When To Break Up With Your Girlfriend

One day everything is harmony, fidelity, illusions and promises, you are in a relationship and from the moment you wake up until the dream expires every night, you can only think of your girl and think when to break up with your girlfriend.

At this point, the idea of being left inconceivable, you really are in love! In your mind there is no idea of leaving, you think you are in the best relationship you could ever have.

Unfortunately, love is not so gentle in all relationships, and not all happiness is eternal. 

Some men remain with their partners for longer than they should really devote to a relationship and perhaps for fear of recognizing that everything ended, or for what they will say, they continue even though they are unhappy with their partner.

To avoid that you should experience that existential emptiness and discover very late that you should have put a break to the relationship with your girlfriend a long time ago, in this article we present you the signals when to break up with your girlfriend and that you must attend to realize when it is time to move on and search Your own happiness, for yourself.

Is it time to break the relationship with your girlfriend? Find out below.

1. Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Respect You

when to break up with your girlfriend

Does your girlfriend make fun of you publicly? Does she scream at you? Does she threaten you?

Many men endure being in these situations, with girlfriends who do not respect them, but they probably tolerate it because they are ashamed to admit it to others.

What would happen if you disrespected her? He would surely be offended, cry and everyone would point you out.

You don’t deserve to tolerate insane behaviors, or pointless manipulations. Love is also respect and consideration for the other. If that is not what you receive, take your stuff and break that relationship with your girlfriend.

2. They Are Not Compatible

It is common for many men to get carried away by physical attraction when deciding to start a relationship. Some time later, when feelings emerge, they may realize that compatibility in bed is the only thing they have in common with the couple.

And while it is true that sexual attraction is necessary to maintain a relationship, this is only a complement. If they are incompatible in everyday things, fights will soon take place and then unhappiness will come into their lives if they insist on staying together.

If, for example, you are a man who likes to go out and have fun, play sports and travel, and she only reads complex books and hates noise and parties, do you think it will be an interesting and lasting relationship?

when to break up with your girlfriend

3. They Contradict

If even the minimum decision generates a controversy and ends in discussion, if despite living as a couple, she does what she wants without even notifying you, or if you have a thousand questions about her life and she evades them, you will not be able to withstand this climate of controversies for too long.

It is better to move forward and fast.

She will hardly come to trust you fully, nor will she support your dreams. This will cause them not to share their true interests for fear of fighting, and will end up making a relationship that should not exist more difficult. Don’t play dumb and end it.

4. He Needs You

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If he manipulates you with the idea that he cannot be happy without you, it is the best alarm to leave that relationship.

It is not healthy to be with a person who is emotionally immature. If she is with you because she cannot be alone or is considered to be not responsible for her own life, it should not be you who bears the difficult task of being her only source of happiness.

Although it sounds contradictory, both should be able to be happy for themselves and be in a couple of their own choice, because together they can be better. If she totally depends on you, what she needs is a therapist or counselor to help her accept herself, not a boyfriend.

Such a relationship will not favor you, it is not healthy. If they are together, it must be because they love each other, not because they need each other.

5. There Is No Future Projection

If you can’t imagine her in five years, either because you don’t feel her as a true company or because you want to give yourself the opportunity to experiment with someone else, then move forward without fear.

A courtship allows to know the couple and thus recognize if there will be enough chemistry to establish a home in the future. If you are not yet able to project with her in the near future, evaluate the reasons for it and think about whether it is worthwhile to continue in that relationship.

6. It Is Too Materialistic

Have you noticed that in private or determined, but when you invite her to a mall she loves you suddenly? Much more when something catches your attention in a showcase, or when you feel like certain food and expects it to be given away?

This is very likely to happen because she is in love with your money, and not with your personality. The best way to verify it is to propose to share the expenses, divide the accounts and make the relationship more equitable. If that bothers you, it is definitely a red alert that you should pay attention to.

If you are someone who gives expensive things to please a woman, don’t complain when you run into interested girls. Remember that a relationship must be to share between the two, and not only on one side to fulfill all the whims that the other person demands.

7. Have You Ever Been Fooled

In a courtship it is understood that there must be fidelity between them. If they established a relationship based on monogamy and she has cheated on you, you should break the relationship with your girlfriend.

It’s not about being an extremist, it’s about pride and respect. If he did it once, he is very likely to do it again.

It is a mistake to be with a woman who has cheated on you, or who has done so in previous relationships. Once the barrier of fidelity has been crossed, it is easier to do it again without feeling remorse.

8. Talk Too Much

Is it one of those women who speaks and speaks but does not listen? Basically it is a machine that spits words and always gets arguments to be right, but does not have time to shut up and listen to your ideas.

If she really loved you, she would listen to your concerns and arguments in every situation.

It’s not about always doing a monologue, but about talking, that is: two people talking!

9. Has Addictions

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If it’s one of those girls who have problems with drugs, alcohol, antidepressant medications or any other addictive substance, think twice to be with her!

If a woman in her youth requires antidepressants or alcohol to feel confident and happy, as she advances in age she will need to increase the dose in order to cope with each day of her life.

It is better that you recommend a support group instead of pretending to become your support, at first you will think you are prepared to love and accompany her, but then you will become a burden. Think about your future and if that is what you want to have.

