Fun Questions For Couples

The questions are part of the dialogue between two people who want to meet. From the point of view of knowledge, you can always continue to discover new details of your partner, as well as you can show news about yourself. Evolution defines the inner growth of a human being from the experiences of life. There are closed questions whose answer is conditioned by the very approach to the question. On the contrary, there are open questions that allow more argumentation in the answer. In this article with 20 fun questions for couples from Bigmatrimonial we propose questions for your boyfriend or girlfriend about your relationship, about their personality and anecdotes. Personalize your own questions from your point of view.

1. What is the most comical moment that you have lived?

Humor is an incentive for well-being. You can connect with this state of mind by focusing your attention on funny anecdotes that allow you to get to know your partner better from this point of view.

2. How important is your sense of humor in your relationship?

Just as each person personalizes their notion of joy and happiness through their own story, you can also delve into the meaning that this term has for your partner.

3. What advice do you give to others but you don’t put into practice?

Contradictions define the reality of the human. This is the case when a person says one thing but does the opposite. It also occurs when someone gives advice to others and then does not apply those suggestions to his own life.

4. What fun question would you like me to ask you and have never asked you?

Through this question you give your partner the opportunity to give you a specific answer on this topic. You cannot guess his thought.

5. What three original and fun plans would you like to enjoy more often?

The answer to this question may be an invitation to integrate these ideas in your free time during the next quarter. Spending quality time together is a good idea to nurture love in the couple.

6. What or who makes you laugh out loud?

Laughter admits different degrees. Without a doubt, the sound of a laugh is the ideal soundtrack for the joy expressed through this gesture.

fun questions for couples

7. What are your favorite comedies?

Cinema has a constant connection with existence. What are your favorite humorous tapes? Stories that left a pleasant mark on his memory.

8. Who would you like to attend a laugh therapy course with?

Humor as wellness therapy is present in a workshop on this topic. A leisure and free time proposal that can be enjoyed as a couple or with friends. Laughter has many benefits, it is also very important to know how to laugh at yourself.

9. What fun tips would you like to pass on to your past “me”?

Through this question, your partner can connect with yesterday symbolically. The answer will be related to your learning and the advice you would have liked in the past, very useful information to better understand and understand your partner.

10. What difficult situation was less complex thanks to the use of humor?

Humor is also exercised through practice. Therefore, your partner can increase her personal empowerment through humor wit as a source of optimism.

11. When was the last time you really laughed?

By means of this question, the interlocutor directs his attention to that fun moment, in this way he catches a positive spirit and makes you a participant in it.

12. What funny anecdote do you remember from our first date?

This first encounter can be interpreted from the point of view of humor through the memories that each one keeps from then.

13. What would be your ideal destination for a fun trip?

Traveling as a couple is one of the special plans to break the routine and to spend quality time together, one of the tricks to relive the passion of the couple and to create memories of good times together. The surprise of a destination increases the excitement of that getaway.

14. What is the funniest joke you have been told lately?

Your partner can make you part of it in a communication gesture focused on the humor of this experience.

15. At what moment would you have liked to stop time?

The perception of time is different depending on the moment. In a scene of boredom, the minutes seem eternal. On the contrary, in a period of joy the hours flow with another measure from the internal point of view.

16. What qualities do you admire in those who have a sense of humor?

Through the example of others, a person can also model those attitudes that he observes in others from his own point of view.

17. What mantra of humor would you like to repeat from now on?

A mantra that reflects a philosophy of life focused on positive thinking as an attitude towards the present.

18. What fun title would you like to give to this chapter of your life?

As if life were a book, it is possible to carry out the literary exercise of imagining a title that synthesizes the essence of a cycle.

19 What other qualities, besides humor, do you think you fall in love with?

Personal values and emotional characteristics that describe a person as unique and different from others.

20. What lessons have you learned through humor?

Each person has his own wisdom around the reflections of the lived experience.

This article is merely informative, in Bigmatrimonial we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.