Putting together a winter wedding bouquet

Not all brides decide to have a wedding in the winter season. Most girls are scared off by unpredictable weather and cold weather. In fact, there are many benefits to having a winter wedding. It is filled with magic, a special atmosphere of wonder. Winter weddings are like fairy tales, since they have a direct association with the New Year – a time when you expect miracles with special trepidation.

But in order to hold the winter ceremony with dignity, you need to be ready for it. Preparation consists in the correct selection of accessories. This is a dress, a bridal bouquet, and decorative elements. The most difficult thing seems to be the choice of a flower accessory. It is mistakenly believed that there are no flowers in winter. In fact, there are seasonal options that look especially romantic and original.

Winter wedding bouquet.

Features of winter flowers

Winter flower accessories are special and good because they can consist not only of flowers, but also twigs, cones and even berries. Such a composition will stand for a long time in your vase, delighting with its appearance.

Florists advise to pay special attention to the color of the composition. Since in winter white prevails in nature, it is preferable to highlight the winter bridal bouquet itself against the general background. Therefore, white bouquets are rarely used at winter celebrations.

Basically, these are bright and rich colors. Do not dwell on pastel shades, as they look gray and monotonous. You need to make a bright accent in your image and it may well be a wedding bouquet.

Not only the color combination can become unique, but also the shape of the bouquet itself. Recently, the form in the form of a clutch has gained popularity at winter weddings. This surprises many, the bride plunges her hands into it as if in a large mitten.

Such a product looks elegant and quite original. Be prepared for this option to wither soon enough, as it will not have direct access to water.

The most popular colors for wedding ceremonies in winter are red, green, purple, blue, burgundy and pink. Note that the emphasis is on the brightness of the color and its contrasts.

Therefore, in one bouquet, seemingly not quite compatible elements and plants can be combined. For example, red flowers with green plants and brown cones, which seem to be covered with white snow.

What are winter bouquets?

Winter wedding bouquets.

In the winter season, you can choose a fairly large number of plants and flowers. In greenhouses, a wide variety of options are grown, differing in special conditions of detention.

However, traditionally there are plants that are commonly used for winter celebrations.

Of carnations

The personification of loyalty and sincerity. These flowers are considered a symbol of love and warmth. It is believed that these are funeral flowers. In fact, at funerals, they are used to express the special gratitude and warmth that they felt for a loved one. For weddings, different varieties of carnations can be used.

An inexperienced guest may not at all understand that your bouquet consists of carnations. In addition, this flower has more advantages than disadvantages. It has classic bright colors, dense and full bud, long stem. Carnations are one of the most resilient plants that will withstand all weather conditions.

Of roses

The queen of flowers, which is appropriate at any time of the year. This is a plant that is grown in a greenhouse and is used all year round. With roses, you can get an original composition if you choose an interesting color.

In winter, opt for dark and rich colors. Bright pink, dark burgundy, deep purple – all this will look catchy and original.

Calla lilies

The personification of special beauty, aesthetic pleasure and inner admiration. Calla is beautiful in itself. It has an unusual shape, which is dominated by both solid curves and smooth lines. The only downside is the meager color variety.

Often it is only a white, red, yellow or pink shade. Calla lilies look creative in a cascading bouquet combined with roses. It is generally accepted to use a white flower, since in the composition itself it is a bright accent.

Of orchids

It is generally accepted that a girl who has chosen orchids focuses in her marriage on family happiness and home comfort. Orchid is a magical flower that can help fulfill all the wishes of the bride. The petals are of the original color.

Often, several petals of various shades are found on one stem at once. For example, from purple to deep blue. All these colors look original and unusual. The plant has a light scent that can be sprayed several meters away.

What to combine a bridal bouquet with?

The good thing about a winter bouquet is that it can be made not only from flowers. Often, girls choose berries like viburnum. This composition looks extremely interesting. Against the background of a classic white wedding dress, white snow and a car, red berries look especially catchy. In this way, the girl looks like a snow queen.

Florists often add other truly winter accessories to bouquets. They are cones, twigs, Christmas trees, cotton, cinnamon. Cotton is considered one of the most popular options. It looks special, not trivial. It looks like snow was placed on a floral arrangement.


The winter bouquet is interesting and colorful. Going to a celebration in winter, or having your own wedding at this time, you need to highlight the season as brightly as possible. This can always be done with the help of the main wedding accessory of the bride, a bouquet.

Feel free to add to it those plants and flowers that are associated with winter. To do this, you can add rhinestones to live flowers that look like snow on petals. Cones and Christmas tree decorations are often used, thereby making the composition as creative as possible.