How to correctly compose the text of a wedding invitation for witnesses?

An important and obligatory step in organizing a wedding is an invitation card. It is about her that young spouses think most of all, racking their brains not only over the decorative design of the product but also over its text part.

Most newlyweds strive to stand out from the background of other married couples, and for this, they use creative invitations and unusual poetic forms. It is especially difficult to compose a text that is intended for witnesses

Features of writing invitation cards for witnesses

Witnesses are important people on the wedding day. They help the groom and the bride, before the celebration they are directly involved in organizing the holiday. The newlyweds can entrust them with many things.

A wedding card is a product that the newlyweds choose or make on their own. It is in it that you can reflect the words of gratitude to the witnesses who help even at the stage of planning the celebration.

In rare cases, witness and witness are legal spouses. This means that they are entitled to two different cards. The bride can write a personal postcard to her friend, and the groom to a friend.

Official invitations

The traditional formal uniform is ideal if the young couple can’t think of something more original. The classics are immortal and never go out of fashion, which means that it is the official invitations that do not lose their relevance.

They use cliché phrases:

  • dear, respected;
  • take it for an honor;
  • I would be glad and very grateful;
  • I ask you to appear;
  • solemn conclusion of marriage;
  • wedding ceremony;
  • thank you;
  • immensely happy;
  • it would be a great honor.

Even though a particularly warm relationship reigns between witnesses and the newlyweds, this does not mean that they must necessarily be conveyed in the text part. An invitation card to a wedding ceremony implies the solemnity and formality of the moment.

After reading such a message, the newlyweds can count on different emotions. Firstly, it is surprise and delight at such formality. Secondly, embarrassment and laughter from such solemnity. And in fact, and another case, the witnesses will be satisfied.

In a comic form

Newlyweds are always bright, ambitious people with a good sense of humor. Often in the company of young people, it is customary to make fun of each other, thereby creating a special kind atmosphere. In this regard, the text of the invitation for witnesses can be presented in a humorous form. This will greatly amuse them and make the newlyweds smile.

“Noble knight of the round table, we bring you sad news. Our comrade Arthur fell from the spell of a beautiful seducer, who captivated him with her beauty. We ask you to appear with your comrades on September 25, 2019, at 16.30 at the Ampulla restaurant to get your faithful friend out of captivity. “

How to sign wedding invitations?

Witnesses are important guests at the wedding. They are given a special place at the festive banquet and the entire event as a whole. Any girlfriend and boyfriend consider it happiness to be at the wedding of their comrades as witnesses. However, newlyweds choose from among the most devoted and beloved friends.

To create the text of the invitation card, it is worth remembering all those happy moments that are associated with your friend. Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to write your invitation in one day. Try to start writing the next day with a clear head.

The witness and the witness are always invited with two different postcards. A man chooses from among his faithful friends, and a woman – girlfriends.

Sample text for a witness

The text of the invitation card for the witness is made by the bride. In all cases, her speech is full of sentimentality, tenderness, and special affection.

“Dear and beloved friend. You and I have been together for many years. You have always understood and supported me in everything. I appreciate our friendship and value communication with you. I would like to invite you to the happiest day of my life, a wedding. The festive event will take place on January 14, 2019, at 12.30 in registry office No. 2. I will be happy to see you not only as a guest but also as a witness. With love, Anna. “

Cool invitation for a witness

As a rule, a special relationship reigns between young men and young people. They are based on mutual jokes.

“My dear comrade, I completely lost my mind and decided to get married. I hope that you will come to see this spectacle and will be happy about it. The event will take place on January 14, 2019, at 12.30 in registry office number 2. I urge you not only to come as an ordinary guest but to witness my insanity with your signature. Your friend, Michael. “

Invitations in different styles

In the modern world, a variety of stylistic styles of weddings are popular. They mean not only decorative design but also the dress code of all guests present. If you decide to hold a themed wedding, then everything in it should be done in the same style.

Gangster style wedding invitation

“Dear Donna Maria and Don Alexy, we are waiting for you on June 13, 2019, at 15.00 at a party in the Texas bar dedicated to the unification of two powerful mafia clans. Don Ivan and Donna Maria decided to sign, inviting their faithful comrades and friends to the gangster party. Your lucky gangsters.

Marine wedding invitation text

A popular maritime wedding theme refers to the pirate party. It is always fun and bright.

“Aboard! On May 14, 2019, at 14.30, an amazing event, a pirate party, will take place in the Admiral restaurant. Everyone must show up in real pirate costumes. Take with you a wooden leg, a sharp hook, and a talking parrot. Your pirate friends, Maria and Alexander. “

“Medieval invitation”

Design your invitation card in the form of a scroll or chronicle. Then you will be able to create a more original product.

“Knight Ivan and Princess Tamara, we invite you to our Castle for a celebration dedicated to the wedding. It will take place on April 13, 2019, at 14.00 at the address Mira str., 1 – office 15. Do not forget your knight’s sword and a red rose for the lady of your heart. Your faithful friends, Maria and Ivan. “


The text of the wedding invitation is distinguished by its original character, stylistic design, and semantic load. Especially sincere are the words intended for witnesses.

They try to surprise, thank and encourage the groom and the bride. That is why very special invitation cards are made for them.