10. You Feel Better Without Her

Do you miss her when she isn’t there? Respond honestly.

If you do not care when you spend time without seeing her or talking to her, or you are happy and feel more comfortable when she disappears from your side and you feel single again, it is because you are not happy by her side.

When he is very much in love, the couple is missed and there is a constant concern for their safety and happiness.

If your relationship is so toxic that you want to run away when she is very close to you, or just wait for the moment to leave or move away from your side, it is best to break up with your girlfriend because you are already nesting negative feelings.

11. No Sex

If sex is increasingly scarce, so much that you do not remember the last time they shared a bed, it is very certain that there is unhappiness in that couple.

Sex is a fundamental part of the relationship, and if they do not feel interested in doing so it can be a sign that they no longer feel sexual attraction or that they have become so accustomed to each other that, even without hating each other, they have lost the spark of courtship and have become just friends.

For whatever reason, not having sex is definitely a sign that the relationship is over.

12. You Don’t Love Her Anymore

Some men stay in a couple even if they no longer feel in love, often based on friendship, or the idea of having sex regularly.

This may keep him for a while, but eventually they will feel miserable and seek alternatives to fill the void of a loveless couple.

A relationship must have the flame of passion and love between them. If they do not feel it, then it is better to separate and seek happiness elsewhere and with other people.

13. Own Projects

The relationship has become routine, and when you think about doing your own projects to feel some fullness, she doesn’t accept them.

You feel that she is unhappy and tries to make you unhappy too. Or, on the contrary, it is you who cannot bear to see her advance in other aspects of her life.

The couple is here to accompany, help and boost each other. If one of the two hinders the path of the other, they will end up stalling both and being unhappy.

If he doesn’t support your dreams, projects and sabotages them, it’s time to say goodbye to that couple.

14. Things To Change

If you consider that you have many mistakes that you should correct, for example “it is lazy, it gets up late, it is not applied with the studies, it does not take the relevant time to fix itself every day”.

And if you tell him something about it, he gets angry and says that that’s how you met her and that’s how he likes to be. You have some reason.

Being in a couple implies giving in some aspects, so that living together is bearable and both grow together. However, if everything in it bothers you and you feel that it must change too much, what do you do in that courtship?

Both must be loved, respected and accepted as they are. If you feel that you must change it, and she refuses to give in to live with greater happiness, it is best to break up with your girlfriend.

15. Doesn’t Like To Work

If you are not a woman who is enthusiastic about working and improving your economic situation, and also expects you to be financially supportive, this should be a great wake-up call.

Even if you are in the economic position to carry all the expenses, in a couple the ideal is that there is a balance and company. They must function as a team, challenge and push themselves to be better.

If she does not want to improve on her own or progress in life, it is very likely that she will end up stalling or slowing your growth. In addition, it is not fair that only one of the two bear the expenses. If the money were missing, would she be willing to assume all your responsibility?

16. Lack Of Communication

If there is no communication, they will not be able to base a relationship. Communication allows doubts to dissipate, to establish clear criteria to move forward healthily.

If your girlfriend does not speak to you, she is ashamed to communicate her needs and desires, it is almost impossible to continue by her side in a positive way. You are not a fortune teller and you have no way of knowing what is needed in the relationship if they cannot establish real conversations about their lives.

In addition, being part of a couple also implies complicity and intimacy between the two, which without communication is impossible to achieve.

17. Promises But Does Not Deliver

If she constantly forgets her commitments, she leaves you embarked when they plan to go out together or she is not able to remember even the promises she has made to you, let her go because you are not her priority.

Whatever happens, she puts aside all your good intentions, promises to change but does not comply, promises to attend but does not.

It is not fair that you stay in a relationship if only you make the effort to fulfill and make your partner happy.

18. Do Not Want Children

Do you want in the future to have at least one child who consolidates the union, but she refuses?

It is possible that both have different life plans, and she has the right not to want children (even by vanity) as much as you have the right to want to start a family. If that is the case, finishing is the best option.

That either of them yields at this point is a very great sacrifice. Giving up the idea of a family, or forcing oneself to have it when it is not wanted, can lead to future claims for the fact of taking a life path very different from the one desired. They are likely to end up holding grudges, unhappy and trying to charge the other their decisions.

It is better to avoid that and form a couple with a person who does have similar dreams.

19. Hate your family

They have been dating for a while, but refuses to meet your parents at a simple weekend lunch.

It is likely that the idea of mixing with your family bothers her. This may be normal if it causes you nerves, but if it is because you despise your people, this is a definite point for a breakup.

What is aspired when you start or have a relationship is that it is the most favorable for both. The family is very important in the life of any person, it is not worth keeping a long relationship with a woman who does not fill you fully and does not value the people you love most.

If you think you still love your partner, but you have insecurities about her, talk to her! If you still don’t feel safe, you can go with a couples therapist.

If you are not happy with yourself, you will not make her happy in the future.

At the end of the day, you have the decision in your hands, reflect what you want and, if necessary, make a list of everything that has bothered you or raised doubts about continuing.

Friendship is a precious treasure that you can share with her, instead of snatching and snatching the opportunity to be happy.

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