7 Reasons Guys Love Dating Nerdy Girls

When you are dating someone, it has to be a two-lane road, which means that you have to give something back to each other and always learn. As you might know, some guys love dating nerdy girls, yet there are several reasons for this fact that you may not be aware of! One has to understand that the definition of “nerdy” is slightly different for most of us, which is why we have to look beyond the initial nerdiness or being a geek to understand that we are dating a beautiful person who is unique and will remain there for you through it all. 

7 Reasons Guys Love Dating Nerdy Girls 

1. A Different Kind of Understanding. 

Those guys that have spoken to at least one nerdy girl will not be insulted if they ask questions or show that they fail to answer a question or feel confused. A nerdy girl will never call you a loser and will show a totally different kind of understanding by simply being there. She will perceive the date as an important event where she walks the extra mile to be there for you and show appreciation for your efforts. The guys know that they won’t have to feel embarrassed when they fail to choose the right place for a date or come up with a unique gift. A nerdy girl will see that you worked hard and show care.

2. A Great Girl to Be Around With. 

Dating a nerdy girl will always be beneficial as you will talk to a person who reads a lot and knows all about the latest gadgets and technical solutions. Even if you are into music, fancy cars, or sports, a nerdy girl will often do her best to visit your band sessions or to cheer for you during the basketball game. 

3. She Will Help You Academically. 

Another important reason is knowing someone who can help you with college assignments. Of course, it is not entirely correct to ask a nerdy girl to complete your task but you will surely get some assistance as she helps you to overcome procrastination and anxiety. Speaking of homework woes, you may consider topessaywriting instead and explore it together by focusing on things like editing and proofreading among other things. Finally, a nerdy girl will always support your academic efforts. 

4. No Fights or Constant Disputes. 

You won’t run into fights and disputes all the time as the nerdy girl won’t gossip, demand flashy things, or ask for club visits all the time. She will be happy to attend a sports event or see the live show in your bedroom by watching some stream by setting it up for you. She will not cheat or think that you are cheating by trying to control you all the time. Even if you run into an argument, there will be many ways to talk about it and resolve an issue. 

5. She Knows a Lot! 

When you are dating a nerdy girl, you will encounter a person who knows a lot and stays aware of all the latest events and changes. No matter what kind of subject you would choose, a nerdy lady will be able to continue the conversation and actually teach you something. It is one of the reasons why guys tend to be around those girls who read, explore things, and actually have something to tell! 

6. Nerdy Girls Are Inspiring. 

While there are different personalities that you may run into, the majority of nerdy girls will push you forward and often challenge you to unfold your inner talents and skills. Once you start dating a nerdy girl, you will start noticing many new things and analyze the challenges in a totally different way. 

7. She Won’t Block Your Freedom. 

If you need more space or want to spend some time alone, a nerdy girl won’t get hysterical or blame you for ruining the relationship. She will let you relax and will understand when you are busy. A nerdy girl will always find something to do instead and will show genuine understanding as she is smart and can be independent without asking too much. 

The Art of Dating 

When you are dating nerdy girls, you do not have to start with misconceptions or stereotypical thinking as the nerdy personalities still have to unfold themselves. It will surprise you with the infinite depth and the readiness to change and become that significant other for you. When you are getting ready for a date, stay respectful, show genuine care, and do not be afraid to act nerdy like they often do in Hollywood movies yourself if it fits the situation. Do not fall for your expectations but keep your mind and heart open. A nerdy girl will understand how you must be feeling, so just be yourself and the rest will come! 


Diane Sherron has been through numerous talks and research projects with college students as an educator and content creator. As she travels the world, she loves to write about anything from academic recommendations to the best ways to go on a date with a nerdy girl among other things. Follow Diane to find out something new and make your life inspiring.