What bouquet to give for a wedding

No wedding is complete without stylish floral decoration. Guests – whether they are parents or friends of the newlyweds, traditionally present flower arrangements to the heroes of the occasion. Fragrant bouquets presented to the newlyweds create a festive atmosphere and add special charm to the celebration.

Today there is a lot of controversy about what kind of flowers to give for a wedding. Fortunately, there are still no strict rules and frameworks. And this is quite understandable: on the day of the ceremony, the bride and groom are definitely not up to keeping track of what kind of flowers the guests and relatives gave them … Therefore, it is a matter of personal choice and taste of those invited to the event.

Newlyweds will definitely be pleased if you make a fragrant compliment that is amazing, delightful and exclusive at the same time. To do this, you need to try and familiarize yourself with our tips.Content

  1. Tip 1. Colors
  2. Tip 2. DIY bouquet
  3. Tip 3. Fashionable bouquets for bridesmaids
  4. Advice 4. What flowers can not be given for a wedding
  5. Tip 5. How many flowers to give for a wedding

Tip 1. Colors

Today in floristry the most popular are the most delicate bouquets. According to an unspoken tradition, guests give them to the bride. Compositions in pastel colors emphasize the importance of the moment and decorate the entire space around. The light palette of buds does not look pretentious and will suit any interior.

So, the bouquet “Mercy” of 21 cream roses is like a gentle airy cloud. It will fill the room with a light aroma, remind you of the best moments and make you dream. However, you can always add a bright accent to a pastel bouquet. In this case, the composition “Admiration” of a round shape with a height of 40 cm looks advantageous.

The bouquet includes snow-white roses of the Valentina variety, which shine with shades of emerald against the background of lilac spray chrysanthemums and extraordinary orchids. A voluminous bouquet is packed in a durable material – abacus, which holds its shape. Express your admiration for the bride with this composition. Moreover, all the flowers in it carry a sacramental meaning: they speak of love, loyalty, sincerity and the absence of betrayal.

By the way, orchids are not often given at weddings. But in vain: these flowers symbolize passionate feelings and will stand out from other flower gifts.

The wedding bouquet “New Life” is a clear confirmation of this. 13 orchids, 5 branches of eustoma and 3 ruscus seem to have merged in a single slow dance dedicated to the bride and groom.

The bouquet can be safely supplemented with greens and even put a bright accent in the form of a sprig of decorative red berries.

Remember: bright and at the same time delicate compositions the next day after the wedding will give the newlyweds pleasant emotions. And in order not to overshadow the happiness of lovers on the wedding day, take care of a vase for the composition.

For example, it is beneficial in this case to purchase bouquets in hat boxes or baskets. In the basket of roses “Diana”, the stems of flowers are in the oasis, so they remain moist throughout the evening and do not even require additional watering. Please note that in the cases, the stems are placed in a tank of water. It is convenient to put such compositions in any corner and carry them from place to place.

Now it’s time to talk about the color of the wrapping paper.

The color of the mood …

  1. White symbolizes honesty, purity and purity.
  2. Orange – success, wealth.
  3. Red is passion, fiery love.
  4. Golden – fun, positive.
  5. Purple is a hill.
  6. Purple – luxury, wealth.
  7. Green is persistence.

If you wish, you can limit yourself to a satin ribbon. So, a bouquet of 51 white roses from Ecuador looks magical without unnecessary decorations.

Tip 2. DIY bouquet

No wonder they say: the best gift is the one that is made by hand. This rule easily fits into the world of floristry. Any bouquet today can be assembled independently under the strict guidance of florists.

Professionals will help you to create a dream composition without any extra efforts and expenses, which will give the holiday an unforgettable flavor and make your beloved newlyweds happier. Give each flower a special meaning and congratulate the newlyweds in the beautiful language of flowers.

Such bouquets can be collected for young parents or guests.

  1. Gerbera will share her good mood, talk about positive days and convey success.

    Bouquet “Ardent Confession” in a second will tell about your feelings for the young. The composition includes 15 scarlet Pioneer roses and 9 mini-gerberas. Decorated with a red scattering of buds, 9 branches of decorative berries and greenery.
  2. Hydrangea is able to ward off misfortunes and attract health. The most appropriate bouquet of these flowers will look at the wedding from the parents.
  3. Lavender will express your admiration for the young.
  4. The orchid will bring childish spontaneity to the family life of the bride and groom.
  5. Peony personifies a fun and easy life. A bouquet-mix of 101 peonies will amaze the bride to the very heart.
  6. Rose wishes for love and passion.

Please note that in addition to love, future spouses can wish longevity by including asters, freesias or dahlias in any bouquet.

You can wish eternal youth with a bouquet of gypsophila. The adorable little buds in the composition look like thousands of snowflakes. Against the background of a white bridesmaid dress, this bouquet will look magical.

