Witnesses at the wedding: who can be, are they needed, without witnesses

There are many ways to seal the union of two loving hearts. The first and most common is the registry office. Thus, young people receive official confirmation of their new status, which is recognized by the entire civilized society. The second way, less popular, but spiritual and sublime, is a wedding.

A special sacrament is performed by the Orthodox Church. Two loving hearts are forever sealed by marriage before God Himself, and this is much more important than the entire state. To get engaged in the registry office, it is enough just to come together and submit an application. After a certain period, you will be signed. The wedding procedure is much more complicated. It necessarily requires the presence of witnesses.

Whom do the newlyweds invite as witnesses?

The husband and wife have a witness and witness at the wedding ceremony. Previously, in the registry office, such people were also an obligatory part of the ceremony. Currently, they are not required and more and more couples are abandoning them, moving to the European style. The Church believes that witnesses are simply necessary at the ceremony. Their function is quite extensive.

Before the sacrament, they help with the organization. During the ceremony, the witness and the witness hold candles, hats, pray and actively do everything that the priest advises. And even after the wedding, the witness and the witness must take an active role in the life of the married couple.

They can give gentle instructions and advice. If there are conflict situations, disputes, and quarrels in the family, the witnesses should help them to gently settle them, saving the family.

Important! The fundamental point is that witnesses do not climb into someone else’s life, but help to resolve the conflict only if asked to do so.

The priests allow the newlyweds to decide for themselves who will be their assistants. To determine the choice, it is worth understanding what criteria are imposed on them.

  1. A married couple who have already been married long enough to understand how strong, strong, sincere and bright their relationship is. If there is a married couple in your environment, whose relationship is the standard and ideal for you, then they can be safely adopted. It will be good if such a couple still have children whom they successfully raise. It doesn’t have to be your peer friends. Relatives who are much older than you are also quite suitable. In the future, they can become mentors who, if something happens, will help to survive family crises or resolve difficult conflict situations.
  2. In no case should you choose those couples who have already been divorced as assistants. If friends already have a second relationship and remarriage, then you should think about other candidates. They have already failed to keep their love once, so there is no complete confidence that such people will help you in the future.
  3. A prerequisite is that the spouses are legally married. Civil marriage is considered a sin by the church. People in sin initially cannot become bright angels for a new family.

You should not choose those couples who are not yet married but are going to fix an official union. If you get married before they register their relationship, therefore, such relationships are then considered simply impossible, since the couple subsequently becomes spiritual.

Wedding traditions and rules

The church is unique in that it preserves all those traditions and rules that have appeared since ancient times. They do not change at all, but only correspond to them. The time during which the ceremony is carried out does not exceed 60 minutes. This is from 40 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the clergyman and the church where all this is taking place.

A mandatory rule for everyone who wants to register their relationship is the need to be baptized. Both witnesses and newlyweds must be baptized and religious people. Please note that you can be baptized even a few days before the sacrament.

The day before the wedding, a young family must come to church to receive communion and confess. It will not be superfluous to do the same for both witnesses and other guests. However, this is not a prerequisite for the ceremony.

You should also adhere to the rules regarding appearance. Most of all, they relate to women. They are forbidden to be in the church in trousers, with their heads uncovered. A long skirt and a scarf are considered the ideal outfit.

In no case should women wear open and large necklines that are provocative? If one of the ladies present breaks such a rule, then the clergyman may completely refuse the newlyweds to conduct the ceremony. Therefore, a week or two before the ceremony, it is worth consulting all those present regarding the appearance at the celebration.

According to traditional church canons, a wedding ceremony includes several important stages.

  1. The betrothal is the very first step, which is carried out even on the threshold to the central hall. The priest reads prayers, baptizes the young and betrothed them. From now on, a girl and a young guy can be considered husband and wife.
  2. Wedding – during which the priest reads prayers, they are repeated by the newlyweds and witnesses. Husband and wife drink Cahors and walk around the sacred place. All this symbolizes the entry into a new family life.
  3. Permission – the priest in the third stage asks God to preserve the newly formed family for many years of a happy family life. In commemoration of such a request, the priest asks the newlyweds to kiss the icons they have prepared in advance. The man kisses the icon of Christ, and the bride – the Mother of God.
  4. Thanksgiving – all those present in turn thank God for allowing such a union to be made and promising to give them a long and happy family life. At the end of the wedding ceremony, church bells ring. At this time, the newlyweds leave the cathedral.

In any church, the wedding takes place using 4 important stages. The exclusion of one of them means an incorrect ceremony, which may even be considered invalid.

Do you need witnesses for the wedding?

Many couples ask a similar question. It is very difficult for someone to dwell on only one pair, some do not know at all who to choose. It is worth noting that the church does not currently dictate strict rules regarding the presence of witnesses at the wedding. However, this moment should be negotiated with the priest without fail.

In any case, before the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds are required to communicate with the clergyman. He will ask them questions, according to which he will understand how necessary and possible this procedure is for them.

After that, if the clergyman agrees to marry the young, they can discuss the need for witnesses. In many churches, they make concessions to the young and are allowed not to bring witnesses with them. The sacrament takes place in a more simplified format.


Witnesses for the wedding must also purchase a gift for the young. You shouldn’t think about too expensive and complicated presentations. It will be enough to give an icon, which will be consecrated by a priest. She will become a symbol of the birth of new family relationships.