Why My Ex Boyfriend Ignores Me Completely

Ending a relationship is never easy and even more so if it is the other person who has made the decision to end it. Sometimes it is very difficult for us to accept that the other person has left our side and we try to hold on to what we can to recover it. Sometimes the attempts are fruitful and the person ends up rectifying the decision, but other times it can happen that the person is very sure of the decision made and no longer wants you to be part of their life. At that point we can have feelings of anger and deep sadness because it is difficult for us to understand how a person who was so important to us does not want to know anything. In Bigmatrimonial we are going to try to explain why my ex-boyfriend ignores me completely and what to do.

Why my ex doesn’t want to know about me

We find different reasons why the person who has put an end to the relationship does not want to know anything about his ex-partner:

Grieving process

On many occasions, we find it hard to imagine that the part that ends the relationship can also be affected by it. Total it has been him or her who has decided not to continue. Well, it is true that despite having made the final decision, to make it you have had to value many things and also give up a bond, so you must also go through a process of mourning to rebuild your life.


Depending on the reasons the relationship ended, there may be some resentment or anger. That the reasons that led the other person to not want to continue with yours is because of something that bothered him and right now he continues in that state of anger and resentment.

Change of priorities

Having ended the relationship, the person has indicated that you are no longer one of the priorities of his life, perhaps it is one of the reasons why he has decided to say goodbye. If so, it will be difficult for the other person to find time to dedicate, as they have decided to spend it on other things.

Third persons

Maybe your ex-partner has remade his life with someone else or is meeting someone special. If so, we must understand that it may be logical to try to avoid any kind of contact with you.

why my ex boyfriend ignores me completely

What should I do if my ex doesn’t want to see or talk to me

The other part of the couple has made a decision that hurts us, we feel a little lost and we do not know where to go. What can we do about it? Below we give a follow-up of proposals that you can make if your partner does not want to see you or talk to you.

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Farewell ritual

Sometimes, when a person has left our life and we do not have many explanations either and we foresee that we will not have them either, the best thing we can do is accept this fact and look for solutions. For this it may be good that we ourselves do something that helps us say goodbye to that person, without having to be present, and helps us to continue with our lives. To do this we can: write a farewell letter, then we can keep it in a corner or destroy it.

Facing the duel

It is normal that we want to avoid everything that causes us sadness and therefore we do behaviors to avoid pain or to protect ourselves from pain, and one of them is to try to return to your ex-partner or talk to him to see if yours has a solution. Well, a breakup is a loss and therefore involves a duel. Don’t be afraid to face it! Feel the sadness of not being with your ex-partner anymore, cry, get angry if you need it … you will see that if you allow yourself to feel the loss, there will come a point where you can better accept what happened and even learn something, remember all crises or change can be an opportunity.

Request a closure

It may happen that the other part of the couple does not want to see you or talk to you for fear that you will ask them to come back to you, but perhaps what does not let you go ahead is that you did not quite understand the reasons for the breakup. If so, explain it in a message and explain what you need to get on with your life.

  • Example: “I know you do not want to see me, but I have been thinking and there are things about our breakup that I do not understand. My intention is not to try again, it has become clear to me that you do not want to, but I would need to understand what happened to continue with my life I would appreciate being able to speak it. “

Start a hobby

Perhaps the best way to deal with your partner no longer wanting to be with you is to evade the mind with other things. Think about what you have been wanting to do for a while, but as always, due to lack of time or why you couldn’t find the moment, you have been postponing it. Well, your time has come. Get ready to do what you have wanted for a long time.

How to know if my ex doesn’t love me anymore

The breakup may have come about for different reasons. Valuing her can also give us many clues as to whether the ex-partner can continue to love us or not. If the breakup has been for one of the reasons explained below, it is likely that the couple already have other plans in their life and these are independent of yours. Therefore, surely, your ex no longer loves you if:

Different feelings

If the breakup was due to his feelings for you having changed, we must understand that he may no longer love us as before or see us as a couple, but rather as a friendship.


It may be that the reason was because he considers that you are not compatible. If the former couple has observed this in us, it may be difficult for them to feel what they felt at first.

Third persons

If the reason for the breakup was because someone else has turned up, perhaps that is a clear sign that you are not taking the place in your life that you were in before.

This article is merely informative, in Bigmatrimonial we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.