Why Does My Wife Hates Me

If you feel cold from your wife, then major chances are that your wife hates you. There may a wall between your wife and you. Your wife who loves you becomes sudden act cold. Further, you feel that even your wife does not care about your feelings and also your existence. These are some major signs that why does my wife hates me.

You may consider that whether she is cheating on you or getting bore with you. Furthermore, there are high chances that she will start hating you. This article provides you complete answer about why my wife does hates me. Moreover, you will know about how to deal with and solve this situation.

Why does my wife hate me: 5 Signs 

The two people in a married life may not always know and understand each other. Most of the time a husband takes their wife for granted. So, in this case, the feelings of a wife may decrease over time. If you know if your wife hates you or not, then the following are the important signs:

1. You both don’t talk

When communication stops in any relationship or in marriage, then the love will finish between them. The reason behind the lack of communication is the constant complaining. At first, your wife loves to talk to you and share her emotions. But then, you feel that she never cares about your existence.  

2. Doesn’t care about you

Your wife does not ask you about your late come back home. In addition, she also not cares about your healthy diet. When your wife sleeps, then you will need to unlock the house’s door with keys.

3. Doesn’t try to look good

First of all, a woman only tries to look good for that person which she loves blindly. When your wife loves you, she will always try to dress up well and look good. Besides, she will also wear those colors which are your favorite. But nowadays, your wife not tries this behavior to impress you anymore.

4. Doesn’t smile anymore

Whenever and wherever she sees your presence, she will not pass a smile towards you. Usually, she feels more depressed when she sees you. She is not happy when you are close to her.

Why does my wife hates me

5. Avoids spending time with you

As compared to the previous behavior of your wife, now she never wants to spend more time with you. Even when you make any plan to spend time with her, she gives you excuses and avoids spending time. Particularly, she shows that she feels not too good with you.

8 Reasons: Why Your Wife Hates You

After reading the above signs that show the hate nature of wife, now I will tell the some possible reasons. There are always reasons for changing the attitude of your wife. You feel helpless and also worry about your marriage. At this stage, you want to know about the reason that makes your wife hates you. On the positive side, the reasons allow you to identify those issues which become your wife to hate you. Thereby, you will able to solve those issues and also regenerate love in your marriage life. The most possible reasons are the following:

1. Deal with on her own

In a marriage, it is necessary for both partners to share everything with each other. Both partners have different responsibilities. But if one partner deals with more responsibility, then it creates a serious issue. The other partner have not ideal about how his better half-lives. Now ask yourself, what are your responsibilities and also your wife’s responsibilities.

Maybe you are busy with your economic work, but you should think about the daily responsibilities of your wife.  She has burdened and doing all things alone.

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2. feels insecure:

Your wife becomes more insecure about you. When you spend more late night with your friends and your wife alone wait for you. Then, she feels more insecure. Wherefore, you have to think about that if you spend time with your wife or not.

3. Hates your habits

Overall, maybe your wife does not hate you but she has some problems with your habits. Think about your habit that your wife does not like and you still continue to do that habit. Also, she tells you to leave your bad habit but you do not leave that habit. Every marriage needs compromising. You have to acknowledge the emotions of your wife and try to more communicate with your wife.

4. Take care of the kids by herself

The main responsibilities of the child are on the shoulder of the wife. You also should involve the take caring of your kids along with your wife. The most important thing, it is the responsibilities of both partners to take responsibility for children. She does all the household work and also takes care of children to make her feel the burden. That’s why she becomes starts hating you.

5. You’ve lost purpose

You may change after the marriage and so your wife hates you then. Before your marriage, you were more passionate about your career. Now after the marriage, you may lose focus on your career. Your wife tells you about this situation but you will not give attention to her. Your change way of life is the reason that your wife does not like you anymore.

6. Not able to meet her expectations

You promised your wife to give her full of love and happy life before the marriage. But after your marriage, you do not give her proper time and attention and show her love. You do not fulfill her expectations. In particular, when you commit a promise to materialistic things like a good house and not fulfill that promise. Your wife starts to hate you.

