Knitted wedding dress: create a wedding dress yourself

Wedding fashion is amazing and extraordinary. Every year, designers offer brides different variations of the classic wedding dress. At times, their options make you fall into shock and stupor.

But some of them are interesting and may well exist for themselves. Girls-brides also try to follow fashion trends in order to be not just another beautiful bride, but also fashionable and stylish on an important day of their lives.

Style description

Knitted wedding dresses.

Hand-made products are now considered a special luxury. This applies to everything: postcards, crafts, bags, hats, and even clothing. Crocheted items are considered to be made with special warmth and love. They breathe coziness and romance. This is exactly what a wedding dress is missing.

In any case, a crocheted dress will delight and admiration in the eyes of the people around you. But this outfit has its own characteristics. It is necessary to be able to wear it and choose a suitable image for it. In this case, it will look beautiful, original and sophisticated.

Crocheted wedding dress options are distinguished by a large assortment in the choice of sizes. These can be styles with a long sleeve or without it at all, an open back or a large neckline, floor length or, on the contrary, in a shortened size.

A knitted product is often diluted with additional decorative elements. It can be flounces, ruffles, satin ribbons.

Important! It is worth noting that such an outfit necessarily has an additional lining, which makes it so that the main fabric does not shine through.

The most popular and widespread style of such a product is a standard straight dress, length to the floor. This is the option that is ideal for girls of tall or medium height. The knitted product in almost all cases fits the silhouette, repeating the curves of the body.

Note that yarns often create extra volume. Therefore, too puffy ladies should still abandon this option in favor of another analogue. A knitted outfit is often combined with silk or chiffon. Thanks to this, you can create a slightly voluminous skirt, making it a kind of lining.

Short options are also possible, which will be just above the knee level. This is the length that will perfectly emphasize the beauty of the legs and the slender silhouette of the girl. An asymmetrical wedding dress made of yarn looks quite interesting and creative.

What do you need?

Crocheted work is considered handmade. It is simply impossible to get it somewhere. Rather, the girl will have to personally knit her, leaving in her a piece of herself and her love.

Dress scheme

In order to make a beautiful product out of yarn, you must follow a clearly constructed scheme.

  1. Take measurements – for this it is better to ask a friend or mother for help. Have them take your measurements as accurately as possible. You have to stand upright and not move at the same time.
  2. Transfer the resulting dimensions to the diagram. There are a large number of schemes on the Internet. You don’t have to come up with them yourself. You can use ready-made options.
  3. Think about what pattern will be on your product. Then try to do it. It is best to use a density of 26 stitches per 10 rows. Then you will get a small square of the product, which will make it clear how accurate and correct your scheme is.
  4. Try to calculate the number of required fragments according to the pattern. For it, divide the width of the pattern by the dimensions of the sample itself.
  5. The knitted product must be done in several stages. First of all, work begins with the upper straps, then gradually knits down. At the same time, a shelf and a bust line are made separately. After that, all the elements are sewn together using silk thread.
  6. Crochet crocheted wedding dresses are decorated at their own will, using various decorative elements.

Materials (edit)

In the event that the bride chooses a crocheted product, she often stops at the need to knit it on her own.

To do this, you will need the following materials:

  • yarn;
  • hook.

The most important element in the work will be the hook. In fact, there are several variations of it. With one of them, you can make large and voluminous parts, but with the other, miniature elements. In general, it is better to purchase several types of hooks. In this case, you will be able to choose which tool your chosen pattern is suitable for.

Additional decorative items will come in handy if necessary. It can be rhinestones, beads, sequins, pearls and even beads. Often, the waist is decorated with a satin ribbon, thereby emphasizing the line you have chosen. As for the decor, absolutely anyone can use it. The main thing is that it fits the main style of the wedding dress.

What to combine a knitted dress with?

Knitted crochet wedding dress.

It is imperative to complete the bride’s look. To do this, you need to choose shoes and appropriate accessories.

In the form of accessories, they are often used:

  • veil;
  • costume jewelry;
  • bolero;
  • cape;
  • shawl;
  • the bride’s bouquet.

To make the image look more harmonious, it is necessary to add knitted details to the bride’s additional accessories. So, earrings knitted from colored yarn, a cape or bolero made of the same material can be used.

The yarn has one small drawback – it is difficult to combine it with different types of fabric. It is in itself quite bright and original, hence the difficulty in combining elements.

As for shoes, it is best to use classic pumps with small heels. They look sophisticated and elegant, which is what such a knitted product requires.

A knitted wedding dress can be the luxury of your evening. It should be treated with extreme caution. Subsequently, such a thing can be made a family heirloom by passing it on from generation to generation. It is imperative that you only use a good quality product for your work.

Unfortunately, lately manufacturers have been adding synthetic fibers in large quantities to a variety of fabrics. Synthetics make the product heavier and at the same time cheaper. On the one hand, this is good.

On the other hand, it is very bad, because the yarn does not tolerate heaviness. Accordingly, such a product in an inexpensive material may stretch and lose its marketable appearance. For work, you can use yarn of various textures. White is considered the most valuable because it is classic. In addition, it is loved for its shine, beauty and excellent appearance.


A bride in a knitted dress should choose the right makeup and hairstyle. With a crocheted wadden dress, it is not so catchy in itself. Bright makeup is perfect for him, but the emphasis in it should be placed on only one element.

For example, red lips or eye shadow. Bright lips and muted eyes will look ideal. As for the hairstyle, the hair pulled back or pinned into a shell or snail looks harmonious.