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Funny Love Quotes For Him From The Heart

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“Sadness prevents laughter, and who can not laugh anymore is dead.”Quotation from Marc-Antoine Desaugiers ; The sadness (1822)

“Laughter: The proof that it is a sport at the same time as a metabolic release: when a wave of hilarity submerges me, it activates many muscles other than the zygomatic ones. The whole carcass is shaken. As if she dusted herself with the miasma of gloom.”Quote from Philippe Bouvard ; Bouvard from A to Z (2014)

“There are people who are never more serious than when they seem to laugh.” Quote from Victor Cherbuliez ; The thoughts extracted from his works (1913)

“There are fortuitous and burlesque incidents that can only be remembered to laugh at them.”Quote from Victor Cherbuliez ; The novel of an honest woman (1865)

“There are people who tickle each other to make each other laugh.”Quote from Victor Cherbuliez ; Miss Rovel (1875)

“When men do nonsense, you must know how to laugh.”Quote from Adolphe Thiers ; The history of the French Revolution (1841)

“We only like what we can laugh about. Because laughter makes us all equal.”Quote from Romain Rolland ; Colas Breugnon (1919)

“Every time we laugh, we wake up the devil.”Quote from Robert Escarpit ; The open letter to the devil (1972)

“I drank the days at the fountains of laughter without cause.”Quote from Rina Lasnier ; Rachel’s sleep (1947)

Love Quotes For Him Funny

funny love quotes for him from the heart

“The child laughs at who laughs at him.”Quote from Sully Prudhomme ; Diary, February 6, 1864.

“Laughing is never sure to be paid back.”Quote from Raymond Devos ; Upside down (1976)

“Nothing is more rare in every man than an act that is his.” Quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson ; Society and solitude (1870)

“I laugh at everything, because, so to speak, everything is funny.”Quote from Henri Salvador ; The joy of living (2011)

“My goal is to entertain, to make you laugh and to be tender at the same time. There are people who have forced chickens to lay eggs faster. Well, their eggs are worthless. To have quality, you have to take your time.” Quote from Henri Salvador ; The joy of living (2011)

“Comic: There are those whose job is to make people laugh like wines: there are good years and others.” Quote from Philippe Bouvard ; Bouvard from A to Z (2014)

“In life, as in what I write, I laughed well, all things considered, not to bore people with my seriousness. And with that, so changeable, so diverse, my good man. I realize it every day. Never fixed on anything. I will have loved everything and loved nothing.” Quote from Paul Leautaud ; The literary journal (1968)

Make Me Laugh Quotes

funny love quotes for him from the heart

“To laugh for the same things is the proof that we are in communion of spirit.”Quote from Maurice Donnay ; The manhunt (1919)

“The one who laughs with his own good words looks like a hen who sings as soon as she has laid.”Quote from England ; The book of English proverbs (1838)

“The laughter of people you do not see makes you want to kill them.” Quote from Henri de Regnier ; The egoist is the one who does not think of me (2015)

“I laugh all alone, like a company of vaginas altered before a regiment of phallus.” Quote from Gustave Flaubert ; The letters to Louise Colet, March 26, 1854.

“I laugh at everything, even what I like best. There are not things, facts, feelings, or people, on which I have passed naively my buffoonery, like a roll of iron to shine the pieces of stuffs.” Quote from Gustave Flaubert ; The letters to Louise Colet, March 27, 1852.

“Man is an animal that knows how to laugh, and that makes you laugh.”Quote from Henri Bergson ; The laughter (1899)

“We can laugh at everything but we are not obliged. Quote from Gregoire Lacroix ; The thinker despite himself (2012)”

“When you laugh, on your mouth the love blossoms, and the fierce suspicion suddenly vanishes!”Quote from Victor Hugo ; Marie Tudor (1833)

“To laugh is to be malicious, but with a good conscience. Quote from Friedrich Nietzsche ; The gay knowledge (1882 and 1887)”

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