7. She doesn’t love you

Most of the marriages break specifically due to one partner not loves to another partner anymore. There are many reasons for ending love between them such as not spend time together, busier routines, and also not meet to each other’s expectations. When your wife shows not love, then it does not clear you that maybe she is in love with another person.

Your wife may not love you and only tries her best to save the marriage only. The reasons for saving marriage are many including their kids. At that point, she will never tell her feelings directly to someone but ultimately she start to hate you.

8. Maybe depression

When there is no other option for your wife to do, then she hates you. Whenever your wife is feeling depress due to any reason, she fights with and brings out her anger. The depression of your wife is also the main reason that her love toward you finishes and she start to hate you.

What To Do When Your Wife Hates You: 6 Tips to Deal With Wife Hating

The above reasons help you out in the finding of the reason your wife hates. When you know the reason, then it becomes necessary to know how to deal with this case. You have to work on it and try to regain her love in your happy married life. Once it’s late, you will do nothing and feel helpless. Uniquely, you need to mainly focus on your marriage.

If you definitely love your wife and happy in your marriage, then you should try to make her feel that you and she both love each other. Hence, here are the most amazing six basic tips that ensure how to deal with the hating of a wife. And, also what to do to win her love and trust again.

1. Start helping out

The first thing that you should understand is that the house responsibilities are not an easier task for her if she alone do it all. Indeed, for your wife, the take care of the house as well as children is really a tough and hectic task. Every day, there is a lot of work to do and when all the works have to do regularly, it becomes frustrating for her. At home, you should start more helping with your wife.

While she cleans the dishes, you can help her with washing those dishes. Besides, you can take care of your children and also go for groceries and do more work of household. Talk directly to your wife that you know about how much work she does and so you want to help her.

2. Value her efforts

Second thing is that you should value her efforts. Most commonly, husbands take the behavior and efforts of the wives for granted. It does not say that husband this for their full attention. It is because they become busier with their work-life and forget to give their time to their personal marriage life.

You have to observe all the efforts and work that your wife does in her daily routine. And then you should value and appreciate her efforts. When she makes your favorite food or when she is especially ready for you, give her the best and romantic compliment. When you appreciate and value all her efforts, then your appreciation will make her feel lucky. She becomes more fall in love with you on daily basis.

3. Spend more time with her

The third thing is spending time. Spending time together is the solution to many problems. When you both communicate well, then most of the misunderstandings quickly resolve. Most of the time, there is a distance between the partners due to hectic work routines. The distance will increase with the passage of time and when you realize it’s late.

When you spend more time with your wife, then the distance between you and your wife eventually decreases. It takes a short time to become everything normal again. But you will do it with your full efforts and passion. At last, you both win in love and marriage life again. It is also necessary that with your full efforts, your wife also gives her efforts.

4. Talk to her

The fourth thing is about communication. Communication is a basic key to do resolve all issues whether it is a public matter or a personal matter. As a result, it is helpful for couples. No doubt, communication is the simplest method but it is the most powerful & effective way.

Whenever you try to speak to your wife about an issue in your marriage life, try to speak calmly. Thereby, you both appreciate each other’s emotions. Your calm speak urges her to tell her reason why she start hating you. In the end, you will able to resolve that problem.

5. Express your love

The fifth thing is the showing of your love. Before marriage, everyone expresses their love to their partners. But after marriage, they become so busy at work that they forget to express love. This is the major complaint of most of the wives. The wives consider their behaviors as they become less romantic and do not love them anymore.

Maybe in your case, you also face this issue. So, you have to tell your wife that you love her so much with some gifts or flowers. You should feel her special every day.

6. Relight the lost love

The sixth thing is about the delight of the lost love. If your wife start hates you, then remind your love towards her. The emotions in the marriage life will never finish completely. Take her back to the most wonderful memories. Do that entire thing that both of you do before marriage. Enlighten her feelings that she only loves you. This will help to relight the lost love. Lastly, she will again love you.


In conclusion, every marriage has many ups and downs. But it is necessary that both partners understand and love each other. If there is a distance and less love, your wife starts hating you. Now it depends on you that how you understand your wife and also what you do to gain her love again.