Overthinking Relationship Anxiety

Whether he’s your crush and you haven’t dared to tell him yet, an ex who haunts your thoughts even if it’s all over, or just your darling that you can’t see, you start to get tired of not to be able to stop thinking about this person? Here are 6 things you can do to stop overthinking relationship anxiety about someone again and again.

How To Stop Overthinking In A Relationship

Have fun

Yes, that may seem obvious as advice. But it’s also the perfect way to stop thinking about him! Occupy your brain, your thoughts, and so you will see that you will no longer have the time or the opportunity to think of it! Once you are at least immersed in your task … Read a book, sing, play a game.

There are lots of ways to enjoy yourself, it’s up to you to find the one that suits you the most !! And above all, focus on it! For example, if you are reading a book, read it really, do not read the same sentence 15 times, pausing each time to check if you have received a message!

Count on your friends

Your friends are an ideal way out! They will keep you constantly occupied while you are with them, and will not make fun of you because you are having a hard time changing your mind !! So go out, take a little road trip with them, shopping, fun activities…

In short, get away from your daily life thanks to them !!

Do not go through the scenarios in a loop

We all have already done it I think … We go on and on and on, we keep going back and forth in our minds of events, until we go crazy. Whether it was because it was a good time, or because you would have liked things to happen this or that way … Stop it! It’s hard, but rehearsing these things over and over again will really not help you move forward!

So realize that you are staring and chase those thoughts away!

overthinking relationship anxiety

Realize that there is not only him in life

Easier said than done without a doubt! But it’s your life you live, not yours! Do not center everything around it. Realize that if you keep thinking obsessively about it, you will prevent yourself from living your life properly, from enjoying it fully! Which of one is a shame, and of two, is certainly not what he would like you to do!

So spend time with other people, and keep your mind focused on the things that will allow you to really move forward in life, in YOUR life!

Find a hobby

Especially if you don’t already have one! Otherwise we are certain that there is necessarily an activity that you would be interested in doing … Drawing, writing, photography … The field of possibilities is vast so treat yourself! In short, an excellent hobby that will occupy you entirely body and mind!

Because it is not by staying sprawled in your bed or your sofa that you will be able to effectively change your ideas.

Spend time with your family

Focus on your family instead. Spend special moments with them. Use your parents and siblings as a healthy distraction, and take the opportunity to renew or strengthen the bonds of siblings!

Transfer all this extra attention to your family, and kill two birds with one stone! They will thank you!

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