Funny Jokes To Make Him Laugh

The truth is necessarily between the two. As one of our readers reminded us, Birds, beyond the joke in itself, we see the importance of telling a story . Always the same: the way of telling, of making the joke live, counts just as much as the joke itself. Read many Funny Jokes To Make Him Laugh.

Funny Jokes To Make Guys Laugh

You will notice that it is the same for the openers when you approach a girl: EVERYTHING, but really absolutely everything can walk , provided to put the forms.

So we can laugh at everything, but not with everyone, use funny jokes to make him laugh, pay close attention to what you say and who you say it to.

What does a hazel nut say when it falls into the water?I’m nuts

What is the most hilarious food?RiceWhy do sheep like chewing gum?Because it’s good for woolWhat is the favorite sport of insects?The locustWhat is the favorite coffee of the Spaniards?Olé coffeeWhat does Plato do when itches?He SocratesWhy does Hulk have a beautiful garden?Because he has a green thumbWhat does an owl do in a saucepan?OwlWhat is a death that cuts cheese?A slit-tomeHow do bees communicate with each other?By e-honey

Funny Jokes To Make Someone Laugh

Funny Jokes To Make Him Laugh
Funny Jokes To Make Him Laugh
Funny Jokes To Make Him Laugh
Funny Jokes To Make Him Laugh
Funny Jokes To Make Him Laugh
Funny Jokes To Make Him Laugh

Exremely Funny

Why did Napoleon never move?Because he had a Bonaparte​

What is the maternal milk of women in the West Indies?Whole milk

 What’s the best cooking joke?The joke !​

What does a crocodile do when it meets a crocodile?He approaches it!​

One day, God said “Helen, you’ll go astray”And Helen Ségara …​

2 soldiers discuss, “Why did you go?– I’m single and I like war, what about you?- I’m married and I wanted to have peace​

Melon and Melèche seek the feminine of animals:Melon says “Rabbit” and Meleche “Rabbit”​

What does a coconut say when it falls in the water?I’m drowning…

Why Harry Potter whisper?Because Dumbledore …

Why do birds fly south?Because on foot, it’s way too long​

What is a duch?It’s a shower without O

What is the common point between a man waking and an elastic?Well it stretches, it stretches, it stretches, and it fart!

Melon and meleche go to the pet shop.Melon buys the cat and melches the cat.​

What do we do to thieves of salads?We kill them …​When an electrician dies …You have to let your family know​Doctor, I need glasses.– Certainly yes. Here is a bank

What is a wand with a compass?French toast

Laugh Until You Cry

Why do the inhabitants of the Sahara still have a car door under their arms?Because if they are hot, they only have to open the window

A farmer orders a very high-tech cow milking machine. As his wife is gone shopping he decides, after a mixture of fantasy and hesitation, to try it on… himself. It does not take long to realize that this equipment gives him intense pleasure! Once “relieved”, he tries to remove the suction hose … but without results!

Can not remove the hoist.

Distraught, he hastily reads the instruction manual, but finds nothing useful. He fiddles with all the buttons of the machine … without more success. Finally, he rushes to his cell phone and calls the after-sales service.

“Hello! I just got your new milker. It works very well, but how do I do to remove it from the cow? The technician answers: “Do not worry, the machine automatically disconnects when it has collected 10 liters … !! “

Flirting Jokes Text Message

It is Emmanuel Macron who walks in a street of Paris when he hears a cry behind him:


Emmanuel Macron stops and at the same time, a brick that had detached from a building passes him in front of his nose. Emmanuel Macron turns around but does not see anyone …

A little later, while he wants to cross the street, Emmanuel Macron still hears:


Emmanuel Macron stops, lets pass a car with a man dressed in a yellow vest. He turns around and still no one. Emmanuel Macron asks aloud:

– But who are you ?

The voice answers:

– I am your guardian angel!

And Emmanuel Macron answers:

– Hmmm! Oh yeah ! And where were you when I married Brigitte then?

Two riders cross in the desert. One says, “I just met a genius there and he gives an irreversible wish for the virility of the men they meet.

And look at the size of mine, like my horse’s. “

The other rushes with his mount is the genius “Me too, I too, I want mine to be like my horse. “

But in a hurry he did not realize he only had mares at home.

Cute Bf Texts

– Doctor, my husband says I’m slightly overweight. What do you think?

– I do not know. But compared to your weight, normally you should measure 5 meters!

Why can Marine Le Pen be considered a real Globe-Trotter?

1- Because many of his relatives have close relations with Panama (which is a splendid country)

2- Because they are not all white, like travelers after several days without a shower

This is the story of a policeman who stops a blonde on the side of a road:

– I put you under arrest for stealing this Audi A4!

– Oh no sir agent! I assure you that it was not stolen to four, I was alone!

Every time someone is about to give a great speech, they usually start by breaking the ice with a joke. It is a good way to say funny jokes to make him laugh.

Being funny is not a natural thing for everyone. Even the greatest comedians have noticed that comedy is difficult. So how should you proceed? While you may not be able to have your date with an ultimatum of laughs like Jerry Seinfeld, you can at least evoke a little chuckle if you do it the right way and use funny jokes to make him laugh.

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