Words for bridal shower t-shirt: 60 original ideas

Bachelorette t-shirt phrases: 60+ original ideas

Phrases for bachelorette party t-shirt !! Enjoy the joy that is in every bachelorette party. One of the things that cannot be missing to give color to the party are the costumes or t-shirts that the friends have in common.

What phrases could we choose for a bachelorette party t-shirt?  When a friend announces that she is getting married, she asks us what phrases to put on the shirts for her bachelorette party.

Here are three fun ideas that occurred to me at the time:

1. Sofia single, last minute!

2. You look at yourself and “No” you touch more.

3. I went crazy! Today I want to get married.

That all the friends agree to wear T-shirts with joking phrases and good omens that they can print.

The simplest and most original way is to use “funny phrases” for the bride and stamp them on a shirt.

To decide which phrase to use, we recommend that you know well the tastes of the bride. Customize the phrases and make them consistent with your style.

Phrases for “funny” bachelorette party t-shirts

4. Our friend is getting married, we are not.

5. Marriage is a one-way trip, we don’t want you back.

6. I’m getting married tomorrow, give me an argument not to.

7. Vero is getting married, it is what it is!

8. Keeping love alive by cooking for the groom.

9. Remember, one day you will be a mother-in-law.

10. Battalion escorting the bride to the wedding as a virgin.

11. You have to be crazy to get married, with so much divorce.

12. Bachelorette party in process, take advantage … there is little left.

despedida de soltera camiseta

Phrases for the “woman” bachelorette party t-shirt

13. We single women are in fashion all year round.

14. In this house, who’s boss? me!

15. Secret friend, do not tell my boyfriend.

16. Sleeping beauty, has your prince arrived?

17. Girlfriends of the bride here!

18. You have to be crazy to get married so young!

Phrases for the t-shirt in English

20. “Keep Calm, we are on girls night”

21. “Sorry boys, I am getting married”

22. “Last ride for the bride”

23. Danger! the last day´s.

24. “Come on bride, let´s go party”

25. “I said yes”

26. “Future Mrs”

27. “Game over”

28. “Good girls gonna bad”

29. “Princess drinking dream”

More ideas for organizing a bachelorette party

Bachelorette party phrases on the beach

30. Here, the beach bride.

31. The last days free.

32. Sun, sand, and ring in hand.

33. Sun, sand and glass in hand.

34. “Sunshine & Champagne on the beach”

Bachelorette party in Mexico

35. Party and mojito until the end of the day.

36. Uncover the tequila.

37. Just fun & drunk.

38. It´s okay guacamole, I´m extra too.

39. Party, mariachis and tequila.

Phrases for bridal shower t-shirt

Phrases for friends bachelorette party 

Is your best friend getting married?

We propose some phrases in addition to for the t-shirt, use them for:

  • Decorate
  • To set the mood
  • Cotillon

41. Love is blind … until you get married

42. When will it be my turn?

43. Enjoy … until the body endures

44. I introduced it to you…. the rest do what you do

45. Tonight is worth everything!

Funny phrases for bridal shower t-shirts 

46. ​​Getting married is your decision, have a good time is our responsibility

47. Married yes !!, dominated no !!

48. Today you go over a group! (from the funny ones to the ladies)

49. What this glass has is… ..guess what?

50. There is much to come ……

51. A sweet beginning awaits you… and a fun ending tonight.

Bachelorette party t-shirt ideas 

52. Single, unhurried

53. I witnessed the commitment of this couple

54. You start a new stage of your life, success!

55. Today there is no diet, to celebrate!

56. To enjoy the differences in every couple

57. True love stories have no end

58. A happy marriage is like a short conversation

59. I look at him and I see the rest of my life with him

60. I am madly in love with him

61. True love came roughly

62. Being with him is my favorite place

63. Surrendering fully to love in this life is happiness

64. The word love frees us from all pain in life

65. Learn to love and be loved

66. Where there is love there is life

Bachelorette party: t ips for the organization

When a friend announces her marriage to us, we should think about having fun and interacting with each other.

Drink, good music and games are the elements that should not be missing in every bachelorette party.

Some questions are:

  • Where do we party? In a striptease bar? At home? With friends?
  • How can we enhance the experiences?
  • Steps to planning a fun and personalized bridal shower
  • Should the phrases for the bachelorette party t-shirt be according to the type of party?

What are the most powerful strategies and resources for a bachelorette weekend?

Lots of Drinks, something playful, vintage or Pin-up and movie themed.

Please, leave your comment with new phrases and we will add it immediately.