DIY scrapbooking style wedding album: design ideas

A wedding photo album is a unique place where pleasant memories are kept. The newlyweds look into it and enjoy looking at their old photos. They are filled with special meaning and mood.

Each page is saturated with love and tenderness, especially if it is made by hand. The scrapbooking technique allows even a non-professional to make a do-it -yourself scrapbooking wedding album , which will warm your soul for a very long time.

Scrapbook album in different styles

Wedding scrapbooking album, ideas.

The handmade technique that came to us from Europe amazes with its magnificence and variety of styles. Thanks to different directions, everyone has the opportunity to create their own unique product. The choice of style for scrapbooking largely depends on the mood that you would like to convey.


The main idea of ​​the retro style is that, looking at it, it feels like it was made many years ago. This means that the details of antiquity are needed. For example, ribbons, buttons, images of rare vehicles. Be sure to print photos in black and white. In this case, they will perfectly fit into the very idea of ​​your wedding album.

The advantage of performing in such a concept will be the difference in times. The 60s and 70s, the time of dudes, are also considered retro. Both the 18th century and the time of the classical era are recognized as retro. Therefore, it is necessary to decide on the basis of the mood that you would like to lay in the basis. If this is a holiday, a riot of colors, eternal youth and joy of life, then think about the era of dudes.

Shabby chic

One of the most popular styles of performance because it is incredibly airy, gentle and romantic. Shabby chic is done using muted shades. For example, pastel pink, green, pale blue.

Shabby chic fits perfectly into the wedding theme. It is full of flowers, birds, delicate shades, butterflies. In addition, the great advantage of this style is the ease of its execution. To do this, you need to purchase only the necessary elements in the store, which are attached to the glue gun.

Mix media

A special kind of art that requires knowledge of special techniques and skills. With the help of mix media, it is possible to mix several styles at once that fit each other.

For example, a synthesis of shabby chic with contemporary art is used. The media mix allows you to do everything. The only thing is that you need to be careful not to overload.


The style that so many people love in interior design and clothing. With the help of vintage, you can recreate the special atmosphere of the past. As a rule, it is closely associated with bohemian luxury and pomp.

This technique uses brooches, a synthesis of several fabrics, lace, ruffles, newspaper clippings and embossing with rust, which conveys the special atmosphere of the time.

American style

The classic look of scrapbooking. It is considered one of the most common due to its simplicity. The style originates precisely from America, where needlewomen began to make such albums. They place not only photographs, but also cuts of fabric, pieces of a tie, a flower from a bouquet.

For such things, special envelopes are made on the spreads. The technique does not have clear regulations regarding photographs. It can be either one picture on a spread, or several pictures at once.

European style

Wedding album design, scrapbooking.

In the event that the newlyweds see their album as restrained, graceful and laconic, then their idea is best implemented in the European style. This is the direction in which there are no unnecessary decorative elements.

Additional figures, fabric cuts – all this is practically absent from the album. The main point is given to the paper on which the photographs are attached. It is presented in color and colorful versions.

How to do it yourself?

If you decide to make your own wedding album, then this is a great idea. After all, no one better than you can convey the atmosphere and mood that was at the celebration.

  1. Select photos. There shouldn’t be too many of them. The album itself is quite bright and original, so a large number of pictures on the spread are not used. Maximum 3-4 photos per spread. Organize the pictures in chronological order.
  2. Think over the main idea of ​​the album. Perhaps he will become the embodiment of a retro film or be a vivid illustration of exquisite Europe.
  3. It is not necessary to use only portraits as photographs. Landscapes look especially interesting, by which you will remember how warm or rainy the wedding day was.
  4. Leave a small space below the photo on each page for notes and comments.

Ideas for decorating a photo album

Wedding photo albums, scrapbooking.

In order to bring to life an album with wedding photos, it is worth thinking through the main idea. It can be romantically filled, or it can be just a funny set of photos.

Often, newlyweds have whole love stories in their albums, which begin with an acquaintance and end with a honeymoon.

Cover decoration

The cover is the face of your book and should be given special attention. In scrapbooking, it is extremely rare that a photo of a happy married couple is placed on the cover. Yet the highlight is on the decoration itself. Basically, these are flowers or images of animals.

If the album is made in a restrained style, then the cover can be trimmed with lace, where the inscription “Our wedding” or “Love” will be attached in the center.

Thematic design of pages

All pages must be in the same style. If you decide to make a slightly different color scheme, then think about similar accessories.

For example, happy pigeons or details left over from the wedding day. It can be a boutonniere of the groom or an element of the bride’s dress.

Secrets between pages

Secret pockets can be placed between multiple pages. They will contain the so-called secrets. These are the details or elements that were used during the wedding. For example, rose petals, which showered the young at the registry office, a bride’s bandage, a girl’s hairpin.

Looking through the photos, it will be pleasant to stumble upon a similar pocket, which contains so many fond memories.


Scrapbooking for a wedding is a beautiful and original type of handmade work. It is quite simple in execution, so every bride can make it.

A pleasant trifle in this technique will be the fact that this is a unique and exclusive work that perfectly reflects everything that happened on such a significant day.