Why Doesn’t Anyone Like Me

Do you feel like nobody likes you? Sometimes we strive to be liked by others, to be interesting and friendly or nice to make friends or find a partner, and yet it gives us the feeling that nothing works. Why doesn’t anyone like me? Why does it seem that everyone finds a partner except me? Is nobody really interested in me? Will no one ever like me?

In this article in bigmatrimonial we will review some of the reasons that lead you to think that nobody likes you and what you can improve to change that situation with 11 practical tips to like a boy or girl that you like.

Why do I feel that nobody likes me?

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It is very difficult not to like anyone, as well as everyone. Surely you know people who succeed where they go. That they have dozens of friends, they always have plans and when they meet someone they like each other from the beginning. Well even those people don’t like everyone.

There are ways to be more open and social. And people who are like this usually do not strive to please, but please by being themselves at all times. Their way of behaving is socially desirable.

If your case is the opposite and you feel that nobody likes you, it may be for 3 reasons:

You don’t like yourself and you think that no one can like you. A negative self-esteem or a bad self-concept can be the reasons why you feel that nobody likes you.

You are going through a depressive disorder that makes you see things in a negative way. One of the characteristic symptoms of depressive disorders is negative bias, that is, that you interpret the intentions or behaviors of others in a negative way. It may be another reason why you feel that you are not attracted to anyone.

You have unrealistic expectations. You have to be aware of the difference between your expectations and reality, because many times we think that we do not like anyone because they do not respond in the way we expect and that disappoints us.

It is very possible that there are people you like, but if you really have clues or evidence that confirms that nobody likes you, it is time to analyze your behavior with others, since there are ways of acting that take you away from persons.

Why didn’t anyone like me?

There are people who wonder: why doesn’t anyone like me if I’m handsome or pretty? First of all, it is important to know that attraction does not depend exclusively on the physical, but that many factors come into play. Also, tastes and perception of beauty are personal. Therefore, whether you perish at your discretion or not handsome, has little to do with whether someone else likes you or not.

On the other hand, as I mentioned before, most likely, many people do like you, what it may be is that those people you like do not like you. So the correct question would be: why doesn’t the boy or girl like me like me? It can happen for several reasons:

You may be looking at the wrong person. Sometimes it is not that nobody likes you, but that the boys or girls that you like do not correspond to you. And you may like someone else you haven’t even noticed. Expand your vision, reach out to people with whom you have things in common.

They don’t really know you. Many times we are attracted to others just by looking at them and crossing two words, but the only thing that can confirm that you really like a person is knowing them. For that same reason, if the boys or girls do not get to know you, you will not know if they can like you or not.

You wait for it to pass without doing anything. You haven’t tried to get close to that boy or girl or talk or conquer in any way. Generally others do not come to invite us out if they do not sense something of interest on our part.

Why doesn't anyone like me

You try too hard. When we want to pretend we are not, we overreact, and that alienates people. Be authentic or authentic.

You reflect little self-love. If you don’t like yourself, you can hardly like others. Work on your self-acceptance. Improve the aspects that you think would help you, such as confidence and social skills. There is nothing more attractive than a self-confident person.

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How to like someone

Each person is unique. And it is in terms of values, attitude, experiences, tastes, etc. There is so much variety that in my opinion it is impossible that you will never like anyone. Attraction is something that cannot be planned or forced. It arises when people are found who share values, visions of life, hobbies, behaviors or have qualities that the other person likes.

If you feel really worried or worried about that issue, let’s review some things that can help you like the person you like: 11 practical tips to like the boy or girl that appeals to you.

Analyze reality objectively. Think about how much of what you think about others is true. If necessary, ask the people around you if they perceive the situation in the same way that you perceive it.

Ask for forgiveness when you are wrong. Pride alienates others. If you make or have made mistakes, apologize. Recognizing your mistakes allows you to learn from them.

Be generous or generous. But do not do it thinking of giving and then receiving because then it is not generosity but interest and interested people usually do not like it.

Be honest. I do not mean that you say everything you think without filters and without anyone asking you, but that you do not lie. Don’t use lies to get what you want. That usually breaks trust and restoring it is very difficult.

Self-esteem yes, selfishness no. It is one thing for you to think of yourself, to love yourself and to seek your own interests, and another to search for them above the interests of others thinking only of yourself. In this article you will find techniques to work on healthy self-esteem.

Be careful with the criticism. If you constantly criticize third parties when you talk to someone, your interlocutor will think that you do the same with him when you are with someone else.

Sometimes you have to give in. If you stay with a group and you tend to fault plans that you don’t like, they will probably stop calling you. It is not always about doing what others want, but also about always doing what you like best. The important thing is to actually have a nice time with your friends.

Acceptance. Accept that you cannot like everyone, sometimes someone does not like you and there is nothing wrong with you.

Conversations. If you read and learn more, your conversations will be more interesting than if you always talk about the same topics.

Education above all. The rude do not like. Be polite by saying hello, saying good morning, giving way, picking up something that fell on the person next to you, being punctual in your meetings and giving thanks.

Show interest. Do not talk about yourself all the time. When they speak to you, practice active listening. Take an interest in what they tell you by asking questions.

This article why doesn’t anyone like me is merely informative, in Bigmatrimonial we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.