How To Plan A Budget Wedding

How to organize an Economic Wedding?

You dreamed of getting married for a long time and you finally found your better half. The love of your life has arrived, with whom you want to spend the rest of your days. 

The decision is made, the two agree that it is time to take this big step. There is only one drawback, between the two they add a somewhat adjusted capital for the celebration. 

How to make a wedding on a low budget?

These days there are many couples who want to celebrate marriage but have a limited budget. That’s why we give you these tips to save.

15 ideas to organize an inexpensive wedding:

Don’t be discouraged, there are simple and subtle ways to organize a beautiful, inexpensive, and memorable marriage. Here we give you some tips to achieve it:

1. Celebrate at home and outdoors

A wedding with a small group of people can become a more intimate and yet unforgettable moment. Take into account doing it in the garden of the house of a relative or close friend.

Weddings on the beach or outdoors are the order of the day.

2. Organize the budget for cost savings

Sit down with your future or future wife and organize the budget between a minimum and a ceiling of expenses.

Budget for an inexpensive and simple wedding

Taking into consideration:

  • Number of invites
  • Consumption
  • The place
  • The ambientation
  • The schedule and duration

Starting at about 17 to 37 usd per guest, you can cater to everyone with food, sweets and alcohol.

3. Invite the most essential people

Who you really need on your special day: close family and best friends. You may have a million friends and want to invite all of your third cousins, but remember that for each additional person, you need more budget.

List of things for a simple wedding:

4. Handmade or digital invitation cards

Make handmade or digital invitation cards, look for  simple designs on recycled paper, combined with kraft paper, ribbons, doilies or other craft materials.

You also have the option of designing your card and sending it digitally. Designer pages like Canva offer templates to help you with this task.

How to make a cheap wedding party?

Yes! it is possible to organize a perfect low cost wedding. There are many ways to achieve this if we consider some original ideas how to greet and offer a cocktail to the guests when leaving the civilian.

Put together some portable high tables and bring a couple of drawers with champagne, juices and drinks to toast.

5. Rental of clothing: wedding dress and groom’s suit

Dare to rent your dress and groom suit. The cost of the wedding dress and the groom’s special suit can be very high, especially when you know that you will use it only once. Visit a rental boutique and confirm the savings that you can use to finance other expenses of your meeting.

6. Set up large tables at your party

By setting up large tables in your reception, with few tables, of many people, you will save on decoration without losing the elegance of the celebration.

7. Buffet with sweet and savory

The sweet and savory table buffets are the favorites in today’s weddings.

6 to 10 mini savory portions and 2 to 3 sweet ones are calculated to satisfy each guest. Opt for finger food and thus reduce the expense of the people who serve and the expenses in cutlery.

You can have a table of savory options with mini sandwiches and skewers of different types.

  • Tacos of fillings of various tastes
  • Cubed cheeses
  • Puff pastry cakes filled with vegetables
economic boda

8. Drinks and alcohol to have at the party

Surely these days where the wholesale of beverages is present there are knowledgeable people places at lower costs to buy in greater quantity. A family member familiar with this market could take care of the purchase. There are basic options of cocktails with and without alcohol.

Acquire the simplest for the toast in addition to red and white wine plus water and soda. One bottle is calculated for every two people.

9. The wedding cake

Ask a family member or friend to give you the cake. It will surely be beautiful and delicious because it will be made with love. Entrusting your cake to a pastry entrepreneur will be a success.

On the other hand, a sweet table is always opportune for dessert.

  • Mini cakes in cups
  • Sweet dough squares
  • Mini Cupcakes
  • Fruit cubes

All this can be enjoyed by the guests in a mini living room with just a couple of recycled furniture or a large decorated table.

10. How to make a more economical wedding party?

Photos and hashtags for weddings

A friend who has a hobby of photography can take, with a good camera, a basic package of photographs. This can surely be your wedding gift for the couple.

We recommend creating a virtual label and placing a blackboard at the entrance with it. Choosing your wedding hashtags is a good idea. The hashtag for your wedding will make many guests share the photos taken during the event.

Capturing the emotions and the most important moments is essential on this special day . A hashtag is the way to group the photos and videos that your guests took to put together a great album of images and videos to be shared among all.

This virtual label will help you make the wedding an interactive experience. Technology contributes to unite everyone in the history of your wedding from social networks.

11. Wedding souvenirs: Get creative with your wedding favors

This can be made by the bride and groom themselves, as wedding souvenirs with a chic and beautiful vibe like any other purchased souvenir.

An easy souvenir to make is to put on the table near the desserts, a napkin decorated with sprigs of lavender and a card with the name of the bride and groom and a text thanking the guests for coming.

12. Best Dance Music: Disc Jockey

The best dance music makes the party. There is always a musical talent in every family. Another opportunity to save is to ask them to play music or do an instrumental show.

Before the date, meet with the music manager to establish what kind of music they prefer. It is always cheaper to hire a DJ than a live band. With music many memories and feelings are transmitted. For example, listening to songs from the 80’s today transmits you to that time. A  mixture of retro music is fashionable today among young people.

If the wedding is outside the high season, a better price and more services such as lighting and mirror balloons for the dance floor can be negotiated.

13. How can I get more money for the wedding?

Request collaboration  between godparents, family and closest friends. Give me cash or your help for the party.

Instead of waiting for gifts, you can organize collaborations. Either for some decorative objects or music. The closest friends will be able to collaborate and feel that they are part of that day.

14. Decoration ideas for an inexpensive, simple but delicate wedding

If the celebration takes place in a garden, use the plants that are in the place. Highlight the plants that attract the most attention with lights. We recommend assembling the flower arrangements using the flowers of the season, in this way we will lower costs.

Put together a decoration according to the plants and flowers present. Create lots of texture and fresh colors that bring joy and festivity.

For the event entrance, paint recycled tin cans with gold. Put candles inside to give a warm light if the event is at night.

It is suggested to always use light colors together with roses, petunias and salvias.

Intended spouses can ask guests to bring a printed photograph with them. Each sticks on an album or billboard at the entrance and reserves a place to write a dedication by hand.

This cute detail with photos of the bride and groom. Fill with images from babies to adults. Guests can come closer, remember and watch.

15. Ideas to celebrate a Wedding without a party: Bridal table with crockery and thematic path

On the table, place candles and candelabra, of different heights, together with the flowers, to create the atmosphere of celebration.

Recycled glass jars can be tied with copper wires and white beads.

The bottles are decorated with foliage and filled with coarse salt or sand to mark the way.

If the wedding is rustic, adding burlap bows to the chairs can give them that distinctive touch for the occasion.

Inexpensive Wedding Venues

If we request a club room, a nearby park or even the beach we could save money. Another option is to ask for  the fifth of a friend and the garden of the house of in-laws or relatives.

The decoration will be the spirit of the celebration and will make a difference. It can be boho, elegant or classic themed.