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How to Make a Guy Laugh Over text

Having a partner on many occasions leads to curious, funny or funny moments, which can bring out the  funniest side  of each one.

To help you with this mission, to brighten up relationships a little or even to make breakups a little less hard, we wanted to bring you How to Make a Guy Laugh Over text , since one of the greatest therapies that exists is laughter.

Types of Messages:  How To Make A Guy Laugh Really Hard Over Text

😍  Humorous Love Messages

  • I have decided to start talking to you without stopping, to see if there is luck and whenever you want me to shut up, you give me a kiss that never ends.
  • When I saw that I couldn't find love, I went to the doctor to see if something bad happened to me. The first thing he told me was that he was crazy, so I told him to look for another reason because I didn't like that, and he told me he was also very ugly ... so I had to change doctors.
  • It seems unfair not to find anyone who wants to fall in love with me. If even the princesses kiss frogs in stories.
  • Always try to find love, because when you fall in love. It will be the happiest week of your whole life.
  • Life is too short to always be serious, it is best to laugh whenever you can. Even if it is your own, as it will be most likely.
  • I don't know why you don't melt when you're under the sun, because you're a hottie.
  • If I could kick the person who always spoils all my relationships in the ass ... it couldn't hurt to sit down on how much my ass would hurt.
  • You told me that the weather was a tremendously wonderful thing ... and that's why you didn't want to waste it with me.
  • Many people call me lazy, but I'm not, I'm just trying to save energy for when I find the love of my life to give it all to her.
  • You tell me that I am a terrible bride and that I never say what is appropriate at all times, but that is why you love me so much.
  • I love having reached the point of confidence where I can tell you absolutely everything, even what I'm going to do to the bathroom.
  • Love is simple, I just have to pretend to be the perfect boyfriend until we have already married ... although it seems too long to live hiding the gut.
  • All the good things I've found in life have not been things.
  • If you still do not believe in love at first sight, it is surely because I have to happen again.
  • With you I feel like I'm the happiest WhatsApp emoticon.
  • Look, I think it is best that we are together. We are made for each other.
  • I have already warned you of how I am, if you still want to go out with me remember that no returns are allowed, this is already for a lifetime.

More Funny Jokes to Make him Laugh Over Text

  • I have decided to confess everything I feel for you today. So it is best that I start getting drunk.
  • Enjoy during the first years of relationship, in which everything is wonderful, because the moment you marry you will begin to see things you could never imagine.
  • Love will be blind. But a lot of money is spent on lingerie.
  • You are the worst, I am convinced that I would never fall in love with anyone, and you go and appear.
  • Since we know each other we have done absolutely everything together, even skipping the diet and getting fat at the same time, that is that we are made for each other.

😍  Love Comic Messages:  How To Make A Guy Laugh Jokes Over Text

  • Love is something as important as food, we also need it to live. The only difference is that love does not feed us.
  • I should be ashamed, you steal my heart and then you keep coming back to the crime scene.
  • A woman should always marry for love, and of course remain married until she has finally found him.
  • Love should not be an obligation, it should occur only by devotion and admiration to the other person.
  • The best proof of love towards another person is knowing how to contain yourself. While maintaining a smile, when in reality you only want to kill him.
  • Valentine's day is nonsense, but don't even forget about my gift.
  • Sometimes women are very demanding. So much so that when the blue prince they are looking for so much finally appears, they are afraid that it fades.
  • Love is supposed to arrive when you least expect it, but I think it must have lost my direction.

😍  Love Laugh Messages:  How To Make A Guy Laugh Through Text

  • When will you realize how much I love you? If I don't stop liking all your photos.
  • Is love more important than work than yes? Well, what less than giving me 1 month trial to see if ours works.
  • I will have no choice but to tell my mother to find me in the love of my life. Because everyone knows that when mothers propose it, they find everything.
  • Sometimes I like to get drunk just to see you twice.
  • The brain and the heart have a very short life. They start living with your birth, but they stop working when you fall in love.
  • I don't understand why only idiots find a partner, and I just want to give them my love. They don't even approach me.
  • If you want your wife to be interested in you, talk to other women.
  • Luckily you can not hear my thoughts, if you have not long since reported me as a stalker.
  • I just like the best, that's why I only like you.

😍  Humorous Heartbreak Messages:  How To Make A Guy Laugh When He's Sad

  • Sorry to tell you this, but, although love at first sight exists, it ends with the second.
  • Well, even if you left me, I know that I will eventually overcome this break. Of course, I keep all the gifts you gave me.
  • I didn't know when we started dating. But it is worse not to realize that you had left me until I saw you with another.
  • That they make a charge to someone always seems very funny, except when they do it to you.
  • You never really know your partner until you divorce.
  • You could have been a little more specific when you told me you wanted some time. Because 10 years have passed and here I am still waiting for you to call me.

Why Do You Have To Use Funny Messages Of Love?

As we have commented previously in the article, funny messages of love are important because, from any relationship, even those that do not end well, you have to get something positive and fun, since it is the only way to move forward and see things again in a  different and optimistic way .

It is certainly complicated, but with a little encouragement it can be achieved without major problems. And of course, it is essential in relationships that go well since a couple without humor is doomed to failure.

Laughter is the best medicine for many of the ills we have today in society, with a little sense of humor everything can be seen from another point of view, so do not hesitate to use  comic messages of love .

How To Make A Guy Laugh In Text Using Funny Love Messages?

And now we want to give you some advice on  how to use funny love messages. Since it is also important that you know the best way to use them. 

In fact, if you don't do it right or at the right time, they may only make things worse. First, we should differentiate relationships that are going well from those that have already ended.

If for some circumstance you are no longer with your ex-partner, it depends on the reason for the breakup, reading some of these  funny messages is  sure to be a way for you to take things differently, to take away the matter and overcome it much earlier than without trying to have a sense of humor.

On the contrary, if you have a serious relationship, not everything has to be deep and meaningful messages because it depends on how your partner is, they will also want to  laugh and have a good time  with you. 

In that case, take some of the messages that you like them more and surprise her with them at any time, surely you have a great time.


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