Tip 3. Fashionable bouquets for bridesmaids

For the bride’s bouquet to be the most beautiful at the celebration, girlfriends need to purchase a modest, but at the same time impeccable composition. Lilies are ideal for a celebration. The bride’s bouquet “Lily” will emphasize the youth, energy and beauty of all the girls.

Life hack: for bridesmaids, you can remake any ready-made bridal bouquet. For example, tie a portpen with a bright satin ribbon or add more greenery to the flowers. This option will be the simplest.

Alstroemeria will also look airy and fresh. They will not weigh down the image of friends, but, on the contrary, will emphasize the charm and charm of youth. Pay attention to the alstroemeria bouquets complemented by a white rose.

To combine beauty and simplicity in one bouquet, you should buy chamomile. The small buds of these flowers are like the sun. With them, friends will glow with happiness and will not overshadow the main hero of the occasion. So, you can slightly alter the “Blooming field” bouquet, reducing its size and replacing the packaging material with a lighter one.

If friends still want to look original at the wedding with the permission of the bride, then it is worth ordering a bouquet of sunflowers. Lush flowers will fill the space with light and will look good in the gentle hands of girls and in photographs. A bouquet of irises will also stand out. Purple flowers will attract the attention of guests, but at the same time they will not distract from the main wedding attribute – the bride’s bouquet.

Advice 4. What flowers can not be given for a wedding

When choosing a composition, be careful with lilies. These flowers, although beautiful, have a pungent smell. Not all people like him.

In no case do not give lilies to the groom at the wedding, only to the bride! And before buying and giving flowers, check with the young if they have any allergies. Also be careful with yellow flowers. Many couples believe that this color symbolizes separation.

Although for brave brides there are bouquets worthy of their character: “Sunny Day” and “Juicy Colors”. They just love to order the last composition for a wedding, as it becomes a bright accent in the gentle image of the bride. It consists of nine yellow roses of the Ilios variety and three orange spray roses of the Rio variety. The flowers are complemented by juicy berries and greens. Purchase bonus – groom’s boutonniere as a gift.

Don’t include tulips, daffodils or hyacinths in your wedding bouquet. These flowers are certainly beautiful, but too modest for a wedding ceremony. Such bouquets are usually used to express sympathy or simply handed over for show.

You also need to be careful when choosing red roses. It is better to replace the symbol of unbridled desire and passion with flowers of neutral shades. For example, buy a large bouquet of white or cream roses. So, ideal as a gift for the bride and groom will fit the bouquet “My dear” of spray cream roses or 101 white roses of the “Valentina” variety, packed in an abaca.

Important: make sure that the stems of the plants are cleared of thorns to avoid unpleasant consequences.

You should not give the bride and groom carnations the same way. These delicate lace flowers are usually presented for patriotic holidays. It is better not to experiment so as not to cause unpleasant associations in the newlyweds.

However, each person has their own tastes. And if the bride likes snow-white gladioli, modest daisies, as in the bouquets “Happiness” or “You are gorgeous,” or the same carnations (25 white carnations in a pink box), then why reinvent the wheel ?! Carefully study the flower preferences of the young and then boldly give a fragrant present.

Tip 5. How many flowers to give for a wedding

There is no universal advice on how many branches should be in a bouquet. It all depends on the financial capabilities of the buyer and his taste. Remember: give as many flowers to the wedding as your heart desires. The main thing is to present the composition sincerely, with a smile and compliments.

The more flowers there are in the bouquet, the more effective it looks. However, the trick is precisely in the variety of flowers. So, 25 pale pink roses and a composition of 9 branches of bush chrysanthemum will look equally attractive. However, bouquets of 101 roses have always been a safe bet.

The compositions are voluminous, but at the same time quite compact. If you have the opportunity, then do not skimp on the wedding of your loved ones. Surely, they get married once and for life. For this reason, the celebration must be of the highest order.

The basic rule: there must be an odd number of flowers in a gift wedding bouquet. Count each bud carefully before going to the event. Sometimes in large bouquets, no, no, yes, there is an extra twig …


  1. If you are giving a bouquet of roses, then it must contain at least five flowers.

    An ideal gift bouquet for a son or daughter – 151 white roses, wrapped in a dense abacus material, tied with a satin ribbon. The composition is large, lush, looks pompous and immediately speaks of how much you love young people.
  2. If you give tulips, then only from 11 pieces, otherwise the composition will look scanty.

    A bouquet of 101 red and white tulips can be presented to the bride and groom for a wedding. An armful of flowers will present you in a favorable light in front of guests, show your status and position in society.
  3. According to etiquette, the bride should be handed the bouquet with her right hand, buds up.

There are no other universal rules. Rely on your sense of style and tact.