive or better than those I have presented before.

Pay close attention to this list, maybe here you identify yourself!


In these relationships, none of the partners manages to function well without the other.

They may even get depressed or fall into serious anxiety crises if they lack their better half.

Although it is a relationship in which both are closely committed to each other, sometimes it is not very healthy for their social environment.

These lovers can even cancel an appointment with friends or a trip for the lack of the other.


In these types of partners, members usually receive more damages than benefits.

Although they cannot be without each other, the relationship is harmful to them. Suffering and anguish often mark these relationships.


It happens when one of the two is very wealthy or very handsome, then the other has “the prize” and may even treat him as such.


If you want to know which is the best type of couple, without a doubt this will not be, because it will depend largely on the mutual commitment that both decide to accept.

Having a distance relationship is not easy.

You and your boy may be completely convinced that they want to have such a courtship, but even society will conspire against him, asking questions and advising that that will not work.

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In these couples everything is perfect, as in a romance movie.

They are the prince in his steed and the princess rescued from a tower. They are handsome, friendly and have a lot of money.

It seems that nothing affects them and they never argue, because everything is always pink around them.

When you see them nearby and hear their stories, you can’t help feeling a little envious and wondering, why isn’t your relationship like that? How do they do it?


It seems that these relationships are only linked by the hobbies they practice together, and sadly so!

If you are in a relationship of this type, it is most likely that you will end everything if one of the two fails to live up to and share the other’s hobby, or if you simply decide to enjoy a new hobby that your boy does not like.


The name of this type of couple is given by the maximum of “double salary, not children” (in English d double i ncome, n o k ids).

That is, if you are immersed in one of these relationships there are no plans to have children, but to spend large sums of money on luxury items and pleasure trips.


One of the two members or even both controls absolutely everything from the other.

If you are in a relationship of this type, jealousy can not be missed and you will tell even the smallest detail of your day to your boy and he to you.

These couples do everything together and do not take off, more for fear and jealousy than for love.


This type of couple is found among people who desperately seek a relationship because they cannot be alone.

If you are one of these girls who do not know how to be without a boyfriend, I recommend that you first give yourself time to get to know yourself, reflect on what you want, what you value about men and your life, you will see that your next relationship will be better!


Among the types of partners is this, in which members occasionally separate.

As if it were a cycle or period, they cannot be together and end the relationship.

But as they separate, they return. They are together again as a couple, trying to overcome differences and not break again, until everything happens again.

They are very unstable couples with little future.


In these relationships, one of the two members of the couple seeks in the other their paternal or maternal ideal.

In most cases this happens because this person has suffered some kind of trauma related to their loved ones, especially in childhood.

It can also happen that there is a father or especially a mother, with a lot of overprotection of the child.

So when that person begins a relationship or a marriage, what he seeks is to feel that same overprotection of the parents.


This type of couple is very mysterious and with a high degree of commitment.

Until they decide by mutual agreement, nobody will know anything about the relationship.

Then, when they finally reveal it or someone discovers it, it turns out that they have been dating for a long time and nobody imagined it.


These couples usually arise when they have reached a top age and / or have suffered a lot in previous relationships.

It happens then that a couple is sought without taking much time to choose, as if the last car of the train had to be approached because then there will be nothing more.

Hopefully you are never in a relationship of this type, because it can be harmful to your boy and you.

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Although it seems the weirdest or hardest thing in the world, there are relationships in which you do not have sex and not because they have decided to postpone until after marriage.

There are people who decide, of their own volition, to have a kind of dating without intimate relationships!


It can occur between two friends of the same sex, or even between a man and a woman and age is not an important factor, as it can arise both among elderly people and young adults.

It all depends on the choice of each and mutual respect.

In this type of couple the commitment is quite strong, although this does not mean that they do not agree to date other people.

Expenses and responsibilities are shared and a life is carried out in the style of a marriage, but without having sex. Would you dare to enter into such a relationship?

You already have the selection of some of the types of couples that exist, are any of them familiar?

Are you in a relationship like this right now? Does a couple of friends resemble these descriptions?

It is likely that you have gone through more than one of them or that even your current relationship is the combination of two of these definitions.

Always remember that each person chooses to live their relationship according to their wishes and the agreement they achieve with the other.

If you need to make your current or future relationship more profitable, you must learn to know men better.

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