Couple Therapy

All couples live periods of crisis, bad times and stumbles. Based on how these processes take place, they may or may not recover love, and this is where couple therapy can help.

What Is Couple Therapy?

This type of therapy consists of a type of therapeutic process led by a psychologist, through the process which will help couples of any condition to resolve conflicts in their relationship: appropriate measures will be taken for the reconstruction of the relationship or termination this.

It is not convenient to ignore partner problems , hoping that they will improve on their own. Through these procedures, of all couples who go to couple therapy, 4 out of 5 couples manage to discover if their differences are really impossible to solve or if, instead, they can be rectified.

couple therapy

Of these 4 people, more than half decided to continue with the relationship, thus improving the happiness and fulfillment that had been lost or that had never originated (in very few cases).

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The couple therapy plan  varies with respect to the situation: if either of the couple refuses to attend the sessions, the other can go on their own, being statistically more complicated to repair a relationship if only one of the two wants to attend The sessions with the psychologist.

In recent years, there has been a notable increase in couples who come to ask for support to improve their relationship. In this regard, the most influential factors are lack of communication, lack of desire and confidence.

Goals For Couples Therapy

The main objective of cognitive behavioral therapy to recover an almost lost relationship, however there are other objectives that this type of therapy pursues, such as having a little convective breakdown, in effect, that produces the least possible damage in both parties involved and people who surround them, whether it is to break the relationship or to recover it.

In addition, and being able to classify it as the most important objective is to teach the people involved to be able to solve and resolve future conflicts for themselves, without external assistance.

couple therapy

Taking into account, on the other hand, that a couple is composed of two parts, it is essential to look for the solution in both, thus using resources that adjust to the type of reason that causes the couple’s problems.

From this point of view it is worth mentioning the importance of being happy, but not unhindered, but knowing how to solve them, facing and adapting to them.

The couple therapy is an easy remedy to acquire and with very good results, which gradually increases among the population because of the way society erase the stigma that produced the consultation of professionals to troubleshoot and solve problems couple structure.

The goals will be set by the couple under the guidance of the therapist.

Couples Treatment

During the course of the sessions or the previous reading, the couples will find different options in the way of carrying out the relationship, with the main goal of making it viable and making it more satisfactory . That said, we could list that some objectives of going to couples therapy could be, among others:

1. Improve Communication

Solidify the relationship, optimize understanding by handling differences and solving problems. Among these, one of the most frequent is usually to  overcome an infidelity . This is one of the main reasons why couples consider going to a psychologist specializing in clinical psychology and starting therapeutic methods.

The difficulties between the couple and the children in a divorce are also very common, for example. Another issue that we should see when dealing with family conflict with or without children is the part of the experience of sex as an element of satisfaction in our lives.Check out: The Ideal Couple: Find The Best Tips

2. Reduce Tension

The tension between the two members of the couple must be reduced and learning, encouraging the individual progress of the two members since the analysis of the conflicts can be a good opportunity for change both at a personal and a couple level.

These procedures based on couple psychology are valid to solve possible sexual difficulties, therapy can also serve as a pre-marital preparation if you want to improve your understanding and relationship before marriage.

Behind the discussions and misunderstandings there are always small unsolved problems that are the ones to be found. To do this, we try to favor dialogue, leaving aside the monologue, therefore learning to speak and listen, in short, empathize, understand and respect.

3. You Must Create New Memories And New Experiences

Workable exercises are of different types depending on the type of approach: individual or together, as a couple in privacy or as a couple in the consultation. Among these and for free and online I will list some of the most important and on which the best results have been observed.

It sounds difficult and logical at the same time, but trying to create new memories and new experiences can be the best exercise . For example, going out for a breath together, reading a book together or making food together would make it easier to create good memories and good new sensations.

4. Look for Intimate Moments

Get away from the world and day to day . Turn off the mobile phone and spend an intimate time to talk about each of your feelings. Day by day, the routine sometimes deprives us of these important moments for a relationship.

In cases where there are children, the intimate space available is even smaller, in these cases, the other relatives (brothers, grandparents, etc.) can be of extra help.

Having a personal hobby can favor communication, adding things to talk about in the moments we have mentioned before.

5. Talk About Your Feelings

The treatments, in addition to being done in person before a professional, can also be complemented with other exercises. Below are some of the examples of exercises that favor communication, one of the main reasons for crisis and bad times in relationships.

The first step is to find and allocate a moment a day of talk as we have commented, preferably at night, in which everything happened during the day, the problems and joys, funny moments and all the anecdotes, as well as talk about feelings, if you have been sad, cheerful, tired or moody.

6. Show Her How Much You Love Her

Also, technology not only serves to break the structure of couples, but to unite them more, so that you can leave text or voice messages, yes, without overwhelming. From this point of view, it is important to demonstrate the feelings of love and affection to the person we want to have next door.

For example you can try to make a list of virtues or things that you like from the other person, accompanying this list of a final dedication, which can be a very good gift at any time of the day.

Another idea may be to leave a positive message every morning along with breakfast or when getting out of bed, which will produce a feeling of happiness for the whole day. This could be summed up in a phrase such as: « exchange of positive behaviors «.

7. Be Independent

Another aspect that we must consider is the need for independence, to grant moments of solitude, which does not mean to stop sharing walks, meals or moments of rest. Finally, it is advisable to show affectionate gestures during group outings, without doing a circus of it.

These gestures are rewarding and comforting. And above all, talk and communicate in all the things that annoy us, even if they seem silly, also learning to respect what bothers our partner.

The most important beneficial exercise is not to believe that the couple will be there no matter what . They have to continue earning their love and their love day by day to favor the fullness of the relationship.

What To Expect In Couples Counseling

Before starting and attending couples psychology sessions, both members of the couple who want to attend must be sure that they want to continue with the relationship . They should not give up or finish anything. In addition, they are consistent that everyone is responsible for the situation and they are open to changes in their attitudes and to be involved with the treatment process.

The fact of a current infidelity, being either interested in an alternative relationship with another individual, makes difficult (if not impossible) couples therapy.

In general, we can say that it improves the effectiveness of the process that both parties list some positive aspects of the relationship, regardless of the problems that exist.

Conclusion And Starting Point

In most relationships there are moments of disagreement, unhappiness or routine that can put an end to the commitment, even in the case of members of each spouse, divorce and possible problem with the children (if any).

That is why, with courage and without prejudice, they must seek to recover what once was so important for both of them.

So, although the day to day is normal, however, there are days when you have to forget the routine and surprise, be interested in the problems that involve the spouse, understand it, recover confidence and communication.

In this way, if it is not possible to solve it on your own, you can consult on Internet pages intended for this type of therapy, such as ours, where we can support you with some advice. Above all, let yourself help find and recover those feelings of love and passion that formed your partner, learn again to be happy together.

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