Which dress fits you best according to your silhouette?

When we start with the search for the wedding dress, we want to find the perfect one for us, the one that makes us look pretty and with a great body. There are brides who have always known how they want it and there are others who have no idea what they would like or what would look good on them.

If we take into account the characteristics of our body, the figure of our silhouette itself, we can choose a wedding dress option that favors us, that is, that highlights our qualities and that hides our defects.

To find it, the first thing is to detect the figure that forms our silhouette.

These are the 4 main silhouettes:

Hourglass: in this silhouette, the hips and shoulders are of a similar measure, that is, they are balanced. It is characterized by having a well marked waist.

Triangle: in this one, the hips are wider than the shoulders, making the figure of a triangle.

Inverted Triangle: shoulders are wider than hips.

Rectangle: shoulders and hips are the same size.

And starting from there, we will find the design that best highlights our figure . For example, if we are plump, we know that an ampon princess dress will make us look more plump than we are, but we can find a style that may not have so much thickness in the skirt or that will tighten the little slice a bit to hide it.

Or if we are very thin without curves or waist, we know that fitted clothes make us look skinnier and maybe we don’t look good like that, but we can find one with a vaporous fabric that favors us.

Big Princess style wedding dress

Image of Pretty Pear Bride .

The joke is to take into account what kind of clothes we normally wear, that way we start with a guide to find a style that matches our personality and our figure.

Randy Fenoli (star of the television show “Say Yes to the Dress”) says that to find the dress that best fits you, you   don’t have to look at your size, but rather your silhouette and proportion.

For the area watch silhouette:   fitted dresses to highlight the figure, princess cut dresses and mermaid style dresses are recommended.

For the triangle type silhouette: it is suggested to use dresses in A-line cut, empire cut and princess style.

For the inverted triangle type silhouette: it is proposed to wear princess style dresses, mermaid style and the short dress can also be a good option.

For the rectangle type silhouette: dresses with an empire cut, A-line cut and fitted style are recommended.

Princess style wedding dress. Style Me Pretty.

Mermaid style wedding dress. Style Me Pretty.

In summary:

  • Be guided by what normally looks good on you. Be aware of what is best for you in your wardrobe.
  • See many options in magazines, on Pinterest, in stores, and try on the different styles, it may be that one does not convince you and by trying it, it will suit you better than you thought or vice versa, it may be that the model you love does not favor your silhouette.
  • Take into account your dimensions : height, bust size, waist, hip, and consider that the dress looks good in all these points.
  • Try to compensate:
    • If your shoulders are wider than your hips, look for a dress with a full skirt that is proportional to the width of your shoulders.
    • If your hips are wider, look for a model in which the part of the corset is low to the hips so that they visually shrink to the proportion of your shoulders.
    • If you are very short, look for a model with thin fabrics that does not enlarge your figure;
    • If you are very tall, you should use models that widen your figure a bit.
  • The basics:
    • The A-cut dresses flatter the figure , they are glued on the bust part to the waist and from there the width of the skirt extends.
    • Dresses with a wide skirt, such as princess styles, favor to disguise a small hips or a waist that is not marked.
    • Dresses with a mermaid cut (fitted to the body and loose from the knee) favor well-formed bodies (large bust, narrow waist and hips proportional to the chest). If your waist is even, this is not a model that favors you.
    • Contrary to what you might think, if you are plump almost any model fits you well, it is only a matter of knowing how to provide (tighten a little more where it has to be tightened and loosen where it must be loosened).

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